Sunday, October 15, 2017

BDM at One Centre Square Easton PA

This was the first show I've attended at the new Lehigh Valley PA venue, One Centre Square. Great place. It is the perfect size venue that was needed in our area. Sound system is awesome. My ears were still feeling it Sunday from the Friday night show. And I wasn't even planted in front of the speakers like I used to do at City Gardens when I was a youngster. Love this One Centre Square.  I recommend it. 

Nazareth Pennsylvania's Abortion Distortion started things off. Nice that the tour and venue gave a young, local band a chance to warm things up on this STACKED bill.  This photo is from Abortion Distortion's FB page

I was trying to figure out my camera as I was talking to the drummer's grandmother. The balcony was full of relatives of the band. Gotta love it when the whole family comes out to support what the kids are doing. Especially when it is shirtless, sleeveless leather vested thrash and death metal being played on a flying V!  

Abortion Distortion photo by Frank FOE

I enjoyed Abortion Distortion's set almost as much as Grandma did. Hope to hear more from these hometown thrashers. I had to take a serious look to make sure that wasn't Chuck from Weston wailing on that guitar.

Next up was Wormwitch from Vancouver, BC. They have a new album, "Strike Mortal Soil" on Prosthetic Records. Loved their set. Influences range from vintage Celtic Frost, d-beat, Motorhead and black metal. The diversity did not hamper their set. All the influences meshed with crushing power. Glad I got to check them out. Check their video of "Everlasting Lie" below:

Wormwitch, photo by Frank FOE

Wormwitch, photo by Frank FOE

Wormwitch, photo by Frank FOE

Necrot, from Oakland California were the first band of the night I actually know. Love their LP "Blood Offerings" which came out earlier this year on Tankcrimes Records. Talking with Chad (drummer) before their set I found out they have released an LP that contains their three demos prior to "Blood Offerings". "The Labyrinth" was available on vinyl at the show and I purchased it from singer Luca, to accompany the "Blood Offerings" LP. Necrot play old school death metal the way I love it. Grooves, blasts, song structures I can follow, melodies rather than a blizzard of notes. I even hear a bit of vintage Bolt Thrower coming through.

Check out their LP "Blood Offerings": 

You can tell Necrot love playing their music and interacting with the death metal fanatics! Pure love of what they do.

Necrot photo by Frank FOE

Necrot photo by Frank FOE

Necrot photo by Frank FOE

You know, part of writing about music is learning the tools. I know I'm not a good photographer. I'm learning. Slowly. Tonight I learned how to deal with EXIF data that was having the above photo of Drummer Chad Necrot playing on his side. It's called a learning curve.

Decrepit Birth are technical death metal from Santa Cruz California. Singer has an "Everything Went Black" Black Flag t-shirt on, so all is good in my book. New album "Axis Mundi" out on Nuclear Blast. By now, the attendees of this gig know we are covering a lot of bases in metal, making this a pretty diverse and  spectacular show. Decrepit Birth's drummer plays so fast and so effortlessly. I was inspired. I need to up my game behind the kit. Impressed and inspired.

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

I have seen Suffocation before. They've been around since 1990. This was without a doubt the best I have seen Suffocation. One of the very cool things about One Centre Square is the balcony. The second floor provides an amazing viewpoint for anyone getting there early and planting themselves in the front, along the railing. Amazing to see the insane pit that Suffocation generated from a story above the chaos. Suffocation's brutality on stage is replicated in the pit. So much fun. Great live band. Drummer has 8 cymbals plus the high-hat, which would make for a total of 10. Nice. Lots of sore necks and circle pit bruises were induced by Suffocation's set. 

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE


Exhausted as I was, Black Dahlia Murder thrashed for well over an hour and delivered as expected. The kids in the pit were non-stop. I was done man. Wow. I just wrote up their new LP "Nightbringers". BDM are as advertised. Veterans that love to have fun and bring the relentless thrash. Punishing good fun. 

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Thank you to all the bands. Amazing show. 

Thank you to One Centre Square. Please keep the shows coming!

I think this will go down in Lehigh Valley metal history as a landmark show. 

Frank FOE

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Relapse Sampler 2017

"Relapse Records Sampler 2017"
Relapse Records
Released: October 5, 2017

Relapse has long been one of my favorite record labels.

Every year Relapse Records releases a free sampler. Stream it or download it and then delete the tracks you hate and look for more material by the bands you dig.

This year they have given listeners the option to "pay-what-you-want" and 100% of that payment will be donated to Rock to the Future, a non-profit organization that provides music education for Philadelphia’s under-served youth at no cost to them or their families. "Using music, their programs ignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self-esteem by empowering individuals and strengthening local communities".

My lucky favorite 13 tracks (in no particular order) this year are by: Obituary, Dying Fetus, Primitive Man, Exhumed, Iron Monkey, Iron Reagan, Integrity, Gruesome, Expulsion, Incantation, Death, The Obsessed and Black Anvil.

Frank FOE

Monday, October 9, 2017

Black Dahlia Murder "Nightbringers" LP

Black Dahlia Murder
"Nightbringers" LP
Metal Blade
Released: October 6, 2017

Disclaimer: I love Black Dahlia Murder.

If you love heavy, brutal death type metal that has a groove, I suspect you already love Black Dahlia Murder too.

When I love a band, I obtain their material in the preferred format, VINYL. Black Dahlia Murder are of that status for me. So you know, if you are reading this you should get the damn record. Comes with a sweet giant poster, lyrics and red vinyl (other varieties available). This is a picture of my record on my floor. F*c&ing love this record!

This is the seventh LP I have by Black Dahlia Murder. I should have 8. I am looking for a copy of the 2007 release "Nocturnal" on vinyl if you have a copy for sale... Sell it to me. I only have it on the substandard format of CD. Seriously. It is a hole in my record collection that is screaming to be filled. Why the hell I don't have it is suspect. Did someone swipe it? Did I leave it at the radio station? Help this vinyl junkie!

I suggest you obtain and listen to Black Dahlia Murder as well. Check out this video for the title track:

The thing that has had me since day one with Black Dahlia Murder is their fun. They just seem to be having a blast. Which means live they are such a great metal release. Plus Black Dahlia Murder knows how to throw together a ripper. Hit play on any of the tracks above and witness the perfect blend of chaos, precision and intensity. Plus I am a sucker for alternating styles of vocals, which they use a lot. 

When my son was a toddler certain music I played for him generated instant positive responses. Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, any bluegrass and BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. I kid you not. None of the other metal interested him. I dropped the needle on Black Dahlia Murder and he stopped doing what he was doing and was fixed on the sound. Moving to the ultra fast beat. Now I look at all of those examples and I understand what all those musicians and genres have in common. Fantastic that my son picked up on the common thread that most adults are too manipulated and jaded to comprehend. 

Of course at age 13 my son shuts down on all metal. Hates it. Why? He hates loud. Black Dahlia Murder is LOUD even at low volumes. But the louder the better. Full release gives increased results.

Black Dahlia Murder is playing an insane tour and it is stopping within a 40 minute drive of my house! Exhumed doesn't start the tour until 11/1 - they kill as well and their new lp "Death Revenege" is a must own. Suffocation is obviously also huge. If you don't know Necrot, you'll want to make sure you don't miss them.

The Easton PA show is at One Centre Square, 1 Centre Square, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042


Frank FOE

One Centre Square FB Event page
Black Dahlia Murder FB
Metal Blade

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Punk Rock Postcards VLOG

Punk Rock Postcards
Rachel Hoeflich's VLOG

Okay, attention!
For the third time, attention!
Hey, wait a minute!
Attention! Shut up!
Attention, please be advised...
Please be advised that...
Please be advised that by
your entry upon these premises...
...that by your entry
upon these premises... are consenting
to being photographed. are consenting
to being photographed.
This means they're gonna take
photos of your ugly faces right?
...and you having your likeness
used in motion pictures.
...and having your ugly likeness
used in a filthy motion picture.
...and for other purposes.
...and for other purposes.
...and for other purposes.
...and other purposes.
...and for other purposes,
God knows what!
...and for other purposes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And at the bottom,
it says, "Thank you."
And you can tell them
to f&*k off.

Rachel is the bassist for must-see-live Philly punk band The Droogettes.

Punk Rock Postcards is her VLOG.

I suggest you seek her out on Youtube and subscribe to her posts. 

I reluctantly agreed to go on video with her (only because I dislike being videoed, she is an absolutely amazing person, so if she approaches you, you'd better agree to be videotaped). I was pleasantly surprised at the final edit she uploaded. The whole video of the event was expertly edited and is a pleasure to view.

Check out the VLOG Rachel put together on the Nazareth Benefit show:

Rachel documents the Droogettes and all of her punk rock excursions. 

Check out these samples and then head on over to her Youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any of Rachel's VLOG's! If you are like me and aren't getting out quite as much as you'd like, live vicariously through Rachel's eyes and ears.



The Droogettes Radio Interview

The Vibrators @ Brighton Bar NJ

Frank FOE

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Eater "Thinkin of the USA"

"Thinking of the U.S.A."
Violated Records
Released: September 2017

Eater formed in North London in 1976. 
They took their name from the T. Rex song "Suneye" from the 1970 LP "T.Rex": 


Love you
Oh girl I do
Love you

Come the sun
See it run
Across the sky
Cosmic eye
Is for you
And no one else

Love you
Oh girl I do
Love you

Come the sun
See it run
Across the sky
See it cry
For you
And no one else

Tree wizard puretongue
The digger of holes
The swan king
The Elf lord
The eater of souls
Lithon the black
The rider of stars
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The eater of cars.

Back in the early 1980s when I was introduced to the sounds of Eater, their vinyl were very difficult to find in my home town (no internet, no digital downloads, no streaming). I managed to obtain Eater's first two 7"s - "Outside View" (1977, The Label) and "Thinkin’ of the USA" (1977, The Label) on record buying trips out of town. It took me many years to track down their one and only official studio album - "The Album" (1977, The Label).


Now understand, I truly love Eater. To this day, they stand as an original sounding punk band. I think it might have to do with their fixation on T. Rex and how they combined that with the early punk sound. 

I met Pat who runs Violated Records back in the early 1980s and he had the Eater material. He graciously made me a cassette (that's what we did back in the early 1980s, kind of like sharing a youtube link now). We developed a friendship that has lasted since, partly because we are both fixated on Eater.

I know how important it is to Pat to have been able to issue this 7" which includes re-recorded versions of "Thinkin' of the U.S.A." and "Michael's Monetary System" from 2016, both originally recorded way back at the beginning of Eater's career. 

"Thinking of the U.S.A."
Kicking up dust on an empty street
Waiting for John, Brian and Liz
I've already been stopped by the police
They're getting kicks, I'm feeling sick

Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

10.30 and the band is still not on the stage
The kids are getting restless but all have to be paid
I really think that I should not stay
I need a rest .I need a drink

Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

12.45 at the Roxy Club
And I'm tired of just hanging around
I need some sleep, I am so tired
All these people making crazy sounds


Walter Lure comes from the USA
Lou Reed comes from the USA
Richard Nixon comes from the USA

Gary Gilmore came from the USA

These versions have a darker feel than the originals and for that reason alone, make it mandatory for the old Eater fans. 

Get this 7" record from Pat.  And if you are a punk and do not have the other Eater material, I highly suggest that you search out their records/cds/downloads and experience their original charm that is both influenced by early punk and T. Rex/Marc Bolan. There are many titles available online these day, "The Complete Eater", "All of Eater" and even "The Album" is available. Some of it is even a click away from owning on vinyl. We are living in an amazing time.

Link to purchase Eater 7" from Violated Records -

Vinyl Colors: 

  • Solid Olive Green 
  • Transparent Royal Blue & Transparent Orange Crush 
  • Transparent Orange Crush & Transparent Piss Yellow 
  • Black vinyl
Love the Violated Records take on "The Label" from the original record label.

Love Eater. So happy that Pat accomplished this. So glad you can get this 7". So glad I had the opportunity to hunt for Eater records when I was a young lad. So glad you can experience Eater immediately, and I really hope you do love the band as much as Pat and I do.

Frank FOE

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Unsane "Sterilize" LP

Southern Lord
Released: September 29, 2017

Photo by James Rexroad


I still remember when I purchased Unsane's Sub Pop debut 7" "Vandal-X"/"Streetsweeper" (Sub Pop SP76, released September 1990
Sub Pop Singles Club #23). Never heard anything like it before and it inspired a few generations of noise mongers in the last 3 decades whether they know it or not. 

Sub Pop was killing it back then. Every record they put out was something magical. I bought every record on Sub Pop in the years around 1990, knowing the magic that was to treat my ears (like Southern Lord now). 

"Vandal X" was no exception. It was magical. I remember being in a band practice after we all got the record and were like, how do they do that? "Play the note of the first string and then all the rest open". "Then the other guitarist just holds the finger across all the strings". "Distort everything all the way, bass and vocals included". "Break your cymbal". We had no freaking clue, but were all amazed at the dense sound. The phrasing of the songs had a lurching effect. Attack, then draw back, all within a few measures. Not the standard hardcore punk format we were used to of attack for a verse and a draw back for a chorus (mosh part) or any other song format for that matter either. The orchestrated noise carried you on a desolate journey.

Photo by Dan Joeright

Everytime Unsane played Philly I made the drive. I believe I was lucky enough to see Unsane live with the early drummer, Charlie Ondras, who died of a heroin overdose in 1992. (Editorial note: please don't try heroin, not even once). Back then I was entertaining my own devil's concoction, so the facts may or may not be correctly recalled. But if I ever missed an Unsane gig in Philly, one of my Philly friends forgot to send me a flyer in the mail. 

Unsane wrap up their current tour in Philly on December 19, 2017.

I followed the band throughout their career and as they switched from label to label (Matador, Atlantic, AmRep, Relapse...). Always loving their records. Always looking forward to the horrific album and 7" covers. 

Like all Unsane, what is pretty is ugly. "Sterilize" may sound like an optimum goal, but as we all know, great music isn't about being clean and pretty. "Sterilize" is more about the travels and the integrity of not getting to that not so great sterile theoretical optimal goal. Or, proof that sterile isn't happening (From "No Reprieve" - "just a f*cked up reality"). 

“Aberration” Lyrics:
Drained, let it all happen again
Grave, face it no matter the strain
The filth will win
A million times before
Had to keep it quiet
Never want for more
Set the trap and wait
Crazed, smash it all, throw it away
Played, cringing, mistakes were made
Can’t fail now
A million times before
Had to keep it quiet
Never want for more
Can’t do it
All on the make
Fits the pattern
In on the take
The real burn
Fake, couldn’t see past the game
Fate, hollow, there’s no escape
No use now
A million times before
Had to keep it quiet
Never want for more

The real burn

Photo by Dan Joeright

"Sterilize" is a worthy jumping on point for those not familiar with the sound Unsane has consistently generated. This is an outstanding, heartbreaking, mood shattering, loud, solid listen from beginning to end. This is one of Unsane's best to date. Although I am a biased fan, having all the studio albums (only missing "Blood Run" on vinyl - had to settle for the CD) and somehow managing to score a vinyl test press of 1995's "Scattered, Smothered & Covered". 

After you absorb "Sterilize" and are transformed, and find it necessary to dig deep, start at the beginning and work your way through the discography. It is a great trip.

Those in the know, just know that this is yet another Unsane record you want.

Photo by Dan Joeright
Frank FOE

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Burn "Do Or Die"

"Do Or Die"
Due to be released on September 8, 2017

I am digging both of the tracks ("Dead Identity" and "Ill Together") that have been released in anticipation of the new Burn LP, "Do Or Die".

Burn is a NYHC band that began in 1990 and memorably played the Lehigh Valley early on in their career.

Sweet vinyl pre-orders are up...

Frank FOE

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Suede Razors "Razor Stomp"

Suede Razors
"Razor Stomp"
Pirates Press
Released: April 2017

San Francisco Bay Area legends in the making, take the pub versions of the Rolling Stones and AC/DC and mix in plenty of punk, mod and oi to give you a six pack of songs set to tear apart your local tavern.

I love the track "All Nighter", which has perfect keys. Made me flash back to reckless days at places like Wallys, the Funhouse and 4-G's in Bethlehem PA where the music and atmosphere lead the party to levels not normally witnessed. This is good time rock n roll. 

Check the video for "Bovver Girl" and prepare to enjoy yourself:

And check "Berlin or Bust" (love the part where the driver attempts to put a Suede Razors record in the car cd player):

Got my copy on orange w/white and grey and blue splatter (450 copies available).

Also available on black vinyl (100 copies) and Yellow/Orange w/White, grey and blue splatter (450 copies).

Enjoy yourself with a good stomp to let it all out! 

Frank FOE

Pirates Press Records
Suede Razors FB

Cock Sparrer "Forever" LP

Cock Sparrer
Pirates Press
Released: April 2017

Everyone who loves Cock Sparrer already has this record (CD has 4 additional tracks).

No introduction needed, if you know Cock Sparrer, and know this was coming out, there was no doubt this was going to be an album you were going to get and love.

I pre-ordered the LP in the deluxe, faux leather embossed jacket on claret and blue vinyl.

Of course I did. I have loved Cock Sparrer's punkest tunes from their 45 year career as well as their more melodic material (like "The Sun Says" - probably the first song that REALLY got me into the band oddly enough). I was in a punk covers band (Nostalgia Crisis) for many years and my favorite song to play on guitar was (and still is) "Riot Squad".

Cock Sparrer tour poster on my wall

Now. The new, sixth full length studio LP (...that I have 14 LPs in my collection is some sort of tribute to how many times I've purchased the same songs in a different format) is a classic start to finish.

Check the video for the lead off track "One By One":

Old punk and oi bands can sound tired, tedious, dated and are quite often irrelevant... tarnishing their history like a ball player who is playing out their contract but should just quit embarrassing themselves and retire.

Cock Sparrer "Forever" is appropriately titled, as this band churns out classic punk every time. Energized and energizing. Entertaining and engaging. Relevant, timely and focused... and the songs stick in your head.

I've been putting off publishing anything on this record. I had the desire to make my write up somehow as great as the record. I can't do that. Believe me, I have rewritten this review dozens of times in my head since the release back in April. Then I saw a facebook post from Pirates Press that it was three months since the release of this record, and they were asking people what their favorite track was...  That's when I got my focus, to try to convince people to get this record who haven't already done it. My favorite tracks are: "Gonna Be Alright", "Nothing Like You", "I've Had Enough" and "One By One" is one of the all-time great anthems.

There are bands like Business, Cock Sparrer and Buzzcocks who somehow are always with me. Not only do they create great songs, but they help me through this thing called life.

Frank FOE

Pirates Press Cock Sparrer
Cock Sparrer FB