On this page, you will eventually find a free MP3 for every song that appeared in the FOE Discography. Click on the song and enjoy! 

Each and every one of these records is Out of Print as far as I am concerned. Which means I don't have any. That's not to say you might not find a copy at Double Decker Records in Allentown in the used bin for $2.98 or $14.98.

I have created a page for some of the individual Releases, click on the Release # to find out some more about each record. This process is evolving so enjoy it and stop by frequently. I'll keep adding information as I uncover or remember it!

FOE 001 VariousArtists "Get the Hell Out" CD 28 song compilation

FOE 002 Weston "Feelings Stupit Feelings" 7"

FOE 003 Weston / Strychnine and the Rat Traps split 7"

FOE 004 Anonymous "Hill To Hill" 7"

FOE 005 Mr. Yuk "7 Inches of Blinky" 7"

FOE 006 The Ick "Rubbermaid" 7"

FOE 007 Follow Fashion Monkeys 7"

FOE 008 Soup Sandwich "Dear Sally" 7"

FOE 009 Walter Krug "Type of Girl" 7"

FOE 010 Strychnine and the Rat Traps "Rock n Roll Casualty" 7"

FOE 011 Grieving Eucalyptus "Just Plain Rock n Roll" CD/LP

FOE 012 Plow United "Texas Criffer" 7"

FOE 013 Project Cancelled

FOE 014 Nooner /Driver Eleven split 7"
  • Driver Eleven "Interaction"
  • Nooner "Curtains"
  • Nooner "Ms. Congeniality"

FOE 015 Various Artists "This is the Lehigh Valley Not South Park" CD - 29 song compilation

Wolf 666 Weston "Perfectly Good Dishwasher" 7"

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