Sunday, December 4, 2016

FOE's Musical Prescription - RUIN "He-Ho / Fiat Lux"

"He-Ho / Fiat Lux"
Southern Lord
Released: December 9, 2016

Southern Lord re-releases and re-packages some of the greatest music ever made.

This 2xLP package from Philadelphia's groundbreaking, truly original, ahead of their time - RUIN - is as fantastic as we have come to expect from Southern Lord.

Twenty-eight songs, an hour and a quarter worth of music that was originally released in 1984 and 1986. 

I was privileged enough to have witnessed Ruin live a couple of times as I used to make weekly trips to Philadelphia throughout the early and mid 1980s. 

I am lucky enough to have both originals of these LPs. Not stopping me from obtaining them again.

You may not know Ruin. You may not have the originals. You should take this opportunity to expose yourself to this amazing band and this amazing piece of art.

To a young punk rocker back then, RUIN seemed to be on a level that was unattainable. They took our rudimentary hardcore and punk rock and played it like an alien species with a talent and knowledge that exceeded our capabilites. We were unworthy. Luckily we were able to comprehend their musical productions even though we can not come close to replicating their alien music. 

Please take a listen to "You", "By the By", "Make Believe", "Dionysian", "China" or "Baby Doll" or for your alien master's sake "Proof". If those don't make you order this double lp, you are reading the wrong blog.

If you love covers, Ruin has those as well. I think "White Rabbit" interpreted by Ruin is better than Jefferson Airplane. I feel as equally bullish for Ruin's version of "Famous Blue Raincoat", penned by the recently departed Leonard Cohen. 

If you can get out, please treat yourself to RUIN's one off Philadelphia gig at the Barbary, December 17, 2016.

In my opinion, Ruin's "He-Ho / Fiat Lux" is a mandatory musical experience. If I taught a music appreciation class, this would be included.

Frank FOE

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