Monday, December 10, 2012

Up To No Good Radio December 9, 2012

Rancid “Up To No Good”
X “Some Other Time”
Reverend Horton Heat “Callin’ In Twisted”
U.S. Bombs “Isolated”
Didjits “(Momma had a) Skull Baby”
Surf Punks “And Then The Cops Came”
Roger Miret and the Disasters “Give ‘em the Boot”

XTC “I Set Myself on Fire”
Murphy’s Law “Crucial BarBQ”
Neighborhoods “W.U.S.A”
Iggy and the Stooges “Shake Appeal”
Ramones “Somebody Put Something In My Drink”
U.K. Subs “No Heart”
No FX “I Am An Alcoholic”
F.O.D. “Black Light”
Sloppy Seconds “Lonely Xmas”
Reverend Horton Heat “Liquor, Beer, Wine”
A.O.D. “Rah-jah”
Social Distortion “Mass Hysteria”
Germs “What We Do Is Secret”
Aggression “Dear John Letter”
999 “So Long”
Heart Attack “Society”
Biters “Rock n Roll Loser”
Crucial Youth “Xmas Time For The Skins”
88 Fingers Louie “All I Want For Christmas”
Dead End Cruisers “Father Christmas” (kinks)
Splodgenessabounds “Fairytale of Mongolia”
F “White Christmas”
Pork Dukes “Mother Gave Me A Gun For Christmas”

Husker Du “First of the Last Calls”
Fear “F Christmas”
Missile Toads “Reindeer In The Night”
F.O.D. “Hoe Down”
Dead Kennedys “Trust Your Mechanic”
Broken Heroes “New Tradition”
No FX “Xmas Has Been X’d”
Misfits “Teenagers From Mars”
Misfits “Queen Wasp”
Cute Lepers “Xmas Songs”
Missile Toads “Santas a Boozer”
Texas Jim Robertson “Low In The Lehigh Valley”

Squirrel Bait “Kid Dynamite”
Dirty Shirleys “Johnny Thunders Xmas”
Whiskey Business “A Whiskey Christmas”
F.O.D. “Cheap Alcohol”
F.O.D. “Guidance Counselor”
Explosive Head “All I Want Four Christmas”
Ruin “China”
F.O.D. “Metamorphosis”
Lou Reed “Xmas in February”
F.O.D. “Maddog”
Descendents “Christmas Vacation”

Up To No Good Radio Approved EVENTS Listing
Wed 12/12     Nada Surf @ First Unitarian Church Philly PA
Thurs 12/13   of Montreal @ Trocadero Philly PA
Fri 12/14         Slackers @ North Star Bar Philly PA
Fri 12/14         Misfits @ Croc Rock Allentown PA

Fri 12/14         Buzzherd, March To Victory, Hollenlarm @ Mothers Easton PA (free gig)
Sat 12/15        Ex Friends, Roger Roger, Maestro Please, Transmission Now @ Secret Art Space Bethlehem PA
Sat 12/15        Into Another, Primitive Weapons, Blacklisted, Gypsy @ Union Transfer Philly PA
Sun 12/16      Monster Magnet @ Trocadero Philly PA
Wed 12/19     Street Dogs, Flatfoot 56, Good Graces @ Union Transfer Philly PA
Sun 12/30      Clutch @ Crocodile Rock Allentown PA
Sun 1/6/13     Reign Supreme, Ghostlimb, Plague Dogs, Heavy Medical, Xanax @ First Unitarian Church Philly PA
Sat 1/19/13     Converge, Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Repulsion, Tombs @ Union Transfer Philly PA
Mon 1/28/13 Quicksand, Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Union Transfer Philly PA
Sat 2/2/13      Yuppicide, Bad American, Orphan Donor, Twin 55, Zombie Fight, Dead Serious @ Mothers Easton PA                                 (free gig)

Fri 2/15/13      Hatebreed, Dying Fetus @ Crocodile Rock Allentown PA


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