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Agnostic Front "The American Dream Died" LP Nuclear Blast Review

"The American Dream Died"
Nuclear Blast
Released: April 7, 2015

Agnostic Front's "The American Dream Died" is my hardcore record of the year through November 25, 2015. In case you were wondering, Lifeless "Dream" is the runner up so far. There are some great videos on youtube to get you excited about getting this on the preferred vinyl format.

Agnostic Front's "Victim In Pain" changed my life thirty some years ago. This new record is full of fire. This is a great hardcore album. Taking in the speed, the fury, the breakdowns, the hardcore metal crossover, even a touch of the melodic oi. It pulls all of their influences in over their career and is just a joy to hear.

Extra bonus is that the vinyl had a download card of The Alligators album "Tiimes Up You're Dead" from 2012. How the hell did I miss that one? Roger from Agnostic Front and guys from Insted.

Both LPs are mandatory. 

Agnostic Front plays Philly at the Boot and Saddle with Antidote on December 4, 2015. 

Frank FOE

Agnostic Front fb:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eastfield "Another Boring Eastfield Album" Review

"Another Boring Eastfield Album: A Rail Punk Collection"
Violated Records
Released: November 2, 2015

This is my introduction to Eastfield. So I have to start off by thanking Pat Society at Violated Records for this introduction. Not sure how this is the first time I've heard of the band, but it is.

Eastfield began in Birmingham in 1996 by singer Songwriter Jessi Adams. Their discography is lengthy. "Another Boring Eastfield Album: A Rail Punk Collection" brings together many of their earliest releases on one CD. There isn't a clunker contained in the 33 tracks of male/female vocals, punchy punk anthems. If you want to look for comparisons to bands I know, think Rezillos meets Gonads. 

They bring people and situations to task with their lyrics. Not afraid to cast the stone.

Obviously they call out Phil Collins. "Milton of Leys" has the line "Phil Collins, Phil Collins How do you sleep at night, Phil Collins? I’d like to smash your records right over your head and make you choke on the words you’ve said..."

keep it spikey

So then I also learned some things about Burt Reynolds I didn't know. They hammer the legendary actor in "Burt Reynolds Rides Again". I didn't know anything nasty about the actor but a quick look at the lyrics (all Eastfield's lyrics are contained on their website) and I had to google the trouble surrounding Burt.

Seems Loni Anderson claimed Reynolds had repeatedly beaten her and was having an affair with Florida cocktail waitress Pam Seals. “The physical abuse I always blamed on the drugs,” said Anderson who claimed she suffered bruises all over her body but not her face. Yikes.

So yes, I am entertained and I learned quite a bit via Eastfield's lyrics!

1. Tingalpa 
2. Three Seats 
3. Fortuna Hell 
4. Milton of Leys 
5. Pepper 
6. Beast of Bratislava 
7. The Black Hole 
8. Aspartame 
9. The Gasman 
10. Just Like The Sixties 
11. Drive on Henry 
12. Summer Hill Blues 
13. La Jonquera 
14. John’s Not Mad 
15. Eddie Watson 
16. Fare Dodging 
17. Port Talbot Transport Police 
18. Big Brother 
19. Three Chords Good, Four Chords Bad 
20. Rod, Hull and Emo 
21. The Second Fastest Cycle Courier In London 
22. Hearing Nothing About A Revolution 
23. God’s Plastic Railway 
24. Mick Murphy’s Dirty Bar 
25. Burt Reynolds Rides Again 
26. Humour Exclusion Zone 
27. Sharks Against Surfers 
28. Mannion 
29. Jostick Head 
30. S*W*A*Y*Z*E 
31. Come To Bevland 
32. Radio West 
33. Another Boring Eastfield Song

Eastfield are a fun, upbeat, snotty, punk rock band who don't take themselves too seriously, in the true tradition of the genre. 

Glad we've been introduced.

Check out their website for a comprehensive digest of the band.

Check out the videos for "Fare Dodging" and "God's Plastic Railway".

Frank FOE

Violated Records:
Eastfield FB:
Violated Records FB:

Square of Opposition Black Friday Sale 2015

Square of Opposition Records has announced their BLACK FRIDAY SALE.


But what they have done is even better, cuz really, the prices are low to begin with...

"100% of sales from that day (Friday November 27, 2015) will be donated to Valley Youth House. Note that I did not say "PROFIT", I said "100% of SALES". Community over commerce." 

I asked the follow up question to Mr. Reject of Square of Opposition Records, "Does this include distro items on the site or just the Square of Opposition releases. To this he responded in his typical blunt manner, "everything in the online store". As of this writing there are 103 items listed.

So you know, you buy a record and then Mr. Reject donates all the $ to Valley Youth House. It is as if you get records for donating money. So ridiculously awesome. 

So what I will do here is highlight a few of the releases I would personally recommend in the event you didn't know what you wanted...

This isn't Mr. Reject.

White Pisces
"Weather" LP

Mr. Reject of Square of Opposition knew that I would love this record. A rocker influenced by everyone from Sonic Youth, to the heavy alt/noise/rock bands of Am Rep, to the full on rocking of Mudhoney. A great record. 

The Rentiers
"Here is a List of Things that Exist" 12" EP

Just when I thought Joel (Plow United) was about to take over the world with Ex Friends, he shifts gears again with The Rentiers. Whatever Joel does, check it out. "Here is a List of Things That Exist" demonstrates the continued maturing of Joel's writing, playing and singing. Outstanding and creative. 


"Cut and Paste" LP (reissue)

Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Records repress of this Pennsylvania pop punk bands out-of-print and highly sought after 2010 debut LP. "Cut and Paste" brings together a lot of the 1990s emo influenced punk. Not sure if it would be possible for me to say anything bad about this record. This is a direct hit, pulling in a middle ground between the post-Fugazi emo genre and the snarling pop punk genre, with an energy and an edge that is irresistible. 

Brian McGee 
"Ruin Creek" LP

Already reviewed this record by Ex Plow United Brian McGee here: You should own this already, but in case you don't, now is a great time to get it.

Brian McGee's third solo LP (you know, solo, as in not with Plow United), was recorded expertly by Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf. 

"Ruin Creek" is mostly Brian and his guitar, the strength of the songwriting compliments the authentic, naked and pure execution on the songs. I am sure Brian wasn't naked in the studio, but the music is stripped down to the honest core and "naked" is the most appropriate word. Brian is baring his soul.

Brian's friend Mary Ellen Davis from Asheville NC, returns with some guest accompaniment vocals. Mary's vocals add a dimension to "It's Alright" and "Hand in Hand" that strengthens the impact beyond what the songs would have been without. The songs still would have been great without, but this is an example of McGee knowing when to add and when to remain true to the minimalist man and his guitar theme. 

"A Little Space" is an example of Brian's storytelling ability. Adding some effected electricity to the guitar, the simplicity remains true, but adds support to the aggressive build up. A great song.

"Born in the Morning" is as close as Brian gets to providing a Plow United track. The man and his distorted guitar rips through a track that begs for Sean and Joel to jump in...

"Are You Gonna Wait for Someone To Die?" is about as stark as you are going to get. It is a bold thing to commit to a vocal only track. About as naked as you are going to get in recording. It works. It works well.

"Final Vow" is a emotionally triumphant song that sounds like it should be on a soundtrack to a movie. "Ruin Creek" is a prodigious album, start to finish.

John Galm

"Sky of No Stars" LP

Solo album by Snowing vocalist. Acoustic, dark and thoroughly moving songs. Impressive. Enveloping.

"Great Grand"
My great grandfather left himself in an elevator shaft
Passed out drunk after his shift at the bottom of it
Red brick building out f town that you drive passed everyday
Left a son to take his place, left a family in chains
I share his name
Stumble up the stairs again, it's another foggy day
Whisky thicker than the shades that I pull at daybreak
I share his name

Slow Warm Death
"s/t" LP

That this reverb drenched garage rocker came out of Catty is awesome. "Liar" is a classic. Solid album worth your attention!

Plow United
"Narcolepsy" LP

Plow United's third LP is "Narcolepsy". Released on Creep in 1998, this reissue was remastered by Stephen Egerton of All/Descendents fame. Another mandatory release by Plow United. 

Plow United

"Goodnight Sellout!" LP

This is Plow United's classic second full-length album from 1996 (originally on Creep Records). Now remastered in its entirety by the great Stephen Egerton (Descendents/All) at Armstrong Recording in Tulsa, OK. You should own all Plow United records.

Plow United / the Ick

split 7"

If by chance you have not picked up the Plow United / The Ick split 7" you need to correct this situation. The Ick are Lehigh Valley legends. Plow United is a worldwide legend. Plow United covers Richard Hell and the Voidoids "Love Comes In Spurts". This record is mandatory.

Plow United/The Headies

Split 7''

I once put out a Plow record. That I am a Plow United fanatic is known. What is not known, is why I don't have this particular record. I shall order on November 27, 2015. 

Plow United: 
01 - Gary Gygax 
02 - These Six Words
The Headies: 
03 - M.E.T. 
04 - Modern Times 
05- Out From Under 
06- Delaware's Humming

"Arab Spring" LP (remastered edition)

Recorded in 2011, Literature's "Arab Spring" is an absolute pleasant listen. Indie jangle, dream pop that brings in 60s, 80s and 00s influences. Still in print. As Mr. Rejects states, it is "a hit". A pop song like "Push Up Bra" is so good it is ridiculous. A pop gem. I'm ordering the vinyl of this on 11/27/15.

Literature / Expert Alterations
split 7"

This split with Literature and Expert Alterations is brand new and I expect it will be a worthy release. I haven't gotten this one yet... 

Teenage Bottlerocket
"A-Bomb" 7''

This is a repress of Teenage Bottlerocket's first 7", "A-Bomb". Four tracks from this legendary Ramones inspired punk rock band. "A-bomb", "Teen Wolf", "Going Slow" and "Job On Me" repressed by Hahaha Cool! Records. Obviously worthy of your attention if you are a Teenage Bottlerocket fan. R.I.P. Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle.

"Sore" 7"

I already let you know about the Manbeast 7" in the review listed here:

Fourteen songs span this 7" in twelve minutes, with the title track "Sore" hogging up two minutes and ten seconds. Having the pleasure of being fully immersed in the international hardcore scene in the early 1980s, these are the kind of statistics that make me smile. 

While Manbeast's roots begin in the early 1980s hardcore scene (both US and international influences), their sound covers the following decades as well. The tags are correct, there are elements of crust and powerviolence in their furcht filled songs. I was going to say angst filled songs, but changed my mind to furcht. In German, the technical terminology of psychology and philosophy distinguishes between Angst and Furcht in that Furcht is a negative anticipation regarding a concrete threat, while Angst is a non-directional and unmotivated emotion. 

With song titles like "You Can Only Handle So Much", "Hate","Life's Repetition", "Hermit Lifestyle", "Bully II", "Look Back and Feel Bad For Myself", "Harsh Realizations", "You Can't Manipulate Me" and "Daily Physical and Mental Abuse" it is blatantly obvious Manbeast have championed their craft.

"Animal Needs" 7''

Four songs by Joel Plow and his Ex Friends released on Coolidge Records. Audrey Crash provides the female vocals that contrast Joel's gruff vocals. Everything Ex Friends release is spectacular. Punk rock that brings in many influences for exceptionally creative and enjoyable songs.

This is just a sampling of what the legendary Square of Opposition has up for sale. Please support this Lehigh Valley PA record label.

Shop here:

Go here for the website main entrance:

Listen to stuff here first

In case you don't like vinyl, you can download music (some of it is "name your price" so you know, maybe put out a buck or something) here:

Go listen to a few of the samples on the bandcamp page and pick a few for yourself. Support Square of Oppostion and Valley Youth House. for info on the group Mr. Reject is sending your money to...


Frank FOE

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Various Artists "Morbid Tales: A Tribute To Celtic Frost" review

Corpse Flower Records
Released: November 13, 2015

There is no thought necessary with this release. 
It is a must own on beautiful vinyl.

Celtic Frost is one of the top influential metal bands ever.
Celtic Frost is one of the most distinctive bands ever. 
Celtic Frost is one of my personal favorite bands. Period.

The lineup of this tribute is sick:

Child Bite w/ Philip H. Anselmo – “The Usurper”
Persekutor – “Procreation Of The Wicked”
Acid Witch – “Cherry Orchards”
Temple Of Void – “Os Abysmi Vel Daath”
Municipal Waste – “Nocturnal Fear”
Hayward (featuring Scott Kelly and Jason Roeder of Neurosis) – “Jewel Throne”
Coffin’s Slave (featuring Scott Carlson of Repulsion) – “Dance Sleazy
Evoken – “Dawn Of Megiddo”
MP3 Download Bonus: Black Anvil – “Dethroned Emperor”
Flexi Bonus: Coffins Slave – Hellhammer’s “Reaper”

Every interpretation of these Celtic Frost classics is on point. 

I suppose it is possible that you are reading this an do not own Celtic Frost's "Morbid Tales" (1984), "To Mega Therion" (1985) or "Into the Pandemonium" (1987). These are mandatory albums in my book. Mandatory in most metal books.

There have been plenty of bands who have covered Celtic Frost songs. The Bloody Roots shows on Sirius XM Liquid Metal that Ian Christe put together on the influence of Celtic Frost were nothing short of fantastic. 

I remember when I first heard Celtic Frost. An immediate impact. Mind blown. 

I always thought bands like Dr. Know and Celtic Frost could have been brothers from different genres. The hardcore Dr. Know and the metal Celtic Frost. Just the way they put the songs together. They way they must have heard the songs in their heads. The sounds they create with their guitars.

Celtic Frost has influenced many. Their reach is legendary.

I received a digital review copy of this album and you know my seal of approval is when I order the vinyl. It is ordered. Love listening to these covers almost as much as the originals. A great look into the influence of legends.

Frank FOE

Six Feet Under "Crypt of the Devil" review

Six Feet Under
"Crypt of the Devil"
Metal Blade Records
Released: May 5, 2015

With every new Six Feet Under release, (this is the eleventh studio recording in their twenty year career) I traditionally find myself walking around for weeks imitating vocalist Chris Barnes' distinguished (successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect), evil vocal style. Using it to voice everyday thoughts as they come to my mind. "Isn't it a beautiful day". "Gotta remember to get some Kale at Produce Junction after work". "Holy hell is that guy over there a jerk". All of these things sound wonderful when using a Chris Barnes' vocal styling. 

I love listening to Six Feet Under. Almost to a guilty pleasure level. "Crypt of the Devil" came out half a year ago. Maybe you missed it. If you did, and you like death metal and or horror anything, you should check it out. Why I say "horror anything" is that Chris Barnes lyrics come from the perspective of a serial killer. 

"Crypt of the Devil" is one of my most listened to albums of 2015. Cannabis Corpse bassist/vocalist Phil “Landphil” Hall helped compose the ten tracks on Six Feet Under's latest evil landscape. I have listened to "Crypt of the Devil" dozens of times this year and genuinely loved it every listen.

For a taste, check out the video for "Open Coffin Orgy"

1. Gruesome
2. Open Coffin Orgy
3. Broken Bottle Rape
4. Break The Cross In Half
5. Lost Remains
6. Slit Wrists
7. Stab
8. The Night Bleeds
9. Compulsion To Brutalize

10. Eternal In Darkness

Frank FOE

Record Store Day November 27 2015

I have been a vinyl junkie since 1971.
Spending my allowance at age 5 on 45s.
The following is a list of the records I am most excited about for RSD 11/27/15.
Descriptions and images taken from

Various Artists
High Fidelity Soundtrack 

Format: 2 x LP
Label: Hollywood Records
Release type: 'RSD First' Release
More Info:
Exclusive orange double vinyl 15th Anniversary release.

Track List
Disc 1 (Side A): 1. "You're Gonna Miss Me" / The Thirteenth Floor Elevators 2. "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy" / The Kinks 3. "I'm Wrong about Everything" / John Wesley Harding 4. "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" / The Velvet Underground Disc 1 (Side B): 5. "Always See Your Face" / Love 6. "Most Of The Time" / Bob Dylan 7. "Fallen For You" / Sheila Nicholls 8. "Dry The Rain" / The Beta Band
Disc 2 (Side A): 1. "Shipbuilding" / Elvis Costello & The Attractions 2. "Cold Blooded Old Times" / Smog 3. "Let's Get It On" / Jack Black Disc 2 (Side B): 4. "Lo Boob Oscillator" / Stereolab 5. "Inside Game" / Royal Trux 6. "Who Loves The Sun" / The Velvet Underground 7. "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)" / Stevie Wonder

The Sonics

Format: 3 x LP
Label: Light in the Attic 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
The legendary Sonics are recognized as one of the hardest-hitting aggregates in rock’n’roll history. The Tacoma, Washington quintet blew the roof off the Pacific Northwest scene back in the mid-1960s with a raucous and righteous blend of vintage rock’n’roll and R&B, hot-rodded in spectacular fashion upon iconic discs such as “The Witch” and “Psycho.” The group’s savage, visceral recorded legacy remains a benchmark in communicating the power of basic rock, and since reuniting in 2008, The Sonics have brought their pounding, uncompromising brand of garage rock to all corners of the globe. In celebration of The Sonics’ half-century as a recording act, we are proud to present this limited edition vinyl box set of their complete and essential Etiquette Records catalog. The contents of Fifty feature 34 tracks that constitute the true lexicon of Northwest garage rock, including “The Witch,” “Psycho,” “Boss Hoss,” “Strychnine,” “Cinderella,” and “He’s Waitin’.” Fifty is packaged in deluxe fashion as three vinyl LPs: exact replicas of the Here Are the Sonics and Boom albums, along with a third disc of rarities. The 36-page LP sized booklet features a brand new oral history by all five original Sonics members and is illustrated with over two dozen previously unpublished images from the archives of famed photographer Jini Dellaccio. Last but not least, the box includes a 18" X 24" color poster. Fifty is thus the last word on a small yet essential part of the American rock’n’roll landscape.

Track List
Here Are The Sonics A1. Gettin' Together A2. Feel So Lonely A3. Passed By A4. Lost In A Daydream A5. Dirty Robber A6. Have Love Will Travel
B1. Comin' Home B2. Won't Beg Any More B3. Crystalline Chandelier B4. Like Me Love Me B5. Strychnine B6. Good Golly Miss Molly
Boom A1. Cinderella A2. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark A3. Skinny Minny A4. Let The Good Times Roll A5. Don't You Just Know It A6. Jenny Jenny
B1. He's Waitin' B2. Louie Louie B3. Since I Fell For You B4. Hitch Hike B5. It's Allright B6. Shot Down
Volume 3 A1. THE WITCH (alternate take) A2. KEEP A KNOCKIN’ A3. THE HUSTLER A4. PSYCHO (live) A5. THE WITCH (live)

The B-52's
"Live! 8-24-79"

Format: LP
Label: Rhino 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Gold vinyl

"Time To Pretend"

Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: MRI
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Glow in the Dark vinyl version of the EP

Various Artists
Songs of Anarchy Vol 4 (Season 7)

Format: 2 x LP Picture Disc
Label: Friday Music 
Release type: 'RSD First' Release
More Info:
2 LP PIC DISC in Clear Gatefold Cover 

Track List
Bohemian Rhapsody/Never My Love/The Age Of Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In/Greensleeves/All Along The Watchtower/Make It Rain/Baby, Please Don't Go/Blue Angel/All Along The Watchtower (instrumental)/Can't Help Falling In Love/Boots Of Spanish Leather/Come Join The Murder

Stone Sour
"Straight Outta Burbank"

Format: LP
Label: Atlantic/Roadrunner
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
EP of covers
Extra research indicates the following: BAD BRAINS, THE ROLLING STONES, SLAYER, MΓ–TLEY CRÜE and IRON MAIDEN covers. Drummer Roy Mayorga is a Lehigh Valley legend who used to play in Youthquake.

Big Star
"Jesus Christ"

Format: 10" Vinyl
Label: Omnivore
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
10" EP Color Vinyl with Download Card

Track List
1. Jesus Christ 2. Jesus Christ (Demo Version) 3. Unititled Acoustic Instrumental (Rough Mix) 4. Untitled Electric Instrumental (Rough Mix) 5. Big Black Car (Demo #3) 6. Another Time Another Place & You 7. Thank You Friends (TV Mix)

Gang Of Four
"Songs of the Free"

Format: LP
Label: Rhino
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
blue/purple/yellow splatter vinyl

Garbage 20th Anniversary

Format: 2 x LP
Label: Stunvolume/PIAS
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Pink vinyl remaster of Garbage's first record, celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release

Track List
"Supervixen"/"Queer"/"Only Happy When It Rains"/"As Heaven is Wide"/"Not My Idea"/"A Stroke of Luck"/"Vow"/"Stupid Girl"/"Dog New Tricks"/"My Lover's Box"/"Fix Me Now"/"Milk"

Johnny Thunders
Daddy Rollin' Stone EP 

Format: 10" Vinyl
Label: Remarquable Records
Release type: 'RSD First' Release
More Info:
Four exclusive, previously unreleased tracks from 1978, featuring Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) and Mike Kellie (The Only Ones) limited edition yellow vinyl. Includes 20" x 10" four page poster insert and digital download.

I am not sure of the status of two of the records I was most excited about. Joan Jett & Judgement Night.

Joan Jett "The First Sessions" - Black & White Vinyl, 1979 demos on Blackheart Records is listed on the PDF version of the list, but not the webpage version of the list. 

The Soundtrack to Judgement Night was listed and covered as a Record Store Day release, but is no longer listed. One of my favorite listens. Would love to drop a needle on this one!

The following is a list of releases that I probably don't have enough money for, but if my vinyl budget were limitless, I'd obtain. Biggest reason for not purchasing some of these is that I already have a version of the vinyl and buying another copy would further complicate my insanity. Mentioning them here, in case you don't have these! You should!

"Another Music In A Different Kitchen" 

Format: LP
Label: Rhino
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
translucent orange vinyl

The Clash
"The Clash"

Format: LP
Label: Legacy
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Limited Edition: White Riot/Protex Blue split color edition . Only 5,000 numbered copies available!

The Clitboys
"We Don't Play The Game" 

Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Beer City 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
This 7" originally was released in 1983 in very limited quanities. The Clitboys were one of the original wave of US hardcore bands. The original pressing of this record is highly sought after and fetches quite a price. Not only are THE CLITBOYS a first wave hardcore band, but also one of the very first to be openly pro gay. This band and 7" was years ahead in paving the way for all the queercore as well as riot grrl and feminist bands.

The Dictators
The Next Big Thing EP--Andrew W.K. 2015 Remixes & Studio Outtakes

Format: 10" Vinyl
Label: Real Gone Music 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Brand-New, Never Before Heard Andrew WK reimaginings (with added instruments, keyboards, etc.) of three songs off the pop-punk classic Go Girl Crazy, plus two unreleased alternate takes and an unreleased song. Colored 10 " vinyl.

Track List

The Next Big Thing (2015 AWK Remix), Two Tub Man (2015 AWK Remix), Weekend (2015 AWK Remix), Backstreet Boogie (Vocal Version--Previously Unreleased Song), The Next Big Thing (Unreleased Alternate Take), Weekend (Unreleased Instrumental Version)

Get Up Kids
"Red Letter Day" EP 

Format: 10" Vinyl
Label: Doghouse Records 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Long out of print EP available for the first time on marbled 10" vinyl.

Track List

Side A: 1. "One Year Later" 2. "Red Letter Day" 3. "Forgive and Forget"  Side B: 1. "Anne Arbour" 2. "Mass Pike"

Judas Priest
"Painkiller 25th Anniversary"

Format: 10" Vinyl
Label: Legacy
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
Limited Edition Die Cut Saw Blade Colored Vinyl.

Track List
Side A: “A Touch of Evil” 

Side B: “Hell Patrol” & “Painkiller”

Various Artists
Color of Noise: The Amphetamine Reptile Records Story Soundtrack Volume 1

Format: 2 x LP
Label: MVD Audio 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
A sampling of the music that was the journey of Amphetamine Reptile Records head honcho Tom Hazelmyer. From the early hardcore band Tom fronted to classic cuts from UNSANE, HELMET, MUDHONEY, COWS, TODAY IS THE DAY, MELVINS and more! This soundtrack chronicles a summary of Hazelmyer's impact on American Punk Rock. Limited edition pressing on 150 Gram colored vinyl. One record blue, one red. Includes download card.

Track List
Disc 1: King Barry and The Sinister Soulsters - Hooks McGee, Todlachen - Parasite, Otto's Chemical Lounge - Trip With Me, Halo Of Flies - Headburn, Thrown Ups - Reconstructed Hoo Hoo (Live), Mudhoney - Twenty Four, God Bullies - War On Everybody (Live), Lubricated Goat - Play Dead (Live), King Snake Roost - My Zippo, Unsane - Cracked Up, Helmet - Your Head, Melvins - Night Goat

Disc 2: Vertigo - Big Black Bugs, Hammerhead - U.V., Janitor Joe - Boys in Blue, Cows - Heave Ho, Today Is The Day - Come On Down And Get Saved, Chokebore - 60,000 Pounds, Guzzard - Glued, Unsane - Scrape, Love 666 - Bummer, H•O•F w/Gay Witch Abortion - Choking on Vomit, Gay Witch Abortion - Girl Pop Soda (Live), Helios Creed - Galactic Center

Schoolly D
Gucci Time

Format: 12" Vinyl
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
This reissue of Schoolly D's debut 12 inch, one of the most legendary 12s in hip hop history, is brought to you by Get On Down with the full cooperation and involvement of the artist. In addition to the full color jacket with artwork by Schoolly D, the set comes with a bonus sticker pack of Schoolly's iconic artwork. The vinyl is in a split clear and yellow pressing with liner notes by noted hip hop author Brian Coleman and Schoolly D. 

Track List
"PSK What Does It Mean"/"Gucci Time" 

See you in the stores!
Frank FOE