Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Blind Justice - No Matter the Cost review

Blind Justice
"No Matter The Cost"
Flatspot Records & Edgewood Records 
Release date: Friday, June 29th 2018

Jersey shore based Blind Justice has been around since 2013 and "No Matter the Cost" is their second album.

I have listened to the twenty minute, ten song album repeatedly for the last month. Thankfully I got an advance listen before the release date.

"No Matter the Cost" is fundamental, straightforward, modern day hardcore that even an OG HC can appreciate. 

The test for me with current "hardcore" is whether the music brings to mind karate, kick-boxer, punch throwing, leg kicking attackers or old school, creepy crawling, circle pit skanking, pile on singing, fun images.

The breakdown in "Never Enough" has enough power to wreck a building via circle pit kinetic energy. Blind Justice has plenty of old school NYHC and Jersey HC influence meshed with the current variances. Love it. No blind punch throwing goons envisioned.

Thankfully the music brings to mind the old school. I suppose there will be kick-boxers at their shows, but for me, Blind Justice has enough links to the original hardcore sound to not be ruined by images of youngsters throwing punches at random people and trying to kick the legs out of people enjoying watching the band rather than watching the crowd for potential random assaults. 

Sampling a few of the lyrics, Blind Justice know how to make their hardcore point.

"My Will", inspires with "never give in, always fight back, to your fears or doubt..."

"Think I Care" sets the stage for watching who you associate with, "I don't need to live by your rules, I don't give a fuck about the things you do, separate myself from you, I want nothing to do with you..." 

Blind Justice is playing in Scranton PA on July 22, 2018.

Matt Guyre - drums
AJ Hoenings - bass
Ryan Hoenings - guitar
Asa Scibetta - guitar
Mike Botti - vocals

Frank FOE