Friday, June 24, 2016

Adult Books "Running from the Blows"

"Running from the Blows"
Lolipop / Burger Records
Released: March 4, 2016

I have listened to "Running from the Blows" dozens of times already this year.

I was trying to figure it out. Really enjoying myself while listening. But I wasn't successful in figuring out this band. I don't know how to convey to you how much I love this record or why. I've got a ton of references in my head and none of them truly convey my thoughts.

I loved it from the first moment I heard it, but unlike most music I love right off the bat, I didn't know why I loved this record so much.

Give "Suburban Girlfriend" a listen via soundcloud or watch the video on youtube. If you like this, get this album.

Adult Books are from Orange County. So first off, I figure there is an X influence with the name of the band being one of my favorite X songs.

"Suburban Girlfriend" might point toward the Descendents.

Adult Books could also just be a straightforward porn reference.

Orange County surf punk snot influence. "I Don't Think I Can Stay" is a simplistic perfect punk song. Think early Red Cross (Posh Boy).

Sometimes I think Jay Reatard might have been haunting the studio when they recorded some of these tracks.

There is a darkness, kinda moodiness. There is a rudimentary early New Order sound. There is a pop sound. Some of the melodies, harmonies, keys, chord changes are just damn brilliant.

Most of all, I know of no band that sounds like this, or has put together an album like this. 

"Silverlake Goths" could have been on any one of those early 1980s punk compilations that always included bands associated with punk but weren't stereo-typically punk.

As I listen, I want to say the music appears dark, but oddly enough I can't help but smile a wonderful grim while listening. 

Some of these songs could be on the soundtrack of one of those coming of age teen movies.

I actually have the feeling that if I played this record for some people they might look at me like I am nuts and wonder what the hell I am thinking. And you know what, that IS punk. And there isn't enough of that around in 2016.

To summarize, "Running From The Blows" is one of my favorite albums of 2016, one of my most listened to albums of 2016, and I'm not sure why, nor at this point do I care. I'm just going with I love this band and love this album.

Frank FOE

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