Sunday, May 5, 2019

Harrington Saints "1000 Pounds of Oi!"

"1,000 Pounds of Oi!"
Pirates Press Records
Released: May 10, 2019

I love the title. "1,000 Pounds of Oi!". 
If I was cloned as a five piece band it would be it would be about 1,150 pounds of FOE, so you know, these five gentlemen probably come in around 1,000 pounds and they certainly deliver the oi!

The title sets the tone for the album. Driving punk, that lyrically takes on some difficult (heavy) topics, yet when playing their loud oi!, you can tell they are intentionally having fun, hoping you'll join in, all the while delivering a hopeful and uplifting aura. Just check the video for the title track and see for yourself:

Band Members
Darrel Wojick - Vocals
Mike C. - Guitar
Jayson Shepard - Guitar
Mike "Deuce" Miller - Bass
Forrest Maestretti - Drums

Vocalist Darrel Wojick has a potent presence on the microphone. A distinctive voice and poignant delivery command immediate attention. The rest of the band is tight, constructing classic oi, hardcore, street punk that energizes and incites!

This is full length number three for the Bay Area of California band. If you know them, you will want "1,000 Pounds of Oi!". If you love energy instigating punk, yet haven't noticed Harrington Saints yet, this is a fine starting point! 

Pressing Information
   500 - 12” Black Vinyl 
   250 - 12” Blood Red Vinyl (PPR Version) 
   250 - 12” Highlighter Yellow Vinyl (Contra Version) 
1,000 - Digipak CDs w/ Poster Insert

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