Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cashing In On Christmas Volume 4

Various Artists
"Cashing in on Christmas Volume 4"
Black Hole Records

This entire series from Black Hole Records is mandatory.

Whether as a digital download or physical LP (which comes in a full color gate-fold jacket, has a red vinyl A-Side and a green vinyl B-Side, and includes a bonus CD version of the album so you can listen to it in your sleigh)!

No need to over analyze this essential compilation (especially the vinyl package). Be assured that this ranges from the lewd and raunchy side of the holidays (only seven of the 16 tracks are deemed "radio-friendly") to a more traditional (yet still deserving to be on this album rather than a Bing Crosby record) style. Just drop the needle on this baby and have a great time celebrating whatever you want!

One of the best things about the majority of the songs in this series is that they are listenable year round. Just make sure the kids aren't around when you crank these mostly "naughty-list" performances.

The cover painting was created by Richard Stone, who has done artwork for the likes of Anti Nowhere League, The Gonads, Guitar Gangsters, The Lurkers and Splodgenessabounds.

The Authority "Oh Come Emmanuel" 
Blessed Muthas "Blessed Chrismas"
The Dirty Shirleys "Johnny Thunders X-Mas"
Dog Company "Snoopy's Christmas" 
Explosive Head "All I Want For Christmas" 
The Flyswatters "Santa's On Acid"
The Gonads "The Greatest Cockney Christmas" 
Guitar Gangsters "Christmas Time Is Here (Oh Shit)" 
Hateful "Hateful Merry Christmas" 
Jenny Woo "Christmas To Me" 
Mad Pigs "City of Nightmares" 
Missile Toads "Ultra Christmas" 
Splodgenessabounds "Fairytale of Mongolia"
Plan Of Attack "Hey Santa" 
Toughskins "It Could Be Worse"
Broken Heroes "New Tradition"

Missile Toads from "Cashing in on Christmas" Volume 2

Toughskins from "Cashing in on Christmas Volume 4"

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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