Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Damn Dirty Apes "Apes of Wrath" CD Review

I have had the pleasure of knowing front man Jody from the Wally’s days of Bethlehem PA when his band (Atom West & later Endzone) and my band (Forthright) played shows together. This was the late 80s if my memory serves me correctly. Jody’s current band, Damn Dirty Apes has been cultivating a strong local following and this thirteen song CD (about a half hour) documents their powerful sound perfectly. 

“Apes of Wrath” is crunching and engaging music that interlocks the same punk, metal and hardcore influences as Big 4 legend Anthrax does. Melding hooks and punishment, you will find yourself raging along with the thrashing music, banging your head along when they reel the tempo back under control and laughing and singing along with the obscenity laden choruses. As the years have added to Jody’s and the rest of the band’s resume, they have not lost anything to the decades. Unlike a professional athlete who loses a bit of their edge as they head into their 40s, the Damn Dirty Apes remain solid. Stacy, Andy and Erik are masters of their instruments; equal to the quality of Jody’s master of ceremonies skills, an unyielding front man.

These characters dedicate themselves to their craft and their fans are committed. The Damn Dirty Apes were winners at the 13th Lehigh Valley Music Awards show in the category for Best Live Punk Performance. If there were a music award for most scantily clad female fans, the Damn Dirty Apes would also win that award. "The Apes of Wrath" is worth your time and money. You will also have a blast seeing them live! 

Frank FOE


  1. Thanks for the great, kind words Frank! Keep it in your pants!

  2. You "nailed" them in your review. ;)

    I can't put it quite as eloquently as you did but I definitely agree. The Apes are talented musicians and showmen. All passionate and you can feel it when you're at a show. Their energy and their magnetism, you just can not turn away from it! Their album is fantastic and then LIVE they are bad ass, an experience you must have.