Sunday, November 22, 2015

Six Feet Under "Crypt of the Devil" review

Six Feet Under
"Crypt of the Devil"
Metal Blade Records
Released: May 5, 2015

With every new Six Feet Under release, (this is the eleventh studio recording in their twenty year career) I traditionally find myself walking around for weeks imitating vocalist Chris Barnes' distinguished (successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect), evil vocal style. Using it to voice everyday thoughts as they come to my mind. "Isn't it a beautiful day". "Gotta remember to get some Kale at Produce Junction after work". "Holy hell is that guy over there a jerk". All of these things sound wonderful when using a Chris Barnes' vocal styling. 

I love listening to Six Feet Under. Almost to a guilty pleasure level. "Crypt of the Devil" came out half a year ago. Maybe you missed it. If you did, and you like death metal and or horror anything, you should check it out. Why I say "horror anything" is that Chris Barnes lyrics come from the perspective of a serial killer. 

"Crypt of the Devil" is one of my most listened to albums of 2015. Cannabis Corpse bassist/vocalist Phil “Landphil” Hall helped compose the ten tracks on Six Feet Under's latest evil landscape. I have listened to "Crypt of the Devil" dozens of times this year and genuinely loved it every listen.

For a taste, check out the video for "Open Coffin Orgy"

1. Gruesome
2. Open Coffin Orgy
3. Broken Bottle Rape
4. Break The Cross In Half
5. Lost Remains
6. Slit Wrists
7. Stab
8. The Night Bleeds
9. Compulsion To Brutalize

10. Eternal In Darkness

Frank FOE

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