Monday, February 15, 2016

Best Reissues 2015

Best Reissues 2015

The "return of vinyl" has brought with it a ton of releases that either were never issued on vinyl or have long been out of print. 

These are the 40 best reissues (mostly vinyl but some digital) releases in 2015 according to Frank FOE as of February 2016. Some obvious omissions from this list are simply because I already had the original and didn't get a copy of the reissue. 

The purpose of this list is to reflect, to possibly introduce these records to someone who possibly missed them in 2015 (or in the years they were originally issued) and to share my love of music.

I rated these by two factors: how many times I actually listened to the record and how creative I found the release.

This is the stuff that helped make 2015 as good as it was. 

#1 White Stripes 
“Get Behind Me Satan”
Vinyl reissue
I think this only came out on vinyl as a promo when it was originally issued, thus the heavy ebay prices that kept it out of my collection for years...

#2 Agnostic Front
“No One Rules”
Vinyl compilation of old material
Classic old school vintage hardcore material with a great book.

#3 Gwar
“America Must Be Destroyed”
Vinyl reissue
Pop up gor-gor gatefold!

#4 Nelson, Willie
Vinyl reissue

#5 The Sonics
Box set
Vinyl reissue of discography

#6 Mgmt
“Time To Pretend”
Vinyl reissue
glow in the dark vinyl

#7 Frank Black and the Catholics
Complete Recordings
Digital compilation 
Wish this had come out on vinyl instead of just digitally.

#8 Neurosis
“Through Silver In Blood”
Vinyl reissue

#9 Various Artists
“PUNK 45 Burn Rubber City Burn”
Vinyl compilation of old material

#10 Various Artists
“PUNK 45 Extermination Nights In The Sixth City”
Vinyl compilation of old material

#11  Jett, Joan
“First Sessions”
Vinyl compilation of old material

#12 YDI
“A Place In The Sun/Black Dust”
Vinyl reissue plus compilation of old material

#13 Various Artists
“High Fidelity Soundtrack”
Vinyl reissue

#14 Various Artists
“A Tribute to Sick of It All Out Iimpact Will Be Felt”
Vinyl reissue

#15 Ty Segall 
“Ty Rex”
Vinyl reissue / compilation

#16 Goo Goo Dolls
“A Boy Named Goo”
Vinyl reissue

#17 Goo Goo Dolls
“Dizzy Up The Girl”
Vinyl reissue

#18 Hub City Stompers
“Best of the Dirty Jersey Years”
Vinyl compilation of greatest hits

#19 Jett, Joan
Vinyl reissue

#20 Peter and the Test Tube Babies
Vinyl reissue

#21 Pig Destroyer
“Prowler In The Yard"
Vinyl reissue

“Behind The Realms of Madness”
Vinyl reissue plus bonus tracks

#23 Morbid Angel
“Blessed Are The Sick”
Vinyl reissue

“Humanity is the Devil [20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster]”
Digital reissue

#25 Crudde SS
“Who'll Survive”
Vinyl reissue / discography

#26 Nirvana
Vinyl reissue

#27 Mighty Mighty Bosstones
“Question the Answers”
Vinyl reissue

#28 Neurosis
“Times of Grace”
Vinyl reissue

#29 Ramone, Johnny
“The Final Sessions”
Vinyl compilation of old material

#30 Useless Eaters
“Singles 2011-14”
Vinyl compilation

#31 Action Swingers
“Quit While You're Ahead”
Vinyl reissue

#32 Hank III
“Take as Needed For Pain”
Vinyl compilation

#33 Jimmy Eat World 
“Stay On My Side Tonight”
Vinyl reissue

#34 Meatmen
“Pope On A Rope”
Vinyl reissue

#35 Various Artists
“Toy Story Favorites”
Vinyl compilation

#36 Exhumed
“Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015”
Vinyl reissue

#37 Flaming Lips

“This Here Giraffe”
“Bad Days”
Vinyl reissues (3x10”)

#38 Replacements
“Alex Chilton”
Vinyl reissue 10”

#39 Boots for Dancing
“Undisco Kidds”
Vinyl compilation of old material

#40 Newtown Neurotics
“Triumph Over Adversity (Live At Brunel University 04/04/1987)”
Digital reissue

Frank FOE

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Skindustry Expo 2016

Skindustry Expo
March 11-13 2016

UTNG (FOE, Reds and Johnny OG#1) will be DJing the Skindustry Tattoo Expo again this year! Come hang out at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem PA March 11-13, 2016. 

More information:

Skindustry Expo online:

Quillian Tattoo:

Listen to and download past UTNG Radio shows: