Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Bar Stool Preachers "Grazie Governo"

The Bar Stool Preachers
"Grazie Governo"
Pirates Press
Released: August 3, 2018

  • "Grazie Governo" means "Thank you government" (Italian)
  • The  Bar Stool Preachers are from the UK and meld anthemic punk ala Dropkick Murphys with an uptempo punk-ska drive. The mix is both classic and modern punk and ska influences with a precision that is rarely matched with this kind of success.
  • This is a smooth, well-crafted and pro sounding record.
  • Check the video for the title track:

  • Aimee from the Interrupters provides guest vocals on "Choose My Friends". I am sure this song brings the house down every time it is played live. Check the video here:

  • While you are at it, check the video for "Warchief":

  • This is the band:

  • Pressing information looks like this:
    • 1,500 pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Retail Version) 
    • 250 pcs. - 12" Milky Clear with Black Smoke & Black, Bone and Blood Red Splatter Vinyl w/ 3 Flexis (PPR Mailorder Version)
    • 250 pcs. - 12" Bone Vinyl w/ 3 Flexis (PHD Version) 
    • 250 pcs. - 12" Oxblood Vinyl w/ 3 Flexis (Band Version) 
    • 100 pcs. - 12" Gold Vinyl w/ 3 Flexis (Randale Version) 
    • 100 pcs. - 12" Silver Vinyl w/ 3 Flexis (Coretex Version) 
    • 550 pcs. - 12" "Lava" Colored Vinyl w/ 3 Flexis

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Restorations LP5000

Tiny Engines
Released: September 28, 2018

  • Restorations are a five piece emo/alt/punk rock band from Philly PA.
  • This is their first album in four years.
  • The first three albums were entitled "LP1", "LP2" and "LP3". 
  • I do not know what happened to albums 4 through 4,999.
  • I've not heard any of their music other than the seven tracks on "LP5000".
  • Others have referenced the following when describing this album: "Springsteen fronting Fugazi", Sunny Day Real Estate, Modest Mouse...
  • This is their video for "The Red Door"

  • This is their bandcamp for "LP5000" so you can listen and order a copy.

  • As of October 13, 2018, there were only 20 copies of the 1,000 copies available on vinyl.
  • They are currently out on tour, ending up back in Philly at the First Unitarian Church on October 21, 2018

  • These Philadelphians know how to write a song. Out front grabbing the attention is the husky, raspy vocals, the emo (not pop punk emo) sound and making this all relevant and noticeable is that Restorations know how to create a sound that includes enough flair but not so much as to overwhelm (aka this is very listenable, creative with just enough of a challenge).
  • This is what they look like:

Frank FOE