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 BEST ALBUMS OF 2023 Music that brought me joy in 2023.

Includes punk, ska, hardcore, metal, thrash, death metal, indie, soundtracks, rockabilly, country, reggae, pop, 2023 reissues, best of collections and rock alphabetically. 

In reviewing other Best of 2023 lists I was amazed at how many of these albums were not on others lists. These  albums brought me joy in 2023. Thank you to all the artists involved and thank you for sharing your art.

This Spotify playlist contains most of these songs

  • Adolescents "Caesar Salad Days" LP
  • Alien Nosejob "The Derivative Sounds of... Or... A Dog Always Returns to it's Vomit" LP
  • Angel Du$t "Brand New Soul"
  • Baroness "Stone" LP
  • Be Your Own Pet "Mommy" LP
  • Big Laugh "Consume Me"
  • Blink 182 "One More Time..."
  • Bloc Party "The High Life" EP
  • Boris the Sprinkler "Group Sex" LP on Hey Suburbia Records
  • Bouncing Souls "Ten Stories High" LP on Pure Noise Records
  • boygenius - The Record" LP
  • Brian Setzer "The Devil Always Collects" LP
  • Brujeria "Esto Es Brujeria" LP
  • Buggin "Concrete Cowboys" LP
  • Burner "It All Returns to Nothing" LP
  • Burning Spear "No Destoyer" LP
  • Catatonic Suns "Catatonic Suns" LP
  • Cattle Decapitation "Terrasite" LP
  • Cavalera Conspiracy "Morbid Visions Re-recorded" LP
  • Cavalera Conspiracy "Bestial Devastation Re-recorded" LP
  • Chelsea Grin "Suffer in Heaven" LP ONErpm Records
  • Chisel, The "Retaliation" LP
  • Chisel, The "Fuck Em/Cry Your Eyes Out" single
  • Crown Court "Heavy Manners"
  • Creeping Death "Boundless Domain" LP
  • Cryptopsy "As Gomorrah Burns" LP
  • Damned, The "Darkadelic" LP
  • "Dance Craze (Deluxe Edition)" LP on Chrysalis Records
  • Darius Rucker "Carolyn's Boy" LP
  • "Dawn of the Dead Original Theatrical Soundtrack" LP on Waxwork Records
  • De La Soul "3 Feet High And Rising" Reissue LP
  • Dead Milkmen, The "Quaker City Quiet Pills" LP
  • Dead Wrong "Discography" LP
  • Death "Fate: The Best of Death" LP
  • Death Pill "Death Pill" LP
  • Defiant "Ignite the Sky/Boys Don't Cry" single
  • Depeche Mode "Memento Mori" LP
  • Depeche Mode "Delta Machine The Singles Boxset" LP
  • Depeche Mode "Sounds of the Universe The Singles Boxset" LP
  • Depeche Mode "Wagging Tongue Remixes" EP
  • Depeche Mode "Ghosts Again Remixes" EP
  • Depeche Mode "My Favourite Stranger Remixes" EP
  • Desmond Dekker "Essential Artist Collection" LP
  • Dethklok "Dethalbum IV"
  • Devo "50 Years of De-evolution 1973-2023" LP
  • Devo "Art Devo 1973-1977" LP
  • Dolly Parton "Rockstar" LP
  • Dollyrots "Night Owls" LP on Wicked Cool Records
  • Dollyrots "Hey Girl/I Touch Myself" 7" Wicked Cool Records
  • Donner Party, The "Cutting Class" LP
  • Dozer "Drifting in the Endless Void" LP
  • Drain "Living Proof" LP
  • Dream Wife "Social Lubrication"
  • Drowns, The "There She Goes/1979 Trans Am" single
  • Drowns, The and the Last Gang split single
  • Drowns, The and Suzi Moon "Ballroom Blitz" single
  • Duran Duran "Danse Macabre" LP
  • Dying Fetus "Make Them Beg for Death" LP
  • Enforcers, The "The Engorcers" LP
  • "Evil Dead Rise" Soundtrack by Stephen McKeon LP on Waxwork Records
  • Exhibition "The Last Laugh" LP on Triple B Records
  • Faintest Idea "The Road to Sedition" LP
  • Fake Names "Expendables" LP Epitaph Records
  • Fear "For Right and Order" LP
  • Fear Factory "RE-Industrialized" LP
  • Fiddlehead "Death is Nothing to Us" LP
  • Fiendz "Dummy" LP
  • Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder, Malevolence "The Aggression Sessions" EP 
  • Flores y Fuego 
  • Flying Raccoon Suit "Moonflower" LP
  • Fu Manchu "FU30 Pt3" 10" on At The Dojo Records
  • Fu Manchu "I-III" LP on At The Dojo Records
  • Full Choke "Hang Loose/The Fear" single
  • Galaxy Has Eyes "Beached Whale" single
  • Gee Tee "Goodnight Neanderthal" LP
  • Gel "Only Constant" LP
  • Geld "Currency // Castration" LP
  • Girlschool "WTFortyfive?"
  • Godflesh "Purge" LP on Avalanche Records
  • Godflesh "Nero" LP on Avalanche Records
  • Godslut "Procreation of God" LP
  • Golden Shitters "Golden Shitters" LP
  • "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3" Soundtrack LP
  • Hellripper "Warlocks Grim and Withered Hags" LP
  • Helmet "Left" LP
  • Helmet "Big Shot" EP
  • Hives "The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons"
  • Home Front "Games of Power"
  • Hot Water Music "Drawn" single
  • Howard Jones "Celebrate It Together: The Very Best Of Howard Jones 1983-2023"
  • Hunting Lions "Light" LP on Pirates Press Records
  • Hunting Lions "Dark" LP on Pirates Press Records
  • Iggy Pop "Every Loser" LP on Atlantic Records
  • Impact Driver "EP"
  • Initiate "Cerebral Circus" LP
  • J Navarro and the Traitors "All of Us or None" LP
  • Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit "Weathervanes" LP
  • JFA "Last Ride" LP
  • John Holt "Essential Artist Collection" LP
  • Joseph Trapanese "No One Will Save You" Soundtrack LP
  • Joystick "Dwell" EP
  • Judas Priest "Trial By Fire/Panic Attack" single
  • Juliana Hatfield "Sings ELO" LP
  • Juliana Hatfield "Telephone Line/Can't Get it out of my Head" single
  • Kepi Ghoulie "Ramones in Love" LP on Pirates Press Records
  • Kepi Ghoulie and Friends "Full Moon Fever" LP Pirates Press Records
  • Killer Kin "Killer Kin" LP
  • Kills, The "God Games" LP
  • Kruelty "Untopia" LP on Profound Lore Records
  • Kylie Minogue "Tension" LP
  • Kylie Minogue "Extension" LP
  • Lil Yachty "Let's Start Here."
  • Lyida Loveless "Nothing's Gonna Stand In My Way Again"
  • Madness "Theatre of the Absurd Presents C'est La Vie" LP
  • Marcia Griffiths "Essential Artist Collection" LP
  • Mark Mothersbaugh "Cocaine Bear" LP Soundtrack
  • Maytals "Essential Artist Collection LP on Trojan Records
  • MDC "War is a Racket" LP
  • Metallica "72 Seasons" LP on Blackened Records
  • Minor Threat "Out of Step Outtakes" 7" on Dischord Records
  • Modern English "Crazy Lovers/Long in the Tooth" single 
  • Motorhead "Seriously Bad Magic" LP
  • Motorhead "Another Perfect Day Deluxe" LP
  • Motorhead "The Lost Tapes Vol 5" LP
  • MSPaint "Post-American"
  • Mudhoney "Plastic Eternity" LP Sub Pop Records
  • Mustard Plug "Where Did All My Friends Go"
  • Obituary "Dying of Everything" LP on Relapse Records
  • OC Rippers "Happy Hours Air Travel Club" LP on Ruined Records 
  • Off! "FLSD" EP
  • Oliva Rodrigo "Guts" LP
  • Omnigone "Against the Rest" LP
  • Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark "Bauhaus Staircase" LP
  • Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark "Bauhaus Staircase" EP
  • Overkill "Scorched" LP
  • Pain of Truth "Not Through Blood" LP
  • Paramore "Re: This is Why"
  • Peter Gabriel "i/o Dark Side Mix"
  • Peter Gabriel "i/o Bright Side Mix"
  • Pink "Trustfall" LP
  • Plastic Presidents "Good Times Can't Last" LP
  • Plummet "The Devil Made Me Do It" LP
  • Poindexter "Treats" LP
  • Prong "State of Emergency" LP
  • PWRUP "Just Devils" LP
  • Queens of the Stone Age "In Times New Roman..."
  • Rancid "Tomorrow Never Comes" LP
  • Random Hand "Random Hand" LP
  • Rattus "Rikki" LP
  • Reverend Horton Heat "Roots of the Rev" LP on Fun-Guy Records
  • Rick Astley "Are We There Yet" LP
  • Ringworm "Seeing Through Fire" LP
  • Riverside Odds "Punching Above our Weight" LP
  • Rolling Stones, The "Hackney Diamonds" LP
  • Samiam "Stowaway" LP on Pure Noise Records
  • Scowl "Psychic Dance Routine" LP on Flatspot Records
  • Scream "DC Special" LP
  • Selecter, The "Human Algebra" LP
  • "Seven" Soundtrack by Howard Shore LP on Waxwork Records
  • Shitkid "Rejected Fish" LP
  • Skatalites "Essential Artist Collection" LP on Trojan Records
  • Snooper "Super Snooper" LP
  • Stomper 98 "Stomper 98" LP
  • Suffocation "Hymns from the Acoprypha"
  • Superchunk "Misfits and Mistakes: Singles, B-Sides and Strays 2007-2023" 
  • Teenage Bottlerocket "So Dumb" EP
  • Terveet Kadet "Kaikki Kaikki Vastan" LP on Svart Records
  • Thee Headcoats "Irregularis (The Great Hiatus" LP
  • Thee Headcoats "Heavens To Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats! Already" Reissue LP
  • Thee Oh Sees, Osees "Intercepted Message" LP
  • Turnpike Troubadours "A Cat in the Rain"
  • Virulence "If This Isn't A Dream" LP on Southern Lord Records
  • Wednesday "Rat Saw God"
  • White Reaper "Asking for a Ride" LP
  • Willie Nelson "Long Story Short - Willie Nelson 90" LP
  • Yes "Yessingles" LP
The Playlist on Spotify:

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Kruelty "Untopia" Digital Review



Profound Lore Records

Released March 17, 2023

Kruelty are from Tokyo Japan and play a modern HC, beatdown, death metal fusion. Meant to be played loud. This entire LP brings the chaos, which is what it is supposed to do and why I am spending my time writing about this album.

Hopefully Kruelty make it to the US for a tour. I would love to see this chaos in person.

Produced by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios, who has also produced Nails. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege who has mastered Obituary. You know the sound is brutal.

I don't know what they are singing about, but the titles help; "Burn the System", "Manufactured Insanity", and my favorite song title, "Maze of Suffering".

Already in the running for one of my favorite albums of 2023.


Frank FOE

Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Feelies @ Artsquest, Bethlehem PA March 24, 2023

 The Feelies Live Show at Artsquest Transformed Reality

I am more connected to the underground venues. I know where the hall shows, the 100 and under capacity and DIY shows occur. 

My long time friend Chris Newmyer sent me a message stating he was going to be in town working with The Feelies. I'm like what? The Feelies are playing in three days and I didn't know. I am a bit disconnected with the happenings at Artsquest to say the least. That has to stop. I will be at the Start Making Sense show to see their wonderful Talking Heads tribute at the Artsquest. Plus, Artsquest, located in Bethlehem PA is less than a half hour away from my house.

If you don't know Chris, he used to set up DIY shows at the Stage Door at Lehigh University in the 90s. Best Kissers in the World, Grieving Eucalyptus, Daisy Chainsaw were among the bands I got to see live thanks to Chris. 

I was asked by concert attendee Joe Hanna, owner of long standing, now defunct record store in Bethlehem,  Play It Again, "you like the Feelies?". I understand, my rep is more punk/HC/metal, but I do love other music (and Joe was just busting on me) and am always up to seeing different music, especially when I end up on the guest list. To finally see The Feelies at this stage of my life (mid-50s) was a perfect storm.

The Feelies, from North Jersey, played two sets. The first set was more laid back, groove oriented, country alternative, indie rock, Lou Reed. Hell, R.E.M. sites them as a major influence, you get the picture. 

The sound The Feelies generated, loudly and crisply filled the Artsquest with an aural delight. 

The second set was bombastic. Leaning towards their sonically aggressive, groove driven rock and roll. I would like to say that the Crack Babies (one of the greatest Lehigh Valley PA bands ever) were definitely influenced by The Feelies and I didn't make that connection until tonight as most of the Crack Babies were at this show and their Funhouse/4 G's crew. See photo below. Yes that is me with a stack of vinyl. We'll get to that later. 

Compact Disc Center (Bethlehem PA) proprietor Mary expounded to me just how amazing The Feelies set was, of which I shared in her joy! But then explained, "yeah yeah yeah, I know they are great, but I need to go get some vinyl" (or something like that), which the band was selling for the right price of $20 a pop! 

I bought every The Feelies album on vinyl (one of those bands I only owned digitally), plus Glenn Mercer's instrumental album Incidental Hum.

The guitars and bass of The Feelies form a sonic wall whether playing a country tinged heart string pulling song or a pedal to the metal rocker. 

Stan the man on drums is a machine. I now consider myself influenced by Stan as I will take what I learned by watching him into my playing. Phenomenal. 

They wrapped the third encore up after the second set with one of the best covers of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" I have ever heard. I so wanted to start a pit but decided against and just closed my eyes and rocked out, lost in one of the greatest songs of all time at a very loud volume, just the way I like it. Set list here:

If you get the chance, go see The Feelies live. Also, the records are all almost out of print again (per the merch man, check out bandcamp below), so get a move on or you will be stuck in that digital void, where I was stranded. 


Sunday, March 5, 2023

Hunting Lions "Dark"

Hunting Lions

"Dark" EP 12"

Pirates Press

Released February 17, 2023 

Digital Review

Alas, I do not own the vinyl version of this... yet! From the looks of the back cover, the black vinyl features a B-side printed with a matte varnish that looks wonderful. 

As far as the music from Hunting Lions, the members have played in  Swingin' Utters, Roadside Bombs, The Beltones, US Bombs and Tiger Army, so they sound a lot like those bands. Ben Coleman from the Roadside Bombs handles the vocals with a straight up, direct and up front delivery combined with that punk rock and roll energy. They have a chill presence, one that emanates confidence and professionalism in making driving, enjoyable music. They look like they have fun with what they are doing. 


Saturday, December 24, 2022

Orphan Donor

Allentown Pennsylvania's Orphan Donor has remastered their first release, originally released 12 years ago. Enjoy the sonic attack!

Friday, March 25, 2022

T-Shirt to Pillows How To

T-shirts to Pillows a How-to DIY article

FOE #36 had an article on how to change your t-shirts into pillows.

Follow the link for the pdf of the article.

T-Shirt to Pillows How-to pdf 



Friday, January 21, 2022

FOE Volume 39 Issue 1

Follow this link for a downloadable or viewable PDF of FOE zine Volume 39 Issue 1

    FOE Volume 39 Issue 1

Follow this link for a flip/zine version where you can turn pages online. Best viewed on a wonderful full sized monitor. Really sweet. Try it.

    FOE Volume 39 Issue 1

Either way you will find interviews with:

  •     Chris Dodge (Spazz, Trappist, Slap A Ham...)
  •     Chesty Malone and the Slice Em Ups
  •     Jason Mckown (Duffy's Cut, Violent Society, artist)
Plus best of 2021 lists and thoughts on music and life.