Saturday, October 22, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Grim Reaper "Walking in the Shadows"

OCTOBER 22. 2016


"Walking in the Shadows

Dissonance Productions

Released: Oct 14, 2016

Back in 1984 when Grim Reaper released "See You In Hell" I was fully enveloped in the worldwide hardcore punk scene and was paying absolutely zero attention to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (commonly abbreviated as NWOBHM). 

As I got older my music appreciation expanded greatly.

So rather than as a teenager (when the debut Grim Reaper LP was released) I am a 50 year old man who has been walking around the house singing "See You in Hell" all week leading up to Saturday the October 22, 2016 gig at Jabber Jaws in Allentown PA, The great thing is I still have the excitement of a teenager when I head out to see a band!  

Loudwires' 10 greatest NWOBHM bands

10. Girlschool
9.   Grim Reaper
8.   Satan
7.   Angel Witch
6.   Witchfinder General
5.   Saxon
4.   Venom
3.   Motörhead
2.   Judas Priest
1.   Iron Maiden

Flash forward three decades and the just released, "Walking in the Shadows" by Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper is a modern day classic of the NWOBHM.

Check the video for the title track "Walking in the Shadows":

In all its rock excess glory. 

I played "I'm Coming For You" (my favorite song off the new album) for my son. "Is that a guy singing?" Of course he isn't used to Judas Priest or Iron Maiden falsetto either. Steve Grimmett's voice is amazing. You can add the "for his age" on there, but for any age, Steve Grimmett's voice is amazing.

"So do you like it?" My son is used to me playing anything from Napalm Death to George Jones to the siriusxm station SPA, but not necessarily NWOBHM. As the song progressed, I could see him appreciating the talent. This is a major win for him. Usually the response is "Dad what the hell are you listening to?"

I love so much about "Walking in the Shadows" (first new Grim Reaper album since 1987). The power metal status in the guitar playing. The trigger of some of the songs to remind me of the Scorpions (for my exposure at least). The groove that reminds me of the most driving Motley Crue songs. "Call Me In The Morning" had me rushing home from my work commute to get behind my drum kit (that's called inspiration). The cowbell in "I'm Coming For You", the breakdown in "Reach Out" and that the overall effect of the entire album is that "Walking in the Shadows" is just a great, loud listen. 

I think seeing Metal Church with vocalist Mike Howe earlier this month also primed me. I was never much a Metal Church fan, not that I knew much about the band to make an evaluation. But seeing Metal Church open for Megadeth (and Suicidal Tendencies - the band I was most anxious to see, for like the tenth time) got my attention, both for Metal Church and for "singing" or "falsetto" metal in general.

Very excited to see Grim Reaper in such an intimate setting as Jabber Jaws!

Also hoping they have the vinyl as "Walking in the Shadows" needs to be in my record collection!

Frank FOE

Official Band Links:

Official Dissonance Production Links:


Saturday, October 15, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Gatecreeper "Sonoran Depravation"

OCTOBER 15, 2016


"Sonoran Depravation"
Relapse Records
Released: October 7, 2016

It took me just seconds to fall in love with this record.

I listened to about ten seconds of this digitally and proceeded to log on to Relapse Records webstore and order the bronze / red merge, with blue and green splatter vinyl edition. I was sold in ten seconds.


First Press

1300 x Black Standard Gram

400 x Bronze / Red Merge with Blue and Green Splatter * Exclusive*

200 x Gold Standard Gram *Closed Casket Activities Exclusive* (not available through

100 x Clear (do not request clear)

Gatecreeper are from Arizona and love the same brand of death metal I love.

Bolt Thrower, Entombed and Dismember seem to be the most obvious influences. Cannibal Corpse, Death and Obituary are also invited to the party that is Gatecreeper.

Check this sick video for the track "Desperation":

GATECREEPER is on the road with a tremendous lineup that also includes Skeletonwitch, Iron Reagan and Oathbreaker:

Plain and simple, I love this brand of death metal. 

I love that Dismember, Entombed guitar sound. 

I love that hoarse bellowing vocal. 

gerund or present participle: bellowing
  1. (of a person or animal) emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger.
    "he bellowed in agony"
    • shout something with a deep loud roar.
      "the watchers were bellowing encouragement"
    • sing (a song) loudly and tunelessly.
      "he got thrown out of bars for bellowing Portuguese folk songs"

I LOVE when Gatecreeper kick into a groove, it makes me want to join the circle pit no matter what I am doing... Hell, I wanted to jump out of my car at a stop light the other day and start a circle pit around my car. 

  1. relating to, denoting, or characteristic of a biogeographical region including desert areas of the southwestern US and central Mexico.

See you in the pit!

Frank FOE

Monday, October 10, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Antagonizers ATL "Working Class Street Punk"

OCTOBER 10, 2016

"Working Class Street Punk"
Longshot Music / Pirates Press
Released: May 6, 2016

The Antagonizers Atl are a one of the strongest punk bands in the USA right now. I love how their sound takes influences like Blanks77, Mad Parade, Infa Riot, early Social Distortion, Electric Frankenstein and Gang Green and varies the levels of each of those influences to make each song sound distinct and able to stand on its own merit, rather than sound like a copy. I'll tell you they remind me of Subterfuge too. If you know that band, then you probably already own this Antagonzers Atl LP! 

Snotty like Blanks.
Melodic and driving like Mad Parade.
Street smart and ready for a fight like Infa Riot.
Just enough guitar driven rock influence like SxDx.
Straight forward and motivating like Electric Frankenstein. 
Ferocious and ripping like Gang Green when necessary.

Check out the video for the song "Dead to Us":

This isn't the first time I've told you about Antagonizers ATL. Check their split with DDC:

A Side
1. Pressure
2. Standing By
3. This Song’s For You
4. Hold Your Ground
5. Bad Situation

Side B
1. Dead To Us
2. Just My Luck
3. Everywhere I Go
4. Back In The Day
5. We’re Not Stopping Now

Check out the video for "Hold Your Ground"

There is also a bit of CH3, Stiff Little Fingers and of course Wretched Ones flowing through their veins. Antagonizers even cover the mighty Wretched Ones "We're Not Stopping Now". The Wretched Ones having an obvious place in my heart. I actually came out of show booking retirement years ago to book the Wretched Ones, aka I was willing to pay the band out of my pocket in case we didn't make the door. Antagonizers recognize Wretched Ones importance.

Looking forward to continued music from Antagonizers Atl. A great band in their own right.

in one's own right

phrase of right
  1. 1.
    as a result of one's own claims, qualifications, or efforts, rather than an association with someone else.
    "he was already established as a poet in his own right"

100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Promo version)
300pcs. - 12" Black & Blood Red Half-n-Half Vinyl (Distro version)
100pcs. - 12" Black & Blood Red Half-n-Half w/ White Splatter Vinyl (PPR Mailorder version)

Frank FOE

Sunday, October 2, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Eat The Turnbuckle "The Great American Bash Your Head In"

OCTOBER 2, 2016

"The Great American Bash Your Head In"
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Released: August 5, 2016

First time I ever saw Eat The Turnbuckle live was at the Union Transfer. Photos I took during their set are within this write up.

These Philadelphia PA (aka "Hostile City") men are completely out of their minds and way over the top. Both in their approach to grind/metal/hardcore/death and their routine. Big grown men beating the crap out of each while they play the music. Blood. Lots of it. Flying off of ladders into a guy being held on a table. Foreign objects raked across the face and smashed on the back. 

Check out this video for "Suplex City":

Eat the Turnbuckle attacks their music with as much reckless abandon as they treat their body with their wrestling. 

Eat the Turnbuckle consists of Chubb Rock, Shlak, Jag 13, Beerdust, Hook and TGO. The biography states they have over 100 years of combined musical experience from The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (who is replacing them on the Brujeria gig in Philly Oct 4, 2016 - Eat the Turnbuckle had to drop from the bill), Call the Paramedics, Crack House etc...What I'd really like to know is the combined total number of concussions, stitches, repaired/broken bones, X-rays, the status of their backs etc..

This EP is a perfect blast of Eat the Turnbuckle. If you don't know them, get this. "Get The Tables", "Make You Humble", "Suplex City" "Invader #1 Must Die" and "New World Order" let you perfectly know where they stand. If you know Eat the Turnbuckle, you obtain everything you can.

Check out this video for the song "Get The Tables":

Frank FOE

Saturday, October 1, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Devo "Freedom of Choice"

OCTOBER 1, 2016

"Freedom of Choice"
Warner Brothers
Released: May 16, 1980
Rhino Reissue: January 19, 2016

I was 13 years old in May of 1980. I listened to this album every single day before school. Never missed a day. I guess that would have been 8th grade. Pretty sure "Freedom of Choice" made sure that I remained alive through that year. In 1982 the record that kept me alive was Angry Samoans "Back From Samoa". I listened to that record every day before school that year. 

I was over the top into this LP. I wore the DEVO pins to school every day on my jacket. I remember getting one of those iron-on DEVO shirts at the mall at a kiosk that would press it on to the shirt while you waited. My peers in school were not fans. Mostly into "Maiden" if I recall correctly. I do remember one of the "Maiden" kids telling me how much he loved the song "Snowball", but that was in confidence. He didn't want anyone other than me to know he too loved DEVO. 

Every song on "Freedom of Choice" is perfect. 

"Freedom of Choice" is my most listened to album thus far in my life. I'm guessing of course. I didn't really keep track, although some of my close friends probably think I am lying and actually know how many times I've listened to every album. Agnostic Front "Victim In Pain", a couple of Discharge and Slayer albums are probably running close, but I'd say Devo's "Freedom of Choice" is the most listened to record I've ever owned. It is one of the handful of records I've actually played so many times that the LP did wear out. I didn't really have a good turntable at 13 in 1980, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Rhino marked the 35th anniversary of this landmark album with a reissue on red white and blue splatter vinyl. This is part of Rhino's "Start Your Ear Off Right” campaign, which included 16 other titles.

I still listen to this LP. I still love this record (and many other DEVO records). I think anyone who picks this up will love it  and quickly learn that DEVO should not be known as a one hit wonder for "Whip It". That some people think this is ludicrous. 

I obviously knew this record was coming out in January. I didn't buy it. I wasn't really the target audience. The target was more the new vinyl enthusiast craze rather than the guy who already has two copies of this record in his collection. I see it is listed on Amazon for $30-36 range. The reason why I picked it up was, Double Decker records in Allentown PA was running a 50% off sale on some titles. So yeah, I got this record for like $10. Thank you Double Decker. Thank you Rhino. Thank you DEVO for saving my life.

Frank FOE