Monday, November 27, 2017

Apartment 213 Collected Violence

Apartment 213
"Collected Violence"
Magic Bullet
Released: November 17, 2017

Twenty-five years or so ago I was on a mission to acquire all things power-violence on vinyl. Fueled by my love of the band Spazz, my interests branched out all over the world, including Apartment 213.

I gave that specific, obsessive, vinyl quest up. Partly because most of the releases were ridiculously difficult to find.

Luckily the fine people at Magic Bullet have issued this 47 track colossal compilation of much of the Cleveland Ohio band's catalog. Missing is the split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, which is available through Relapse Records and the "Cleveland Power Violence" album, which has just been digitally reissued through Magic Bullet Records. According to Magic Bullet, "virtually every other filthy riff from this band is captured in this collection".

The brutality of the music is still overwhelming. I've attempted to listen to this while driving. Couldn't make it through the entirety. It is an aural assault. I obviously love the genre so this ugly, ugly music is somehow beautiful to me. To the uninitiated, I would imagine this is ugly, ugly music that would inspire derogatory comments of outrage. 

Word of the day:
  1. showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

Still, I kind of wish this was a vinyl compilation with a download card... 

Stupid vinyl addiction. 

And yes, they take their name from serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's 924 North 25th Street, Apartment #213. If you hit play, you will be in for a horrific ride. See how long you can last!

Collected Violence Track Listing:

Vacancy EP (1994)
1. Mutilation
2. Kill For Christ
3. Dissection
4. Don’t Tell The Children
5. John Wayne Gacy

split w/ Gehenna (1994)
6. I Like Killing People
7. Zodiac – The Most Bizarre Mass Murderer
8. Chalk Outline

split w/ Thug (1995)
9. It All Began In Bath, Ohio
10. Dahmer-Murders
11. Endless Killing

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things EP (1996)
12. Two By Four Crucifixion
13. Endless Killing – Arm The Insane
14. Dahmer – Milwaukee Murder Story
15. I’m The Reason Why – Hail To The Unabomber
16. Power Of Tools
17. It All Began In Bath, Ohio – Jeffrey Is Coming Home

split w/ Benümb (1996)
18. Decay
19. Plotting A Murder
20. Toolshed Terrors

split w/ Dahmer (1997)
21. Decay (Live)
22. Dahmer (Live)
23. Mangler (Live)
24. John Wayne Gacy (Live)

split w/ Forced Expression (1997)
25. Follow The Flock
26. Deserve To Die
27. Demise
28. Subject To Slaughter
29. Celio Drive
30. Right Now
31. The Mourning
32. Body Bag
33. I Saw The Body And Laughed
34. Blue Collar Guy – Til The Cows Come Home

The Power Of Tools demo (1993-1994)
35. Decay
36. Don’t Tell The Children
37. Kill For Christ
38. Dissection
39. Severed
40. Adam Rogers

split w/ Nothing Is Over (2010)
41. Creepy
42. Apply Your Make-Up
43. Blush
44. Gross Sexual Imposition

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 tracks (2010)
45. Standoff
46. Sadist
47. Hollow Cost

Frank FOE

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