Monday, January 20, 2020

Supersuckers "Play That Rock and Roll"

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"Play That Rock and Roll" 
Reptilian Records
Released: February 7, 2020

With the infinite ways to access music, you may have missed that the pre-orders for the Supersuckers next LP are up and ready to go.

"Play that Rock and Roll" was recorded at Willie Nelson's studio in Austin Texas. The vinyl comes in a choice of three colors: 200 on Reptilian green vinyl, 300 on Supersuckers orange vinyl and 500 on record store white vinyl.

Track Listing:
1. Ain't Gonna Stop
2. Gettin' Into Each Other's Pants
3. Deceptive Expectations
4. You Ain't The Boss Of Me
5. Bringin' It Back
6. Play That Rock 'n' Roll
7. That's A Thing?
8. Last Time Again
9. Die Alone
10. Dead Jail Or Rock 'n' Roll

11. *Hidden Track*

Check the lead off track below:

Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Outcasts "Stay Young"

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"Stay Young" 
Violated Records
Released: January 17, 2020

I love that in 2020 vintage punk bands continue to demonstrate resolve, a word which here means "to decide firmly on a course of action". Whether that action is to continue on, or return to the garage and brush up on their instruments and get the band back together again, or put the old pieces together with some new blood. Obviously, most bands will not become millionaires by doing this. There must be a passion to be old and strap on the old guitar, plug in the microphone or sit behind the drum kit. Have they retired from day jobs and are looking to fill their time? Playing punk rock is better than sitting 'round at home watching the pictures go.

Later this year I will get to see the Undertones yet again. Steve Diggle is carrying on with the Buzzcocks. Locally, the Clap keeps plugging away. Thankfully, the examples are many!

Which takes us to The Outcasts.

In the event that you do not know The Outcasts, they are from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Cowan brothers; Greg, Colin and Martin started the band in 1977. 

Give a listen to "Just Another Teenage Rebel", a true classic punk rock single that was released by Good’s Vibrations in 1978. 

If you like listening to Spotify, brush up on The Outcasts with "The Punk Singles Collection":

Forty-three years after their beginnings, The Outcasts return with new recordings, available in vinyl and digital formats. Two of the Cowans return, vocalist Greg and guitarist Martin are joined by Petesy Burns on guitar and JP Dear Boy Moonie on drums. They look old. They are old and they take that topic on directly with "Stay Young". Check out the video. 

If you are an old punk feeling down on being old, let this be your rebellion, your reminder to take each day as a blessing and attack it with whatever you have left. If you are a youngster, realize it isn't so bad getting old. I sure am glad that living fast early on didn't lead us to die young. This is inspirational. 

"The Pressure's On" is driving classic punk cover, originally done by Rudi, another Northern Ireland punk band. If you don't know that song, give a listen below and know that The Outcasts version stays true.

"Rebel Rock Radio" puts the stay young mentality in perspective knowing that the worms will be licking out our eyes soon enough, but also has a twisted way of making its point, to make sure you leave your mark, so your music and spirit live on. 

The digital version of the EP features two additional tracks, a rerecording of their early B-Side “You’re a Disease” and "78".

Thank you to Violated Records for releasing this new addition to The Outcasts already mandatory discography. Let's hope they bring this to the US for a tour!


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

TMA "Just Desserts"

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"Just Desserts" 
Released September 23, 2017

I was lucky enough to see TMA live in the early 1980s. 

NJ hardcore punk.

Their LP "What's For Dinner" from 1984 is an album that holds a special place in my heart and in my head. 

I recently found out they released some tracks recorded from 1983 and damn if they aren't as great as that first LP! "Just Desserts" is wonderful.

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