Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anti Nowhere League "Live In The USA" DTS Records (review)

Anti Nowhere League "Live in the USA" DTS Records

The Anti Nowhere League debut LP "We Are... The League" is one of those records that will live on forever with me. It is a part of me. I was 16 in 1982 when "We Are... The League" was released and it was one of a few dozen records that came out in the early 80s that forever changed my life.

This live CD/mp3 album documents the band's visit to the Lehigh Valley PA, when they played Allentown in 2008. If you never bought the debut LP or have been living under a rock and haven't heard Metallica so inappropriately cover Anti Nowhere League's "So What?", you need to get with it and obtain those recordings first in order to better appreciate the live record.

If you are a fan of the Anti Nowhere League, then you know what to expect and know you will enjoy reliving those glory days here. This live recording captures an hour of the band's raucous sound. Lots of classics mixed in with some newer material in a cohesive enjoyable package. Wish this was available on vinyl, but for now, you'll have to check out amazon ($7.99 isn't such a bad deal for 20 songs) or any of the other online sources. The album captures Animal's talents as one of punk rock's legendary front-men and leaves the listener wishing the band was playing Allentown again real soon!

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