Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cock Sparrer "Forever" PreOrder

Cock Sparrer
New album pre-order time!

Cock Sparrer are one of my favorite bands of all time. This poster is one of my prized possessions, from when I finally got to see the band live in 2012 after being a fan for so many decades. 

So the new album is due out, Spring 2017.

The photo collage video of the new song "One By One" is classic Cock Sparrer and it is time to put the pre-order in for a deluxe vinyl edition (or whatever your preference may be). Check the video: 

Pre-orders here:

The 50 year old me is as excited about this as I was as a five year old at Christmas!

From the Pirates Press Website:

Cock Sparrer - Forever.

- Normal CD’s, black vinyl, and T-shirts will ship starting April 24th/25th. 
- Deluxe vinyl will ship by May 15th.
- If your order includes a T-shirt or the deluxe vinyl version, those may ship separately.
- Free flexis and stickers will be included in all vinyl orders, while supplies last

- Exclusive 7" single of “Every Step Of The Way” - 2 versions - red & white vinyl
- 12 track 180gram black LP in a debossed jacket, with 12 track digital download and lyric insert.
- 16 track CD in a debossed digipak, with lyric booklet.
- DELUXE version LP, on 180gram claret and blue AsideBside colored vinyl in an old-school faux-leather casewrapped "tip on" jacket.
- 12 track chrome cassettes with 3 panel J-card.
- “Forever" T-shirts, enamel lapel pins, and stickers

A Side
1. One By One
2. Believe
3. Gonna Be Alright
4. Don't Tell Anyone Anything
5. Family Of One
6. Every Step Of The Way

B Side
7. In My Town
8. Contender
9. Nothing Like You
10. I've Had Enough
11. Somebody's Brother; Somebody's Son
12. Us Against The World

5000pcs. - 12" Black 180gram Vinyl (RETAIL version)
1000pcs. - 12" Claret & Blue AsideBside 180gram Vinyl (PPR DELUXE LEATHER-BOUND Mailorder version)
1000pcs. - 12" Red & White Half-N-Half 180gram Vinyl (Randale DELUXE LEATHER-BOUND Mailorder version)

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