Thursday, August 6, 2015

Peter and the Test Tube Babies "Supermodels"

Peter and the Test Tube Babies
Daily Records
Released: 2015 (originally in 1995)

I have been a fan of Peter and the Test Tube Babies since the beginning of my punk days.

The LPs "Pissed and Proud" (1982), "Mating Sounds of South American Frogs" (1983) and "The Loud Blaring Punk Rock Album" (1984) are mandatory records in my book (as yet unpublished). I played them endlessly and they filled up plenty of my air time on college radio throughout the 1980s.

Although their discography lists other releases, these three albums (and the singles) is exactly where I stuck until Dr. Strange Records sent me a promotional copy of 1995's "Supermodels", on the less than preferred format of CD. "Supermodels" was also released on We Bite Records. The music on "Supermodels" always stuck with me, but I never found a vinyl copy of "Supermodels" until I walked into Double Decker in July of 2015 to find this reissue on Daily Records.


This reissue of "Supermodels" is limited to 500 copies (100 of which are on blue vinyl). While I wouldn't say that "Supermodels" is an absolute classic like the three LPs already mentioned, I would say I still wouldn't do without it. "Supermodels" is energy fueled, fun, melodic UK punk with singalong hooks that contain the right amout of snarl. 

In my book, "Supermodels" is mandatory for the song "Giving Up Drinking". As a sober man (I had about 4 years under my belt when this record was originally released) this song is just freaking fantastic. 

So you are giving up drinking,
You're giving up fun
You're staying at home now
and getting things done
So you've given up drinking,
well that's up to you
You know too much thinking
 it ain't good for you

You've just quit smoking,
and you say no to drugs
Now you've finished with joking,
'cos you've fallen in love

Well I'm not giving up drinking,
 I'm not giving up fun

I'm going out now,
 I'm gonna take lots of drugs

Why would I think this is a fantastic song? Well, rather than get offended as a sober prude, it serves as a reminder not to take life so seriously. I also had way more fun sober than drunk... or maybe I just remember way more fun times now (wink, wink).

So depending on where you are on the Peter and the Test Tube Babies discogrpahy, pick up the first three LPs first, then the singles collection and then definitely pick up "Supermodels" (but don't wait too long, as I suspect 500 copies won't last very long). I don't know anything about the other releases in the Peter and the Test Tube Babies discography, but damn, I love these five records and wouldn't be without them! I can't adequately convey how ecstatic I was when I saw this LP in the rack at Double Decker. I am very happy to be able to drop the needle on this record over and over!

Frank FOE

Peter and the Test Tube Babies Official Website
Daily Records 


  1. i am now officially back in the valley in schnecksville. heading to double decker today.

    1. First on the agenda is always stopping at Double Decker!

  2. I got the Singles Collection on vinyl and about 18 other items. It was an expensive trip but well worth it. I am restocking my high school record collection that I had sold over the years. Everything I bought was remastered so I am fine with that as most of them sound better.

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