Monday, November 27, 2017

The Gotobeds "Definitely Not a Redd Kross EP"

The Gotobeds
"Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP"
Chunklet Industries
Released: November 1, 2017

In case you don't own Red Cross EP from 1980 on Posh Boy, you need to obtain. 

The six song EP must have effected the Pittsburgh band The Gotobeds as much as it did me.

At age 14, this record quite literally blew my mind. I have listened to that EP hundreds of times. Red Cross obviously had to change the name of their band after those early releases ("Born Innocent" is obviously also mandatory, as well as most records they released later in their career, but you know that already).

The tribute they pay to this punk rock classic is sweet. Pretty straightforward covers, so you know, I love covers and love the original so I say thank you for this. 

1980 was 37 years ago. 

Thank you Redd Kross. Thank you Gotobeds.

Even love the inner label Posh Boy design tribute!

Frank FOE

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"Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards"
"Live And Loud"
Pirates Press Records
Released: November 2017

I love Rancid. I also love all the side projects of the band members, such as Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards, Tim Timebomb and Friends, Transplants, Old Firm Casuals and it all of course started with Operation Ivy.

I already have the self titled, "Viking" and the "Switchblade" Ep on vinyl. In case you don't... you need to thank Pirates Press for reissuing these on vinyl. Now if they'd only reissue the Tim Timebomb and Friends 3xlp that I missed out on getting...

The "Live and Loud" is new and is a first-rate record. Taking the old punk rock "Live and Loud" series that Link records issued back in 1987-1992. They issued live LPs under the "Live and Loud" title with the same style cover artwork by bands like Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Adicts, Ruts, Exploited, the Gonads, Infa Riot, 4 Skins etc... You get the point. So for someone like me, the cover artwork and title tribute are completely brilliant. LOVE!

The recording of the "Live and Loud" does exactly what it is supposed to do... make you wish you were at this gig! Recorded in 2001, this is raucous, energetic and crisp.  Loving it. So fun.

Pirates Press is offering a sweet packaged bundle deal with all 4 of these records. If you haven't gotten these gems on vinyl yet, don't sleep on this.

Frank FOE

Beach Slang We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang]

Beach Slang
"We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang]"
Released: October 20, 2017

Beach Slang is playing December 1, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA @ ArtsQuest - Blast Furnace Room.

I like Jimmy. I used to call him Smilin' Jim when he was in Weston, based in my home scene of the Lehigh Valley.

I like Beach Slang. A lot. 

I love it when bands remix, re-record, cover songs, try different takes on their own songs...

As evidence, my Depeche Mode vinyl collection includes 82 LPs and 12"s even though they only have 14 studio albums. Most of that is 12" eps with multiple versions and remixes of the songs I already love.

What Beach Slang has done here is work a perfect EP for me. 

James Alex occasionally performs Beach Slang's songs as intimate solo renditions, appropriately dubbed "Quiet Slang". This ep includes versions fleshed out in the studio to include piano and cello. The result is f*cking fantastic.

"Future Mixtape for the Art Kids" is a great song, originally from the LP "A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings", but damn if I don't even love it more this way. It has one of my favorite lyrics,

"We are not f*cked, we are f*cking alive, I hope I never die"

"Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas", originally on "The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us", is one of my favorite Beach Slang songs. The original has the simple haunting "ahhh ahh ahh" vocal in the background.  The piano and cello version on this EP is classic. Simply beautiful. The beauty also lies in the fact that I love listening to both versions. Check the video below:

The piano in the song "Androgynous" (Joan Jett) falls into my favorite categories of cover song and a version significantly different than the original.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Here comes Dick 
He's wearing a skirt 
Here comes Jane 
You know she's sporting a chain 
Same hair revolution 
Same build evolution 
Tomorrow who's going to fuss
And they love each other so 
Closer than you know 
Love each other so 
Well don't get him wrong 
And don't get him mad 
He might be a father 
But he sure ain't a dad 
She don't need 
Advice that they send to her 
She's happy with the way she looks 
She's happy with her gender
And they love each other so 
Closer than you know 
Love each other so 
Mirror image see no damage 
See no evil at all 
Cutie dolls and urine stalls 
Will be laughed at the way 
You're laughed at now
Now something meets boy 
And something meets girl 
They both are the same 

The EP winds up with a Big Star cover of "Thirteen". Self explanatory.


Frank FOE

KOHTI TUHOA Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta

Kohti Tuhoa
"Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta"
Southern Lord
Released: November 24, 2017

I strongly expressed my opinion that you obtain Kohti Tuhoa's first album in the post located here:

Kohti Tuhoa are from Helsinki, Finland. Ville (Guitar), Aleksi (Bass), Markus (Drums) and Helena (Vocals) continue to destroy on their second LP. 

Give a listen. I suggest starting with "Maan Tapa" and "Meille on valehdeltu". I think both songs offer how Kohti Tuhoa add vintage punk to their classic Finnish hardcore and Discharge influences.

In my previous write up, I let you know how I love hardcore from this part of the world, how I used to send cash in envelopes to bands and record labels in this part of the world to obtain 7"s of bands that obviously influenced Kohti Tuhoa. 

I spoke how I love Helena's vocals. I have always loved female vocalists. I've always also been fascinated on not placing importance on understanding vocals. Being a fan of punk, hardcore, death metal etc... I rarely understand the lyrics, but love the use of the vocals as a musical instrument. Helena is entrancing in this manner. Her delivery, power and energy are captivating.

So we can use translation pages...  Kohti Tuhoa [translation; Towards Destruction], "Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta" [translation: "Fourth Kingdom of Fear"] and Rutiinin Orja [translation: "Slaves to Routine"].

Kohti Tuhoa and Southern Lord can do no wrong.

Frank FOE

Apartment 213 Collected Violence

Apartment 213
"Collected Violence"
Magic Bullet
Released: November 17, 2017

Twenty-five years or so ago I was on a mission to acquire all things power-violence on vinyl. Fueled by my love of the band Spazz, my interests branched out all over the world, including Apartment 213.

I gave that specific, obsessive, vinyl quest up. Partly because most of the releases were ridiculously difficult to find.

Luckily the fine people at Magic Bullet have issued this 47 track colossal compilation of much of the Cleveland Ohio band's catalog. Missing is the split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, which is available through Relapse Records and the "Cleveland Power Violence" album, which has just been digitally reissued through Magic Bullet Records. According to Magic Bullet, "virtually every other filthy riff from this band is captured in this collection".

The brutality of the music is still overwhelming. I've attempted to listen to this while driving. Couldn't make it through the entirety. It is an aural assault. I obviously love the genre so this ugly, ugly music is somehow beautiful to me. To the uninitiated, I would imagine this is ugly, ugly music that would inspire derogatory comments of outrage. 

Word of the day:
  1. showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

Still, I kind of wish this was a vinyl compilation with a download card... 

Stupid vinyl addiction. 

And yes, they take their name from serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's 924 North 25th Street, Apartment #213. If you hit play, you will be in for a horrific ride. See how long you can last!

Collected Violence Track Listing:

Vacancy EP (1994)
1. Mutilation
2. Kill For Christ
3. Dissection
4. Don’t Tell The Children
5. John Wayne Gacy

split w/ Gehenna (1994)
6. I Like Killing People
7. Zodiac – The Most Bizarre Mass Murderer
8. Chalk Outline

split w/ Thug (1995)
9. It All Began In Bath, Ohio
10. Dahmer-Murders
11. Endless Killing

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things EP (1996)
12. Two By Four Crucifixion
13. Endless Killing – Arm The Insane
14. Dahmer – Milwaukee Murder Story
15. I’m The Reason Why – Hail To The Unabomber
16. Power Of Tools
17. It All Began In Bath, Ohio – Jeffrey Is Coming Home

split w/ Benümb (1996)
18. Decay
19. Plotting A Murder
20. Toolshed Terrors

split w/ Dahmer (1997)
21. Decay (Live)
22. Dahmer (Live)
23. Mangler (Live)
24. John Wayne Gacy (Live)

split w/ Forced Expression (1997)
25. Follow The Flock
26. Deserve To Die
27. Demise
28. Subject To Slaughter
29. Celio Drive
30. Right Now
31. The Mourning
32. Body Bag
33. I Saw The Body And Laughed
34. Blue Collar Guy – Til The Cows Come Home

The Power Of Tools demo (1993-1994)
35. Decay
36. Don’t Tell The Children
37. Kill For Christ
38. Dissection
39. Severed
40. Adam Rogers

split w/ Nothing Is Over (2010)
41. Creepy
42. Apply Your Make-Up
43. Blush
44. Gross Sexual Imposition

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 tracks (2010)
45. Standoff
46. Sadist
47. Hollow Cost

Frank FOE