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Square of Opposition Black Friday Sale 2015

Square of Opposition Records has announced their BLACK FRIDAY SALE.


But what they have done is even better, cuz really, the prices are low to begin with...

"100% of sales from that day (Friday November 27, 2015) will be donated to Valley Youth House. Note that I did not say "PROFIT", I said "100% of SALES". Community over commerce." 

I asked the follow up question to Mr. Reject of Square of Opposition Records, "Does this include distro items on the site or just the Square of Opposition releases. To this he responded in his typical blunt manner, "everything in the online store". As of this writing there are 103 items listed.

So you know, you buy a record and then Mr. Reject donates all the $ to Valley Youth House. It is as if you get records for donating money. So ridiculously awesome. 

So what I will do here is highlight a few of the releases I would personally recommend in the event you didn't know what you wanted...

This isn't Mr. Reject.

White Pisces
"Weather" LP

Mr. Reject of Square of Opposition knew that I would love this record. A rocker influenced by everyone from Sonic Youth, to the heavy alt/noise/rock bands of Am Rep, to the full on rocking of Mudhoney. A great record. 

The Rentiers
"Here is a List of Things that Exist" 12" EP

Just when I thought Joel (Plow United) was about to take over the world with Ex Friends, he shifts gears again with The Rentiers. Whatever Joel does, check it out. "Here is a List of Things That Exist" demonstrates the continued maturing of Joel's writing, playing and singing. Outstanding and creative. 


"Cut and Paste" LP (reissue)

Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Records repress of this Pennsylvania pop punk bands out-of-print and highly sought after 2010 debut LP. "Cut and Paste" brings together a lot of the 1990s emo influenced punk. Not sure if it would be possible for me to say anything bad about this record. This is a direct hit, pulling in a middle ground between the post-Fugazi emo genre and the snarling pop punk genre, with an energy and an edge that is irresistible. 

Brian McGee 
"Ruin Creek" LP

Already reviewed this record by Ex Plow United Brian McGee here: http://frankfoe.blogspot.com/2014/05/brian-mcgee-ruin-creek.html. You should own this already, but in case you don't, now is a great time to get it.

Brian McGee's third solo LP (you know, solo, as in not with Plow United), was recorded expertly by Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf. 

"Ruin Creek" is mostly Brian and his guitar, the strength of the songwriting compliments the authentic, naked and pure execution on the songs. I am sure Brian wasn't naked in the studio, but the music is stripped down to the honest core and "naked" is the most appropriate word. Brian is baring his soul.

Brian's friend Mary Ellen Davis from Asheville NC, returns with some guest accompaniment vocals. Mary's vocals add a dimension to "It's Alright" and "Hand in Hand" that strengthens the impact beyond what the songs would have been without. The songs still would have been great without, but this is an example of McGee knowing when to add and when to remain true to the minimalist man and his guitar theme. 

"A Little Space" is an example of Brian's storytelling ability. Adding some effected electricity to the guitar, the simplicity remains true, but adds support to the aggressive build up. A great song.

"Born in the Morning" is as close as Brian gets to providing a Plow United track. The man and his distorted guitar rips through a track that begs for Sean and Joel to jump in...

"Are You Gonna Wait for Someone To Die?" is about as stark as you are going to get. It is a bold thing to commit to a vocal only track. About as naked as you are going to get in recording. It works. It works well.

"Final Vow" is a emotionally triumphant song that sounds like it should be on a soundtrack to a movie. "Ruin Creek" is a prodigious album, start to finish.

John Galm

"Sky of No Stars" LP

Solo album by Snowing vocalist. Acoustic, dark and thoroughly moving songs. Impressive. Enveloping.

"Great Grand"
My great grandfather left himself in an elevator shaft
Passed out drunk after his shift at the bottom of it
Red brick building out f town that you drive passed everyday
Left a son to take his place, left a family in chains
I share his name
Stumble up the stairs again, it's another foggy day
Whisky thicker than the shades that I pull at daybreak
I share his name

Slow Warm Death
"s/t" LP

That this reverb drenched garage rocker came out of Catty is awesome. "Liar" is a classic. Solid album worth your attention!

Plow United
"Narcolepsy" LP

Plow United's third LP is "Narcolepsy". Released on Creep in 1998, this reissue was remastered by Stephen Egerton of All/Descendents fame. Another mandatory release by Plow United. 

Plow United

"Goodnight Sellout!" LP

This is Plow United's classic second full-length album from 1996 (originally on Creep Records). Now remastered in its entirety by the great Stephen Egerton (Descendents/All) at Armstrong Recording in Tulsa, OK. You should own all Plow United records.

Plow United / the Ick

split 7"

If by chance you have not picked up the Plow United / The Ick split 7" you need to correct this situation. The Ick are Lehigh Valley legends. Plow United is a worldwide legend. Plow United covers Richard Hell and the Voidoids "Love Comes In Spurts". This record is mandatory.

Plow United/The Headies

Split 7''

I once put out a Plow record. That I am a Plow United fanatic is known. What is not known, is why I don't have this particular record. I shall order on November 27, 2015. 

Plow United: 
01 - Gary Gygax 
02 - These Six Words
The Headies: 
03 - M.E.T. 
04 - Modern Times 
05- Out From Under 
06- Delaware's Humming

"Arab Spring" LP (remastered edition)

Recorded in 2011, Literature's "Arab Spring" is an absolute pleasant listen. Indie jangle, dream pop that brings in 60s, 80s and 00s influences. Still in print. As Mr. Rejects states, it is "a hit". A pop song like "Push Up Bra" is so good it is ridiculous. A pop gem. I'm ordering the vinyl of this on 11/27/15.

Literature / Expert Alterations
split 7"

This split with Literature and Expert Alterations is brand new and I expect it will be a worthy release. I haven't gotten this one yet... 

Teenage Bottlerocket
"A-Bomb" 7''

This is a repress of Teenage Bottlerocket's first 7", "A-Bomb". Four tracks from this legendary Ramones inspired punk rock band. "A-bomb", "Teen Wolf", "Going Slow" and "Job On Me" repressed by Hahaha Cool! Records. Obviously worthy of your attention if you are a Teenage Bottlerocket fan. R.I.P. Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle.

"Sore" 7"

I already let you know about the Manbeast 7" in the review listed here: http://frankfoe.blogspot.com/2014/05/manbeast-sore.html

Fourteen songs span this 7" in twelve minutes, with the title track "Sore" hogging up two minutes and ten seconds. Having the pleasure of being fully immersed in the international hardcore scene in the early 1980s, these are the kind of statistics that make me smile. 

While Manbeast's roots begin in the early 1980s hardcore scene (both US and international influences), their sound covers the following decades as well. The tags are correct, there are elements of crust and powerviolence in their furcht filled songs. I was going to say angst filled songs, but changed my mind to furcht. In German, the technical terminology of psychology and philosophy distinguishes between Angst and Furcht in that Furcht is a negative anticipation regarding a concrete threat, while Angst is a non-directional and unmotivated emotion. 

With song titles like "You Can Only Handle So Much", "Hate","Life's Repetition", "Hermit Lifestyle", "Bully II", "Look Back and Feel Bad For Myself", "Harsh Realizations", "You Can't Manipulate Me" and "Daily Physical and Mental Abuse" it is blatantly obvious Manbeast have championed their craft.

"Animal Needs" 7''

Four songs by Joel Plow and his Ex Friends released on Coolidge Records. Audrey Crash provides the female vocals that contrast Joel's gruff vocals. Everything Ex Friends release is spectacular. Punk rock that brings in many influences for exceptionally creative and enjoyable songs.

This is just a sampling of what the legendary Square of Opposition has up for sale. Please support this Lehigh Valley PA record label.

Shop here: http://squareofopposition.storenvy.com/

Go here for the website main entrance: http://www.squareofopposition.com/

Listen to stuff here first http://squareofoppositionrecords.bandcamp.com/

In case you don't like vinyl, you can download music (some of it is "name your price" so you know, maybe put out a buck or something) here: http://squareofoppositionrecords.bandcamp.com/

Go listen to a few of the samples on the bandcamp page and pick a few for yourself. Support Square of Oppostion and Valley Youth House.

www.valleyyouthhouse.org for info on the group Mr. Reject is sending your money to...


Frank FOE

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