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Agnostic Front Live @ Reverb in Reading PA June 24, 2012

Stigma - Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front have long been one of my favorite bands. From the moment I heard the 15 minutes or so that makes up the "Victim In Pain" LP on Ratcage, Agnostic Front has held a constant role in my Top Ten favorite bands.  

There was no way I was going to miss a 30th year anniversary tour where they would play the "Live at CBGB's" LP track for track (plus some bonus material as an encore). While the scene didn't quite look like the vintage video below, it was a damn fantastic evening in Reading PA!

I've had the opportunity to see Agnostic Front many times over the years. During 1986 they played in the Lehigh Valley PA with other legendary bands Half Life and GBH. Below is my ticket and the horrific flyer I made for the show.

Last year I got to see Agnostic Front play in the basement of Crocodile Rock in Allentown. 

The best time I ever saw Agnostic Front was in City Gardens, Trenton NJ. During Agnostic Front's set, I participated in the single largest circle pit I had ever been a part of up til that time. The entire area between the bar and the stage was one giant pit. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was in the circle pit. So much fun. Damn.

Agnostic Front

Hard to believe, but 30 years on, Agnostic Front still ripped up the stage at Reverb. Part of the reason the band was so good this night was the hard hitting drumming of Pokey. Obviously keeping beat for early Agnostic Front classics means he is not very "pokey".  

Agnostic Front

Everyone loves Stigma!

Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front (with Joe Downlow helping out)

Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front are true hardcore legends. A true original. Thirty years on, they are still valid and important. After playing the "Live from CBGB's" set, they played "For My Family" from the "Warriors" LP and "Gotta Go" from "Something's Gotta Give" LP. These later career tracks generated more reaction from the entire crowd. Everyone was happy, the old timers and the new breed. 

Early on in Agnostic Front's set, I was front stage. My 46 year old body realized I was standing next to a  young kid, sporting the whole look, shaved head and braces, and he was probably about 12. Awesome!

Oddly enough, as my crew was rolling up to Reverb in Reading, I had another realization. I (46) was walking along side Johnny Clap (50 something) and Johnny Generic (60 something). Hardcore til we die!

Wisdom In Chains

The show read like a pre-football game injury report. The disabled list included the following:

Pokey from Agnostic Front had recently been hospitalized. 
Strength For A Reason did not play this show due to Karl being hospitalized with a blood clot. 
Animalhaus singer John Barlow was in a car accident and only performed one song with the band.

Wisdom In Chains

I had the pleasure of witnessing Wisdom in Chains open for Cock Sparrer in Philadelphia not too long ago. Everytime I see this great PA hardcore band, I like them more. I was lucky enough to purchase their LP "Die Young" at the show. It is limited to 80 copies. Sick. They have become very popular locally and I hope their status continues to grow!


Animalhaus is new to me. Check the video below. Seriously fantastic PA band that combines a street punk sound with an anthemic hardcore sound. Could be described as Sick Of It All meets Headache Records. Great drive, great sound, great feel. One of those times when you stick around to see a band you didn't know and end up getting blown away!

"Now We Know" performed by Animalhaus, featuring Mad Joe from Wisdom In Chains 
and the only song injured Animalhaus vocalist John performed with the band.



This was my second time seeing Bottomfeeder. First time I "saw" them at Reverb I missed part of their set due some poor timing on my part. This time, there was no way I was missing it. Glad I got to see their whole set. Look forward to big things from Bottomfeeder.



As always, thanks to all the bands, to Reverb, to Frank Phobia and to all of you who share my love of this music.

Johnny Clap (lounging at Reverb between bands)

Take care,
Frank FOE!/UpToNoGoodRadio

Up To No Good Radio June 24, 2012 Playlist, Download, Listen online

Up To No Good Radio June 24, 2012 (click to listen or download)

We were on the air for 6 hours!

Rancid "Up To No Good"
(John Brannon ID)
Puffball "High Powered"
NRA "Sleep"


Demons "Teenage Dead"


Mansfields "Halfway To Memphis"
Bad Sports "Can't Just Be Friends"
Red Planet "Revolution 33"
Riverboat Gamblers "Rattle Me Bones"
Dragons "Life Is Cheap"
Agnostic Front "Bomber Zee"

Electric Eel Shock

Electric Eel Shock "Beat Me"
Hives "Mad Man"
New Bomb Turks "Rat Feelings"
Corrosion of Conformity "Rat City"
Black Furies "Falling Down"
Turbo AC's "Knife Fight"
Municipal Waste "Unholy Abductor"


Mensen "Twilight Zone"
Hellbound Glory "Hello 5-0"
Agnostic Front "Victim in Pain"
Gito Gito Hustler "Love and Roll"
Hellacopters "Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial"
The Biters "So Cheap So Deadly"
Nomads "Let's Go To The Dragstrip"
White Barons "You Never Were"
Cockney Rejects "Bad Man"
YDI "Get Up And Fight"
Spunks "Habanero Junkies"
Killroy "D Generation"
Siege "Starvation"
Black Tie Revue "I'm So Sure"

Allan Sherman

Allan Sherman "Rat Fink"
Misfits "Rat Fink"

Corrosion of Conformity "Citizen"
Hives "Numbers"
Fear Factory "Your Mistake" (Agnostic Front)
Gang Green "Narrow Mind"
Demons "Degeneration Hotel"
Minor Threat "Stand Up"
Peter and the Test Tube Babies "The Jinx"
Sweet J.A.P. "I'm Only Moonlighting"
Government Issue "No Rights"
Pork Dukes "Down Down Down"
Raw Power "Destroy"
Primate "Pride"
Professionals "1-2-3"


Pagans "Eyes of Satan"
DOA "Waiting For You"
Hardcore Superstar "Hey Now"
Anti "Fight War, Not Wars"
Ism "I Think I Love You" (Partridge Family)
Mansfields "Roxy"
Black Tusk "Bring Me Darkness"
Exploited "Fight Back"
Jesus and Mary Chain "Upside Down"
Wildhearts "Stormy in the North, Karma in the South"

Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front "Power"
Agnostic Front "Fight"
Killing Joke "Wardance"
GG Allin "Drink, Fight, Fun"
Lemmy & Plasmatics "Masterplan"
Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters "Only Time I'm Sober is When You're Gone"
Hives "Aka I.D.I.O.T."
Torche "Healer"
Turbonegro "Back to Dungaree High"
Riverboat Gamblers "Dead From the Neck Up"
The Biters "Shout It!"
Dragons "Three Steps From the Bar"
Reagan Youth "Are You Happy"

Turbo A.C.'s "Real Rain"
NRA "Too Young"
Rocks "Kick Her Out"
Red Planet "Black Out"
Pink Swords "Kept on Fallin'"
Ramones "I Don't Care"
Magazine "Do the Meaning"

The last three hours were not recorded:

Magazine "Shot By Both Sides"
Slamhounds "Killing An Arab"
Social Distortion "Ball and Chain"
Angelic Upstarts "Kids on the Streets"
Jeff Dahl and Poison Idea "Flamethrower Love"
Richard Hell and the Heartbreakers "Get Off The Phone"
Undead "A Life of Our OWn"
Stitches "Better Off Dead"
The Stranglers "Get a Grip On Yourself"
Elton Motello "Victim of Time"
Ism "Proud to be Guilty"
Flys "Love and a Molotov Cocktail"
Iggy and the Stooges "Shake Appeal"
Bags "We Will Bury You"
Randy "Welfare Problems"
Exploited "Never Sell Out"
Channel 3 "Faith, Bourbon, Dignity"
Damned "Smash It Up"
Rancid "Dead and Gone"
Urban Dog "Cocaine"
Dead Boys "Catholic Boys"
Dead Boys "I Won't Look Back"
Circle Jerks "Trapped"
Meatmen "Meatmen Stomp"
Alleycats "Too Much Junk"
Generation X "Ready Steady Go"
Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster"
Transplants "Quick Death"
Circle Jerks "Paid Vacation"
Suicidal Tendencies "War Inside My Head"
Suicidal Tendencies "Possessed"
Suburban Studs "Dissatisfied"
Suburban Studs "Traffic Jam"
Clash "White Riot"
Dropkick Murphys "Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight"
JFA "Middle America"
Minor Threat "Bottled Violence"
Conservatives "Suburban Bitch"
Conservatives "Just Cuz / Nervous"
Ruts "I Ain't Sophisticated"
Ruts "Staring at the Rude Boys"
Professionals "Kick Down the Doors"
Pointed Sticks "Somebodys Mom"
Naked Raygun "Gear"
Naked Raygun "Home of the Brave"
Black Flag "White Minority"
Black Flag "I'm Not a Machine"
Motorhead & Wendy O "Stand By Your Man"
Vindictives "Glad To See You Go"
Johnny Cash "Personal Jesus"
Dr. Know "Circle of Fear"
Dr. Know "Watch It Burn"
Social Distortion "Ring of Fire"
Lords of the New Church "New Church"
Simpletones "I Like Drugs"
Murder Junkies "Once a Whore"

As always, thank you for listening and sharing our love of this music!

Frank FOE

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Up To No Good Radio April 22, 2012 Playlist


Up To No Good Radio Playlist 4/22/12

Rancid "Up To No Good"
UK Subs "Iceage"
The Jam "I've Changed My Address"
D-Generation "So Messed Up"
Motorhead "We Are the Road Crew"
TSOL "No Time"
Ramones "Outsider"
Joe Jackson "Got the Time"
Slamhounds "Turn My Back"
Stranglers "Nice and Sleazy"
AOD "Sightseeing"

Flipper "Full Speed Ahead"
Undead "When the Evening Comes"
Undead "I Want You Dead"
Rancid "The Brothels"
Richard Hell and the Voidoids "Down at the RnR Club"
Fear "I Believe I'll Have Another Beer"
Johnny Thunders "Pirate Love"
Electric Frankenstein "Already Dead"
Social Distortion "Mommy's Little Monster"
Undertones "Mars Bars"
Agent Orange "Everything Turns Grey"
Stranglers "Kiss This World Goodbye"
Radio Stars "No Russians in Russia"
Dead Boys "Ain't It Fun"
Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized"
Suicidal Tendencies "War Inside My Head"
NY Dolls "Bad Girl"
JT and the Heartbreaker "One Track Mind"
Walter Lure and the Ramones "Street Fighting Man"
Jerry Nolan "Take a Chance"
Plasmatics "Sometimes I"
The Meatmen "Morrisey Must Die"
The Records "Starry Eyes"

Bad Brains

Bad Brains "Attitude"
Oingo Boingo "Nasty Habits"
Cramps "What's Behind the Mask"
Cramps "Garbage Man"
Murder Junkies "Once a Whore"
Undead "Never Say Die"
Adverts "Gary Gilmore's Eyes"
Poison Idea "Jihad Love"
NY Dolls "Looking For A Kiss"
MDC "John Wayne Was A Nazi"
X Ray Spex "Let's Submerge"
GBH "Knife Edge"
45 Grave "Party Time"
English Beat "Twist and Crawl"
Murphy's Law "Bong"
Hairy Phlegmball "Cheap Beer"

Thanks for listening and sharing our love of this music!!!

Up To No Good Radio Playlist May 6, 2012

Up To No Good Playlist May 6, 2012
Your Hosts: Mr. Johnny Generic and Reds!

Niblick Henbane

Rancid "Up To No Good"
Niblick Henbane "Just One More Beer"
Beastie Boys "Time For Livin"
Crankshaft "Life is Getting Faster"
Payolas "In A Place Like This"
Youth Gone Mad "Ode to Darby Crash"
Beastie Boys "Heart Attack Man"
TSOL "Nice Guys Finish Last"
Roach Motel "Maddog 20/20"
Circle Jerks "Under the Gun"
Fang "Friends like You, Who Needs Enemies"
Motorhead "Ace of Spades"
Red Scare "Street Life"
Geza X "Isotope Soap"
The Biters "No Connection"
Naked Raygun "Gear"
Killing Joke "80s"
Iggy Pop "Repo Man"
Beastie Boys "Girls"
Red Rockers "Folsom Prison Blues"
GG Allin "Loudenbomber"
Fear "Drink Some Beer"
Germs "No God"
Peter and the Test Tube Babies "U Bore Me"
Battalion of Saints "Second Coming"
Battalion of Saints "No More Lies"

Dead Kennedys "Terminal Preppy"
Siouxsie and the Banshees "Dear Prudence"
Skids "Into the Valley"
Professionals "Payola"
Jones/Cook "Lonely Boy"
Epoxies "Join the Professionals"
Dag Nasty "I've Heard"
The Only Ones "Another Girl/Another Planet"
Lords of the New Church "Open Your Eyes"
Damned "Jet Boy Jet Girl"
Undertones "Get Over You"
Ruts "Society"
Suburban Studs "I Hate Schools"
45 Grave "Schools Out"
Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right"
Maddog Surrender "Viva Tradition"
Black Flag "TV Party"
Black Flag "White Minority"

CH3 "I Wanna Know"
CH3 "What About Me"
Slamhounds "Hearts Get Broken"
Cockney Rejects "East End"
Crack Babies "Bavarian Cream"
LES Stitches "All This And More"
Lurkers "Total War"
US Bombs "Isolated Ones"
Mr. Yuk "Meaty River"
Mr. Yuk "Mr. Yuk"
Hairy Phlegmball "Cheap Beer"

Thanks for listening to UTNG Radio!

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Up To No Good Radio Playlist from April 15, 2012



Rancid "Up To No Good"
Dwarves "One Time Only"
US Bombs "New Approach"
The Clash "Drug Stabbing Time"
Vibrators "Sulphate"
Ramones "The Return of Jackie and Judy"
Gun Club "She's Like Heroin To Me"
The English Beat "Click Click"
Madness "One Step Beyond"
Dr. Know "Watch It Burn"
Stiff Little Fingers "Kicking Up A Racket"
Sex Pistols "No Feelings"
Dag Nasty "Safe"
The Briefs "Poor and Weird"


Tim Armstrong "Wake Up"
Murphy's Law "Quest for Herb"
Gang Green "Rabies"
F-Bombers "Nobodys Hero"
Slamhounds "Kill for Nothing"
Dead End Drive "Buried Alive"
Stray Cats "Runaway Boys"
Devo "Explosions"
Members "Sound of the Suburbs"
Angelic Upstarts "Lets Speed"
Ruts "Staring at the Rude Boys"
Sloppy Seconds "You Can't Kill Joey Ramone"
Cock Sparrer "Working"
Stranglers "Peaches"
D Generation "Cornered"
The Clash "Tommy Gun"
Rolling Stones "Street Fighting Man"
Professionals "Little Boys in Blue"
Generation X "Ready Steady Go"
Generation X "Kiss Me Deadly"
Undertones "Here Comes the Summer"
Dwarves "We Only Came to Get High"
The Outsiders "Calling On Youth"
Motorhead "White Line Fever"
Fu Manchu "Done Nothing" (SSD)
Slaughter and the Dogs "Your Ready Now"
The Outcast "Another Teenage Rebel"
Dag Nasty "Justification"
UK Subs "Self Destruct"
The Briefs "I'm a Raccoon"
Ian Dury "Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll"

Black Flag "Spray Paint"
Sloppy Seconds "Come Back Tracy"
Hairy Phlegmball "Designated Driver"
Slamhounds "Rain"
Ultra Kings "Now Stop"
Lurkers "Then I Kissed Her"
GBH "I Am the Hunted"
GG Allin "Cheri Love Affair"
Dropkick Murphys "John Law"
Screaming Bloody Marys "Telling Lies"
Bad Brains "The Regulator"
Naked Raygun "Home of the Brave"
Mike V and the Rats "Never Give Up"
The Clash "This is Radio Clash"
Hairy Phlegmball "Cheap Beer"

Thank you for sharing our love of this music!

Keep listening, every Sunday Noon to 3 PM on wlvr 91.3 FM or online at!/UpToNoGoodRadio

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Cannibal Corpse "Torture" CD/LP Review

Cannibal Corpse
Released 3/13/12 on Metal Blade Records

I have absolutely loved the Florida based death metal band Cannibal Corpse since the first time I heard them. Loved the material with Chris on vocals (1989 - 1995 - now with Six Feet Under) and George on vocals (1995 - present). 

I have all of Cannibal Corpse's records (yes on vinyl thanks to the reissues last year on Back on Black filling in some holes in my collection). Funny how Paul (drums) and Alex (bass) are the only members of the band to represent for the entire career of Cannibal Corpse. But it explains a lot as to why I love this band (the rhythm section is highly important in this genre). The mix in "Torture" features the precision drumming which keeps everything perfectly measured. There are no odd tempo changes to leave the listener wondering "What the hell was that?", giving the impression the band lost it's place (or rather doesn't know how to properly structure a death/extreme metal song). Cannibal Corpse are professionals. They write perfect songs. The bass is distinctly heard in the mix. You can actually hear the bass, the technique, the machine-like engine propelling each song. You can hear everything. Rather than one distorted blast, this sounds like a death metal BAND. 

Cannibal Corpse start "Torture" off with "Demented Aggression". This had to be a purposeful selection. After eleven albums, Cannibal Corpse must have wanted to prove their speed, their intensity and ability to create a sound that brings to mind an image of live bodies falling into giant gears to be crushed to death. Well, that is at least the image my mind came up with!

There are no weak tracks. "Scourge of Iron" has a beautiful groove that reminds me I need to listen to Celtic Frost soon. "As Deep As The Knife Will Go" is a perfect example of how a band can combine horrific lyrics (yes, if you follow along with the lyrics, I assure you George is actually singing these lyrics and not just growling incoherently), varying tempos and technical musicianship in a creative endeavor that rivals the experience of a horror flick.

"As Deep As The Knife Will Go"

The blade goes in you and it enters smooth
Disturbing moans begin to soothe
Scraping bones with steel to feel it once
Keep pushing hard it never stops

Had to do it
Had to put it in your gut
Nothing to it
Grab the handle let it slice
Heart polluted
As it's cut out of your chest
Gushing fluids
Bleeding it dry

As deep as the knife will go
A life changing transfer of power
As deep as the knife will go

As deep as the knife will go 
Every inch of it in you savored
As deep as the knife will go

The blade has always done it's job well
Seems like it's work is never done
Scraping bone with steel to feel it twice
Keep pushing hard it doesn't stop

A body rid of living
Future faded
Gaping hole from front to back
Heart dissected 
As it sits upon your chest
Gushing fluids 
Drain you empty

As deep a the knife will go
A life changing transfer of power
As deep as the knife will go

As deep as the knife will go
Every inch of it in you savored
As deep as the knife will go

Bleed it dry 
Bleed it dry
Drain you empty 
Drain you empty

Bleed it dry 
Bleed it dry
Drain you empty 
Drain you empty

As deep as the knife will go
A life changing transfer of power
As deep as the knife will go

As deep as the knife will go
Every inch of it in you savored
As deep as the knife will go

I can not wait to see Cannibal Corpse this summer at the Trocadero in Philly PA, Sunday August 5th, 2012. 

The LP version is on clear, blood splattered vinyl. Sweet.

Yours in Precision Bloody Chaos,
Frank FOE

Up To No Good Radio Playlist 5/27/2012


Mr. Johnny Generic had to handle this one on his own! He killed as usual! This is his playlist from May 27, 2012. Listen every Sunday Noon - 3 PM on WLVR 91.3 FM or online!

Rancid "Up To No Good"
Black Tie Bombers "I Don't Wanna Work"
The Nobodys "I Like Young Girls" (Queers)
Black Flag "Rise Above"
Redd Kross "Annette's Got the Hits/Cover Band"
Chaos UK "4 Minute Warning"
Lemmy "Thirsty and Miserable" (Black Flag)
Dag Nasty "Never Go Back"
Angry Samoans "I'm In Love With Your Mom"
Social Distortion "Mommy's Little Monster"
Street Dogs "Drink Tonitte"
Babes In Toyland "Mother"
Exploited "Dead Cities"
Sham 69 "Angels With Dirty Faces"
Beastie Boys "Lee Majors Come Again"
Gang Green "Alcohol"
Manic Hispanic "Mommy's Little Cholo"
Johnny Cash "Personal Jesus"
Plasmatics "Monkey Suit"
Plasmatics "Concrete Shoes"
Stepmothers "Push Comes to Shove"
Slamhounds "Gassed Back"
F-Bombers "Forever Bound"
Hairy Phlegmball "Designated Driver"
FOD "Home Lobotomy Kit"
FOD "Glimmer Glass"
Dead End Drive "Become The Dead"
The Clap "Snow Blind"
Ultra Kings "Diesel Drinking Daddy"


GBH "Maniac"
GBH "Sick Boy"
Foo Fighters "Gas Chamber" (Angry Samoans)
Ramones "Danger Zone"
Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop"
Ramones "Warthog"
Chris Spedding "Pogo Dancing"
Slaughter and the Dogs "Cranked Up Really High"
Slaughter and the Dogs "Bitch"
UK Subs "Killer Time"
UK Subs "Tomorrow's Girls"
Damned "Love Song"
Damned "Problem Child"
Lurkers "Then I Kissed Her"
Generation X "Untouchables"
999 "Titanic Reaction"
999 "Me and My Desire"

Vibrators "Into the Future"
Vibrators "Pure Mania"
Sex Pistols "Holidays In The Sun"
The Professisonals "Little Boys in Blue"
Undertones "Get Over You"
Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device"
Cockney Rejects "Headbanger"
Motorhead "R.A.M.O.N.E.S."
Motorhead "Ace of Spades"

Mr. Generic thanks all of you who shared your Sunday afternoon with him!

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Up To No Good Radio June 3, 2012 Playlist and Audio


This week Frank Foe and Johnny Generic were your DJs.
The music programming for the first hour and a half was performed by Mr. Generic!

Rancid "Up To No Good"
Cramps "Garbageman"
Cramps "TV Set"
Jim Jones Revue "Rock n Roll  Psychosis"
The Neckbones "Cardiac Suture"
Lords of the New Church "New Church"
Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg "When We Were Angels"
The Clash "I'm Not Down"


Naked Raygun "Ghetto Mechanic"
Goldblade "Jukebox Generation"
Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias "Thank You"
Napalm Death "Nazi Punks F&#% Off"


Murder City Devils "Johnny Thunders"
The Briefs "So Stupid"
The Briefs "Medication"
Vice Squad "Punx United"
The Stitches "Amphetamine Girl"
The Stitches "That Woman Got Me Drinking"
Talking Heads "Psycho Killer"
D.I. "Guns"
Dwarves "I Will Deny"
Dwarves "The Crucifixion Show"
Lisa Lombardo "Bridgette"


Jonas Brothers "The Ring" (South Park)
Circle Jerks "Operation"
The Wrench "It's Your Right"
Jack Killed Jill "In Need of a Holiday"
The Creepshow "They All Fall Down"
Joneses "Pillbox"
MDC "Slow Stupid and Hungry"

FOE portion of the show.

Cock Sparrer "A.U."
Alkaline Trio "Wash Away" (TSOL)


Primate "Drinking and Driving" (Black Flag)
Ruin "Alarm"
Freeze "No Ones Ever Coming Home"
Overkill "Hells Getting Hotter"
Killjoys "Naive"
Minor Threat "Stand Up"
Devo "Girl U Want" (Live in Seattle)
Die Toten Hosen "Rock Me Amadeus" (Falco)
Madball "Hardcore Pride"
Weirdos "Life of Crime"
Unsane "Metropolis"
Agression "No Mercy"
Baseball Furies "Set Me On Fire"
Corrosion of Conformity "Citizen"
Off! "Wrong"
Sheer Terror "Fashion Fighter"
Strong Intention "Holes in the Wall"
Strong Intention "Rat Factory"
7 Seconds "War in the Head"
GG Allin "Dead or Alive"


Corrosion of Conformity "Moneychangers"
Napalm Death "Right You Are"
Victims "Television Addict"


Antigama "The Law"
JFA "Skateboard"
Revilers "Sick of Being Sick and Tired"
Sick Pleasure "Try to Break Me"
Primate "Wasted Youth"
Nihilistics "After Death"
Kylesa "Bottom Line"
New York Dolls "Trash"

Thank you for sharing our love of this music!