Saturday, November 24, 2012

Get The Hell Out CD/PDF

The FOE "Get the Hell Out" CD needs no introduction to the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania punk & hardcore scene. The 1992 disc was the first of its kind for the genre.

It is all here for you as a music download and pdf of the 56 page zine (which included a page for each band on the CD).

FOE 001 Various Artists "Get the Hell Out" CD 28 song compilation
  • Forthright "Get The Hell Out"
  • Forthright "Things I Could Have Done"
  • Mr Yuk "Meaty River"/"Mr. Yuk"/"Nothing"
  • Mr. Yuk "Wilding"
  • Follow Fashion Monkeys "Money For Something"
  • Mortimer Smedley "Age"
  • Sledgehammer "Minute"
  • Russian Meatsquats "Phantasm"
  • Crack Babies "Bavarian Cream"
  • The Clap "Confusion"
  • American Dream "Identity Crisis"
  • Weston "Naked and Alone"
  • The Original Sins "Making Time"
  • Jessica "Stagnate"
  • Strychnine and the Rat Traps "Life Without A Car"
  • Hungry Little Girl "Today"
  • Turnbul AC "Reggae Gets Us Laid"
  • Last Cry "Monster In My Head"
  • Burning Ambitions "Enzymes"
  • Drip "Fast Women"
  • Robosphere "Vodka"
  • Mugface "Running Off"
  • I'd Rather Be Dead "Message At The Beep"
  • Youthquake "Johnny's Not Coming Home"
  • Strained Existence "Strained Existence"
  • Youthful Aggression "Ant-Patriot"
  • No Win Situation "Buried Alive"
  • Senseless Hate "A Ha (edit)"

    Cheers and hope you enjoy!
    Frank FOE

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