Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ultimate Warriors "Our Gimmick Is Wrestling"

Digital finally available February 1, 2017

Watch the promo video here:

From the Archivist and Robotic Empire Post:

"Almost two decades ago in the small town of Nazarath Pennsylvania, like in many others, a crew of miscreant friends played loud music together. They called their band The Ultimate Warriors, creating a blistering fast punkmetalhardcore hybrid with lyrical content focusing entirely on wrestling.

They were extremely prolific, writing and recording nearly a hundred songs over roughly half a decade of making music under this moniker.

After The Ultimate Warriors ran it's course, splinter groups from most of the same members formed, including Pearls & Brass, The Gatecrashers and then Pissed Jeans. This same core group of dudes have passionately played many different genres of music together, slogging it out in the underground for years before finally earning some notoriety through Pissed Jeans and their albums released by Sub Pop.

But before all that, The Ultimate Warriors banged out breakneck grindcore, powerviolence and other mutant sub-forms of heavy music - entirely about wrestling. Their live performances devolved into a risky combination of rowdy moshing mixed with backyard wrestling antics. Injuries were common, and in a small circle of followers a reputation of danger & power grew.

This fueled The Ultimate Warriors songwriting and in the early aughts, after releasing many independent EPs, their sole longer player was recorded and appropriately titled "Our Gimmick Is Wrestling". Released on vinyl only, like all of their releases, it sold out quickly and has remained in obscurity since.

After 15 years of unavailability, "Our Gimmick Is Wrestling" is now out digitally, expanded with select recordings from The UWs vast discography. This 48-track collection spans the spectrum of metal, punk, hardcore, noise and everything inbetween. This can now be listened to across all main digital music platforms."

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Oddly enough, the bandcamp page with "Our Gimmick Is Wrestling" is run by The Archivist, not to be confused with the Lehigh Valley Archivist, where a lot of the other Ultimate Warriors material can be obtained LVA 019 contains the "Dingo Warriors" demo, "1997" demo and live at radio station WLVR (Lehigh University PA).

Between the Archivist and the Lehigh Valley Archivist you get 85 tracks of Ultimate Warrior chaos.

Frank FOE

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