Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Jurassic Park Soundtrack LP

Jurassic Park Soundtrack
John Williams

I love Mondo. 

As a fan of music, records and movies, I have a crazy love for soundtracks on vinyl.

Mondo specializes in releasing soundtracks on vinyl. So there is a love for what this label is doing. Every product they release is special.

Some of my favorite soundtracks that I have purchased from Mondo in the past have been:
  • "Blair Witch",
  • "The Boxtrolls"
  • "Fight Club"
  • "Jaws"
  • "Men In Black - Original Score"
  • "Pet Semetary"
  • "Planet of the Apes"
  • "Ratatouille"
  • The "Inside Out" 7" series.
If I could, I would own every record they release. Knowing the quality of the package from the material I do own from Mondo, I do not doubt that every record is righteous. All those horror movie soundtracks are very tempting!

So I just ordered the soundtrack from "Jurassic Park", the 25th anniversary edition. This record has been on my "wish list" for a long time. Very grateful. Love the movie, love the music, love that I now can listen to this on vinyl.

Frank FOE

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Submachine Blanks 77 Violent Society

I am not sure there has ever been a show where I have actually interviewed three of the bands on the same bill... until this Saturday.

June 2 (Saturday)
Submachine 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Blanks 77 6:00 - 6:45 PM
Violent Society 5:10 - 5:45 PM
The Parasitix 4:30 - 5:00 PM
Atomic Cretins 3:45 - 4:15 PM
Doors 3PM Gig will end at 8:00 PM
Kung Fu Necktie, Philly PA

Submachine and Blanks 77 were interviewed in FOE #29.

Violent Society was interviewed in FOE #33
You can read the interviews at these links:

Frank FOE

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Old Firm Casuals "EP"

Originally Released on Oi The Boat Records in 2011
Reissued on Pirates Press Records in 2018

Back in 2013, Pirates Press Records released the 2xlp/cd "For the Love of it All". 
This mandatory oi! compilation included all of the The Old Firm Casuals singles in one place... except for the tracks from their debut EP.

Originally released in 2011 on Oi! The Boat Records, this debut EP is now available on a 12", that is pressed on clear vinyl with Dannyboy Smith's art from the original insert silkscreened on the B-Side.


Side A:

1. Old Firm (DMS)

2. Lone Wolf

3. Apocalypse Coming

4. Casual

Side B:

Black Silkscreen

The debut EP is raw and vintage sounding oi! I am a fan of all of Lars Frederiksen's (the screen on the inside cover lists him as "Lars Frederiken") music. Rancid, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards... The material he plays along with Casey Watson (bass, vocals) and Paul Rivas (drums, vocals) on this EP is intentionally rudimentary, yet hook-laden and instantly memorable. Think the sound of Last Resort (UK 1980 oi) worked up into a hardcore frenzy of the likes of Anti-Heros (classic Georgia oi/street punk established in 1984).   

The music brings to mind dingy hardcore punk clubs rather than the mass of a festival that you'd expect Rancid to play. The music sounds like something you'd expect to hear in a venue that had beer-soaked floors, graffiti and band sticker covered walls, with as much chaos in the alley out back as on the dance floor in front of the band. Think Rancid's dirty, less savory cousin. 

And I love it. 

Thank you to Pirates Press Records for making this available for those of us who missed the boat when this was released on Oi the Boat Records.

Frank FOE

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Blankz "White Baby" 7"

The Blankz
"White Baby" b/w "Sissy Glue"
Slope Records
Released: July 13, 2018

I want to be the one who lets you know about this exciting project. The most important reason I started a fanzine in the 1980s was to share information about records. Introducing people to music brings me great joy. 

Inspiring, invigorating and just plain cool, this Slope Records project is something I want to introduce to you. 

As someone who ran a record label for a few years, who has been an avid (a word here which means "urgently eager, characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit") record collector since 1971  and an admirer of creative projects, I am completely on board with The Blankz imminent 7" series. 

The Blankz are releasing a series of nine 7"s that will then be compiled into a full length release. 

I want you to get in on this at the beginning. Nothing like finding out about a project as cool as this at 7" number eight and then having to play catch up.

Musically, Phoenix Arizona's the Blankz combine the garage punk energy of the Spits, the engine-like precision punk rock of the Briefs, the snot of Blanks 77 (how cool would it be to see Blanks77 and Blankz tour... after all, we are all part of Richard Hell and the Voidoids "Blank Generation") and the keyboard placement of hardcore era Devo. 

The Blankz are led by singer Tommy Blank, who is also the Slope Records founder. The A-side, "White Baby" starts at the beginning... The lyrical inspiration is Tommy's "struggle with identity and quest for belonging" as a "white kid adopted by a Mexican American family in the late 1960s". 

The b-side is "Sissy Glue". Did you know that "b/w" means "backed with"? The lyrics of "Sissy Glue" tells a tale of Paperboy Jimmy, huffing airplane glue and  spray paint in a dirty sock... 

As someone who has more than two dozen years sober, I also appreciate that Tommy has 13 years of sobriety.   

Need more validation? Cris Kirkwood (of the Meat Puppets and a fellow Arizonian) produced these first two tracks by the Blankz. 


Excitedly looking forward to the next batch of songs from The Blankz!

Frank FOE