Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eastfield "Another Boring Eastfield Album" Review

"Another Boring Eastfield Album: A Rail Punk Collection"
Violated Records
Released: November 2, 2015

This is my introduction to Eastfield. So I have to start off by thanking Pat Society at Violated Records for this introduction. Not sure how this is the first time I've heard of the band, but it is.

Eastfield began in Birmingham in 1996 by singer Songwriter Jessi Adams. Their discography is lengthy. "Another Boring Eastfield Album: A Rail Punk Collection" brings together many of their earliest releases on one CD. There isn't a clunker contained in the 33 tracks of male/female vocals, punchy punk anthems. If you want to look for comparisons to bands I know, think Rezillos meets Gonads. 

They bring people and situations to task with their lyrics. Not afraid to cast the stone.

Obviously they call out Phil Collins. "Milton of Leys" has the line "Phil Collins, Phil Collins How do you sleep at night, Phil Collins? I’d like to smash your records right over your head and make you choke on the words you’ve said..."

keep it spikey

So then I also learned some things about Burt Reynolds I didn't know. They hammer the legendary actor in "Burt Reynolds Rides Again". I didn't know anything nasty about the actor but a quick look at the lyrics (all Eastfield's lyrics are contained on their website) and I had to google the trouble surrounding Burt.

Seems Loni Anderson claimed Reynolds had repeatedly beaten her and was having an affair with Florida cocktail waitress Pam Seals. “The physical abuse I always blamed on the drugs,” said Anderson who claimed she suffered bruises all over her body but not her face. Yikes.

So yes, I am entertained and I learned quite a bit via Eastfield's lyrics!

1. Tingalpa 
2. Three Seats 
3. Fortuna Hell 
4. Milton of Leys 
5. Pepper 
6. Beast of Bratislava 
7. The Black Hole 
8. Aspartame 
9. The Gasman 
10. Just Like The Sixties 
11. Drive on Henry 
12. Summer Hill Blues 
13. La Jonquera 
14. John’s Not Mad 
15. Eddie Watson 
16. Fare Dodging 
17. Port Talbot Transport Police 
18. Big Brother 
19. Three Chords Good, Four Chords Bad 
20. Rod, Hull and Emo 
21. The Second Fastest Cycle Courier In London 
22. Hearing Nothing About A Revolution 
23. God’s Plastic Railway 
24. Mick Murphy’s Dirty Bar 
25. Burt Reynolds Rides Again 
26. Humour Exclusion Zone 
27. Sharks Against Surfers 
28. Mannion 
29. Jostick Head 
30. S*W*A*Y*Z*E 
31. Come To Bevland 
32. Radio West 
33. Another Boring Eastfield Song

Eastfield are a fun, upbeat, snotty, punk rock band who don't take themselves too seriously, in the true tradition of the genre. 

Glad we've been introduced.

Check out their website for a comprehensive digest of the band.

Check out the videos for "Fare Dodging" and "God's Plastic Railway".

Frank FOE

Violated Records: http://www.violatedrecords.com/
Eastfield: http://www.eastfieldrailpunk.co.uk/
Eastfield FB: https://www.facebook.com/Eastfield-119199344820786/?fref=ts
Violated Records FB: https://www.facebook.com/violatedrecordsphilly/?fref=ts

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