Sunday, March 19, 2017

DxCx "Buried"

Released: January 13, 2017

DxCx is Deron Christman performing all guitars, bass,vocals and programming.

DxCx was / is in Chinga!

I've covered Chinga! here: "Digging A Hole" and here: "Relentless Culinary Assault".

This solo project allows Deron to explore and expand musically. Based in grindcore and death metal, "Buried" also delves into thrash, doom, technological brutality (try "Crossed Out") and experimental, storytelling landscapes (try "Mathias"). 

DxCx has also started his own blog, check out his piece on Top Ten Napalm Death Songs with Mick Harris on drums.

"Created in the mountains of Pennsylvania and affected by the lush surroundings"... DxCx is creating some enjoyable dark chaos in Penns Woods!

Frank FOE

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