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The Gotobeds "Definitely Not a Redd Kross EP"

The Gotobeds
"Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP"
Chunklet Industries
Released: November 1, 2017

In case you don't own Red Cross EP from 1980 on Posh Boy, you need to obtain. 

The six song EP must have effected the Pittsburgh band The Gotobeds as much as it did me.

At age 14, this record quite literally blew my mind. I have listened to that EP hundreds of times. Red Cross obviously had to change the name of their band after those early releases ("Born Innocent" is obviously also mandatory, as well as most records they released later in their career, but you know that already).

The tribute they pay to this punk rock classic is sweet. Pretty straightforward covers, so you know, I love covers and love the original so I say thank you for this. 

1980 was 37 years ago. 

Thank you Redd Kross. Thank you Gotobeds.

Even love the inner label Posh Boy design tribute!

Frank FOE

The Gotobeds FB
Chunklet Industries FB
Chunklet Industries
The Gotobeds bandcamp


"Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards"
"Live And Loud"
Pirates Press Records
Released: November 2017

I love Rancid. I also love all the side projects of the band members, such as Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards, Tim Timebomb and Friends, Transplants, Old Firm Casuals and it all of course started with Operation Ivy.

I already have the self titled, "Viking" and the "Switchblade" Ep on vinyl. In case you don't... you need to thank Pirates Press for reissuing these on vinyl. Now if they'd only reissue the Tim Timebomb and Friends 3xlp that I missed out on getting...

The "Live and Loud" is new and is a first-rate record. Taking the old punk rock "Live and Loud" series that Link records issued back in 1987-1992. They issued live LPs under the "Live and Loud" title with the same style cover artwork by bands like Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Adicts, Ruts, Exploited, the Gonads, Infa Riot, 4 Skins etc... You get the point. So for someone like me, the cover artwork and title tribute are completely brilliant. LOVE!

The recording of the "Live and Loud" does exactly what it is supposed to do... make you wish you were at this gig! Recorded in 2001, this is raucous, energetic and crisp.  Loving it. So fun.

Pirates Press is offering a sweet packaged bundle deal with all 4 of these records. If you haven't gotten these gems on vinyl yet, don't sleep on this.

Frank FOE

Beach Slang We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang]

Beach Slang
"We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang]"
Released: October 20, 2017

Beach Slang is playing December 1, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA @ ArtsQuest - Blast Furnace Room.

I like Jimmy. I used to call him Smilin' Jim when he was in Weston, based in my home scene of the Lehigh Valley.

I like Beach Slang. A lot. 

I love it when bands remix, re-record, cover songs, try different takes on their own songs...

As evidence, my Depeche Mode vinyl collection includes 82 LPs and 12"s even though they only have 14 studio albums. Most of that is 12" eps with multiple versions and remixes of the songs I already love.

What Beach Slang has done here is work a perfect EP for me. 

James Alex occasionally performs Beach Slang's songs as intimate solo renditions, appropriately dubbed "Quiet Slang". This ep includes versions fleshed out in the studio to include piano and cello. The result is f*cking fantastic.

"Future Mixtape for the Art Kids" is a great song, originally from the LP "A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings", but damn if I don't even love it more this way. It has one of my favorite lyrics,

"We are not f*cked, we are f*cking alive, I hope I never die"

"Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas", originally on "The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us", is one of my favorite Beach Slang songs. The original has the simple haunting "ahhh ahh ahh" vocal in the background.  The piano and cello version on this EP is classic. Simply beautiful. The beauty also lies in the fact that I love listening to both versions. Check the video below:

The piano in the song "Androgynous" (Joan Jett) falls into my favorite categories of cover song and a version significantly different than the original.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Here comes Dick 
He's wearing a skirt 
Here comes Jane 
You know she's sporting a chain 
Same hair revolution 
Same build evolution 
Tomorrow who's going to fuss
And they love each other so 
Closer than you know 
Love each other so 
Well don't get him wrong 
And don't get him mad 
He might be a father 
But he sure ain't a dad 
She don't need 
Advice that they send to her 
She's happy with the way she looks 
She's happy with her gender
And they love each other so 
Closer than you know 
Love each other so 
Mirror image see no damage 
See no evil at all 
Cutie dolls and urine stalls 
Will be laughed at the way 
You're laughed at now
Now something meets boy 
And something meets girl 
They both are the same 

The EP winds up with a Big Star cover of "Thirteen". Self explanatory.


Frank FOE

KOHTI TUHOA Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta

Kohti Tuhoa
"Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta"
Southern Lord
Released: November 24, 2017

I strongly expressed my opinion that you obtain Kohti Tuhoa's first album in the post located here:

Kohti Tuhoa are from Helsinki, Finland. Ville (Guitar), Aleksi (Bass), Markus (Drums) and Helena (Vocals) continue to destroy on their second LP. 

Give a listen. I suggest starting with "Maan Tapa" and "Meille on valehdeltu". I think both songs offer how Kohti Tuhoa add vintage punk to their classic Finnish hardcore and Discharge influences.

In my previous write up, I let you know how I love hardcore from this part of the world, how I used to send cash in envelopes to bands and record labels in this part of the world to obtain 7"s of bands that obviously influenced Kohti Tuhoa. 

I spoke how I love Helena's vocals. I have always loved female vocalists. I've always also been fascinated on not placing importance on understanding vocals. Being a fan of punk, hardcore, death metal etc... I rarely understand the lyrics, but love the use of the vocals as a musical instrument. Helena is entrancing in this manner. Her delivery, power and energy are captivating.

So we can use translation pages...  Kohti Tuhoa [translation; Towards Destruction], "Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta" [translation: "Fourth Kingdom of Fear"] and Rutiinin Orja [translation: "Slaves to Routine"].

Kohti Tuhoa and Southern Lord can do no wrong.

Frank FOE

Apartment 213 Collected Violence

Apartment 213
"Collected Violence"
Magic Bullet
Released: November 17, 2017

Twenty-five years or so ago I was on a mission to acquire all things power-violence on vinyl. Fueled by my love of the band Spazz, my interests branched out all over the world, including Apartment 213.

I gave that specific, obsessive, vinyl quest up. Partly because most of the releases were ridiculously difficult to find.

Luckily the fine people at Magic Bullet have issued this 47 track colossal compilation of much of the Cleveland Ohio band's catalog. Missing is the split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, which is available through Relapse Records and the "Cleveland Power Violence" album, which has just been digitally reissued through Magic Bullet Records. According to Magic Bullet, "virtually every other filthy riff from this band is captured in this collection".

The brutality of the music is still overwhelming. I've attempted to listen to this while driving. Couldn't make it through the entirety. It is an aural assault. I obviously love the genre so this ugly, ugly music is somehow beautiful to me. To the uninitiated, I would imagine this is ugly, ugly music that would inspire derogatory comments of outrage. 

Word of the day:
  1. showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

Still, I kind of wish this was a vinyl compilation with a download card... 

Stupid vinyl addiction. 

And yes, they take their name from serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's 924 North 25th Street, Apartment #213. If you hit play, you will be in for a horrific ride. See how long you can last!

Collected Violence Track Listing:

Vacancy EP (1994)
1. Mutilation
2. Kill For Christ
3. Dissection
4. Don’t Tell The Children
5. John Wayne Gacy

split w/ Gehenna (1994)
6. I Like Killing People
7. Zodiac – The Most Bizarre Mass Murderer
8. Chalk Outline

split w/ Thug (1995)
9. It All Began In Bath, Ohio
10. Dahmer-Murders
11. Endless Killing

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things EP (1996)
12. Two By Four Crucifixion
13. Endless Killing – Arm The Insane
14. Dahmer – Milwaukee Murder Story
15. I’m The Reason Why – Hail To The Unabomber
16. Power Of Tools
17. It All Began In Bath, Ohio – Jeffrey Is Coming Home

split w/ Benümb (1996)
18. Decay
19. Plotting A Murder
20. Toolshed Terrors

split w/ Dahmer (1997)
21. Decay (Live)
22. Dahmer (Live)
23. Mangler (Live)
24. John Wayne Gacy (Live)

split w/ Forced Expression (1997)
25. Follow The Flock
26. Deserve To Die
27. Demise
28. Subject To Slaughter
29. Celio Drive
30. Right Now
31. The Mourning
32. Body Bag
33. I Saw The Body And Laughed
34. Blue Collar Guy – Til The Cows Come Home

The Power Of Tools demo (1993-1994)
35. Decay
36. Don’t Tell The Children
37. Kill For Christ
38. Dissection
39. Severed
40. Adam Rogers

split w/ Nothing Is Over (2010)
41. Creepy
42. Apply Your Make-Up
43. Blush
44. Gross Sexual Imposition

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 tracks (2010)
45. Standoff
46. Sadist
47. Hollow Cost

Frank FOE

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saves the Day Ups and Downs Stay What You Are Under the Boards

"Ups and Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides"
"Stay What You Are" (originally released in 2001)
"Under the Boards" (originally released in 2007)
Vagrant Records / BMG

Vagrant records is celebrating their 20 year anniversary by reissuing some real classics on vinyl. The Get Up Kids, Rocket From the Crypt, Senses Fail, Alkaline Trio, Hot Rod Circuit and The Anniversary have all received much warranted treatment already from Vagrant. I need to get the Senses Fail and Alkaline Trio records myself. 

The Saves the Day reissues represent the sixth phase of Vagrant20. The three Saves The Day are now available on high-quality black 180 gram vinyl. This is the first time "Ups And Downs: Early Recordings & B-Sides" has been issued on vinyl.

"Ups and Downs" is awesome as it shows the development of this Princeton NJ band from their influences, most notably New Brunswick NJ's Lifetime. Saves the Day grew from the band Selfer (established in 1994).  Amazing to hear these demos, early tracks and B-sides. I've listened to this LP pretty much non-stop since the vinyl was introduced to my turntable. 

Saves the Day does it right with an album insert that provides a glimpse into the history of the songs. I love it when bands and artists give that peak into the background on these types of releases. This captures the energy of a young band in their beginnings. 

They cover Descendents "Cheer" and Clash "Clash City Rockers". Whomever typed up the liner notes let the spell check over rule the spelling of "Descendants". See, I really do read and love these liner notes!

"Stay What You Are" is Saves the Day's third studio album and demonstrates the bands prowess at writing melodic, emo, driven pop punk. Videos for "At Your Funeral" and "Freakish" are embedded below. The album was the first of the band's discography to be released on Vagrant (first two were on Equal Vision). The album was hugely successful even with critics. If you missed it, give it a chance.  

I previously only had the digital version of this, so I am glad to finally add this to my vinyl collection. 

The track "As Your Ghost Takes Flight" from "Stay What You Are" is one of my favorites and has been said to be inspired by a friend's heroin addiction. 

"As Your Ghost Takes Flight"

The last time that I saw you, August of '99,
I should've had my hammer and a few rusty spikes
to nail you on a wall and use bottles to catch your blood
and display you for the neighbors so they know your time had come.

And I'd drink your blood and feel it dripping down my throat
as it heads for my heart.

And as your body sags and the stench rises in vain,
the people on the street are collecting in dismay.
Before your eyes your head lifts towards the sky
and that's the last thing they'll remember of you.

And I'd drink your blood and feel it dripping down my throat
as it heads for my heart.

You've become a ghost.
You're floating somewhere in between
the waking world and a landscape of dreams.
Well it's nothing but dying.
You've got a grenade stuck in your teeth and you're pulling at the pin.
You're an illusion, just a shadow flickering underneath the sun.

And I'd drink your blood and feel it dripping down my throat
as it heads for my heart.

Skip forward a few years and "Under the Boards" is Saves the Day's sixth studio album. The middle album of a three-part concept: "Sound the Alarm", "Under the Boards" and "Daybreak" demonstrates the continual evolution of the song writing. The layers in the music express a mature sound that still is able to focus on honesty and have a real feel.

My favorite track (though it is difficult to pick a favorite) is "Get F*cked Up".

 "Get F*cked Up"

Watching the moon moving to the ocean floor
Standing on the neighbor's lawn
It's four am on Friday 
All night long I'm dreaming of your loving arms
I'm staring at the fading stars
And waiting for your call

But every time I think about you
I get f*cked up
I feel like all the stars are falling
Inside my heart
Inside my heart

Gone are the days
Staring through the window pane
To watch the world wash away
Down rain soaked gutter drains
No now we're alone
Two lights along a distant shore
Our love the light that leads us home
Away from wasted days

But every time I think about you
I get f*cked up
I feel like all the stars are falling
Inside my heart
Inside my heart

No more waiting for the days
To end so we can run away
To hide the pain beneath the drink
No now we're moving on

And every time I think about you
I get f*cked up
I feel like all the stars are falling
Inside my heart
Inside my heart
Inside my heart
Inside my heart 

So glad Vagrant is taking the time and energy to release these great records by Saves the Day. 

Frank FOE

Saturday, October 21, 2017

RSD Black Friday 2017 MY TOP 5

November 24, 2017

Click here for the pdf version of the complete list

Click here for the webpage version of the complete list

Below is a list and brief summary of my personal TOP 5 releases from the list. 

Richard Hell and the Voidoids "Blank Generation" 40th Anniversary Edition 2xlp Limited to 2,500 copies

Yes every punk rocker has Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ "Blank Generation". Many non-punks also love this classic LP. 

So why buy it again? Remastered original LP also includes a second LP, with previously unreleased, alternate studio versions, out-of-print singles, and rare bootleg live tracks from the band’s first appearance in 1976 at CBGB. The booklet also contains many previously unpublished photos of the band by Roberta Bayley (the renowned CBGB photographer who shot the LP’s original cover), a revealing essay by Hell along with compelling images from his notebooks and private papers, and an extensive new interview with Ivan Julian by Hell. 

Cheap Trick "Christmas Christmas" LP Limited to 2,000 copies
I'm a huge fan of Christmas records. Cheap Trick is one of my favorite bands plus they include covers of the Kinks and Ramones. 

1. Merry Christmas Darlings (3:44) 
2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (3:35) 
3. I Wish It Was Christmas Today (3:14) 
4. Merry Xmas Everybody (3:17) 
5. Please Come Home For Christmas (3:29) 
6. Remember Christmas (3:01) 
7. Run Rudolph Run (3:59) 
8. Father Christmas (3:55)  (KINKS)
9. Silent Night (3:57) 
10. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) (2:07)  (RAMONES)
11. Our Father Of Life (3:20)  
12. Christmas Christmas (2:16)

Danny Elfman and the Knights of the Oingo Boingo "The Forbidden Zone Soundtrack" Limited to 1,350 copies

I am a fan of Danny Elfman's soundtrack work.

The cult classic film The Forbidden Zone was the first to be scored by legendary composer Danny Elfman. It was also the first major recording for the 80s new wave sensations Oingo Boingo, (Then known as The Knights of the Oingo Boingo). The soundtrack for The Forbidden Zone was originally released in 1980, and perfectly captures the band's transition from a Cabaret-style group of performers to the influential new wave band they would become. The original soundtrack is long out of print, but is being re-released for RSD Black Friday on translucent lime green vinyl! 

Willie Nelson "Spirit" LP Limited to 2,200 copies

I love Willie Nelson. I especially love the stripped down material he produces. I don't have this on vinyl. I hope to soon. 

Modern Classics is re-releasing Spirit, Willie Nelson's forty-ninth studio album, originally released in 1996. The album differs from Nelson's other work because his band used fewer instruments on the recording (two guitars, piano, fiddle) and it has a more classical/Spanish influence. Spirit reached the US Country top 20 when it was released, and David Fricke from Rolling Stone describes it as "low-key, acoustic, stripped to the rugged fundamentals of a good song and a superior voice." Spirit is an emotional concept album illustrating the forlorn tale of a man abandoned by the great love of his life. We follow him down the path of loss as he confronts grief, gets back on his feet, and eventually finds solace in acceptance. 

1 Matador 
2 She Is Gone 
3 Your Memory Won't Die In My Grave 
4 I'm Not Trying To Forget You Anymore 
5 Too Sick To Pray 
6 Mariachi 
7 I'm Waiting Forever 
8 We Don't Run 
9 I Guess I've Come To Live Here In Your Eyes 
10 It's A Dream Come True 
11 I Thought About You, Lord 
12 Spirit Of E9 
13 Matador

Steel Panther "Lower The Bar (Bitchin' Picture Disc Edition)" LP, limited to 1,400

Just got to witness Steel Panther live. They were quite profanely entertaining.

"Lower The Bar" is Steel Panther's fourth release, which includes the Cheap Trick cover "She's Tight," featuring Robin Zander on guest vocals. Steel Panther's Bitchin' Edition Picture Disc also includes one bonus track, and a download card which includes an additional bonus track.

Frank FOE

The Complicators 7 debut

The Complicators
"Wake Up" 7"
Pirates Press Records
Released: October 6, 2017

When your debut 7" is released on Pirates Press Records in 2017, there is logically something special going on.

Give a listen to the A-side track "Wake Up" on Pirates Press Records YouTube channel here:

The band members consider themselves "street punk from San Francisco"
Matt Garcia - Guitar
Radu Poliac - Drums
Sean Smith - Bass
Quincy Atkinson - Vox

Listening to their gruff punk rock meets mid tempo old school hardcore, one gathers from their lyrics that The Complicators are about picking yourself up, reflecting and  making changes. Kinda posi for a street punk band. I love it. Seems like The Complicators are about taking the complicated and getting at the core of the issues.

I have a feeling you will want to move on getting a copy of this debut 7" before it goes out of print. I look forward to more from The Complicators.


  • 200 pcs. - 7" White Vinyl (PPR Mailorder Version)
  • 300 pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (REV Version)

Frank FOE

Pirates Press Records - The Complicators Order Page

The Templars Deus Vult God Willing

"DEUS VULT (God Willing)"
Pirates Press Records
Released: October 13, 2017

The Templars are a Long Island NY band that draws on punk, skinhead, oi and low-fi influences (compliments of Acre Studios). They've been around since 1991 and have a hefty LP, CD, 7" and compilation output. I know, I have spent a lot of time attempting to find all of their vinyl during the 1990s.

"Deus Vult" was recorded between 2010 and 2016. The Templars have not released an album since 2005's "Outremer" on GMM Records (Randale/Rebellion reissued). Their records tend to be reissued on other labels and singles and compilation tracks combined into year to year discographies, such as "Dans Les Catacombs Du Studio De L'Acre 1993-1995". I think I would recommend anything you'd find by the Templars. Their music goes out of print really quickly, thus the need for the represses and interest from other labels. The move to Pirates Press will surely make the demand for the older material skyrocket as "Deus Vult" will undoubtedly be a success.

Check The Templars "Deus Vult" on the Pirates Press YouTube channel (embedded below). The album is completely solid and highly recommended. 

My three favorites tracks are:

  • "Kicking Down Your Door" (which reminds me of local Lehigh Valley defunct  band Maddog Surrender - though to be honest, Maddog Surrender started after the Templars, so as I know, the Templars were an obvious influence on Maddog Surrender.
  • "Misspent Youth" - classic tough song, reminds me of everything ever released on Headache Records.
  • "Propaganda" reminds me of early Exploited, especially in the chorus, combined with classic Templars guitar lead.

The sound is pretty polished by Templars standards, but raw for what punk seems to be churning out in 2017, making this feel fresh yet vintage and even though I have been a fan for decades now - the songs would make even the newest punk immediately understand the Templars are the real deal.

  • 1,000pcs. - 12" Blood Red & Oxblood with Bone & Black Splatter Vinyl w/ Faux-leather Casewrapped Sleeve (Deluxe Version)
  • 1,000pcs. - 12" Blood Red Vinyl (Standard Version)
Also available in Europe through Randale Records with this cover:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

BDM at One Centre Square Easton PA

This was the first show I've attended at the new Lehigh Valley PA venue, One Centre Square. Great place. It is the perfect size venue that was needed in our area. Sound system is awesome. My ears were still feeling it Sunday from the Friday night show. And I wasn't even planted in front of the speakers like I used to do at City Gardens when I was a youngster. Love this One Centre Square.  I recommend it. 

Nazareth Pennsylvania's Abortion Distortion started things off. Nice that the tour and venue gave a young, local band a chance to warm things up on this STACKED bill.  This photo is from Abortion Distortion's FB page

I was trying to figure out my camera as I was talking to the drummer's grandmother. The balcony was full of relatives of the band. Gotta love it when the whole family comes out to support what the kids are doing. Especially when it is shirtless, sleeveless leather vested thrash and death metal being played on a flying V!  

Abortion Distortion photo by Frank FOE

I enjoyed Abortion Distortion's set almost as much as Grandma did. Hope to hear more from these hometown thrashers. I had to take a serious look to make sure that wasn't Chuck from Weston wailing on that guitar.

Next up was Wormwitch from Vancouver, BC. They have a new album, "Strike Mortal Soil" on Prosthetic Records. Loved their set. Influences range from vintage Celtic Frost, d-beat, Motorhead and black metal. The diversity did not hamper their set. All the influences meshed with crushing power. Glad I got to check them out. Check their video of "Everlasting Lie" below:

Wormwitch, photo by Frank FOE

Wormwitch, photo by Frank FOE

Wormwitch, photo by Frank FOE

Necrot, from Oakland California were the first band of the night I actually know. Love their LP "Blood Offerings" which came out earlier this year on Tankcrimes Records. Talking with Chad (drummer) before their set I found out they have released an LP that contains their three demos prior to "Blood Offerings". "The Labyrinth" was available on vinyl at the show and I purchased it from singer Luca, to accompany the "Blood Offerings" LP. Necrot play old school death metal the way I love it. Grooves, blasts, song structures I can follow, melodies rather than a blizzard of notes. I even hear a bit of vintage Bolt Thrower coming through.

Check out their LP "Blood Offerings": 

You can tell Necrot love playing their music and interacting with the death metal fanatics! Pure love of what they do.

Necrot photo by Frank FOE

Necrot photo by Frank FOE

Necrot photo by Frank FOE

You know, part of writing about music is learning the tools. I know I'm not a good photographer. I'm learning. Slowly. Tonight I learned how to deal with EXIF data that was having the above photo of Drummer Chad Necrot playing on his side. It's called a learning curve.

Decrepit Birth are technical death metal from Santa Cruz California. Singer has an "Everything Went Black" Black Flag t-shirt on, so all is good in my book. New album "Axis Mundi" out on Nuclear Blast. By now, the attendees of this gig know we are covering a lot of bases in metal, making this a pretty diverse and  spectacular show. Decrepit Birth's drummer plays so fast and so effortlessly. I was inspired. I need to up my game behind the kit. Impressed and inspired.

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

Decrepit Birth photo by Frank FOE

I have seen Suffocation before. They've been around since 1990. This was without a doubt the best I have seen Suffocation. One of the very cool things about One Centre Square is the balcony. The second floor provides an amazing viewpoint for anyone getting there early and planting themselves in the front, along the railing. Amazing to see the insane pit that Suffocation generated from a story above the chaos. Suffocation's brutality on stage is replicated in the pit. So much fun. Great live band. Drummer has 8 cymbals plus the high-hat, which would make for a total of 10. Nice. Lots of sore necks and circle pit bruises were induced by Suffocation's set. 

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE

Suffocation photo by Frank FOE


Exhausted as I was, Black Dahlia Murder thrashed for well over an hour and delivered as expected. The kids in the pit were non-stop. I was done man. Wow. I just wrote up their new LP "Nightbringers". BDM are as advertised. Veterans that love to have fun and bring the relentless thrash. Punishing good fun. 

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Black Dahlia Murder photo by Frank FOE

Thank you to all the bands. Amazing show. 

Thank you to One Centre Square. Please keep the shows coming!

I think this will go down in Lehigh Valley metal history as a landmark show. 

Frank FOE