Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Ultra Kings DuLuxe


The Ultra Kings DuLuxe

Taylor House Brewing, Catasauqua PA

May 22, 2021

First gig of the post-pandemic era was suitably, the reliable, the always a good time, The Ultra Kings.
This was a spur of the moment gig.
I had just finished up yard work, checked my phone and the event that I liked a few weeks ago came up on my feed. The Ultra Kings, Smokehouse Food Truck, outside... first step, my lovely wife was in as we hadn't eaten dinner yet and she loves the Ultra Kings too. Then the text to Reds UTNG. Reds and Mr. B were down and would meet us there.

Love the Rockabilly Master, guitarist and vocalist Rick. As soon as I show up, he dedicates a song to me and the festivities are under way! 

Next up, brisket on top of fries. So freakin' good. Chatted with they lead man of this family run food truck company (Smokehouse) about the Yankees season. 

Purchased the latest Ultra Kings CD "Lucky Store" plus a sweet XXL t-shirt!

Live outdoor music, family, friends, food, drinks. Perfect way to kick off the post-pandemic live music endeavor!