Sunday, October 25, 2020

Anthrophobia Altered States and Grind

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"Altered States" + "Grind" EPs on LP
 Released: August 14, 2020

Bullet Lavolta, Clutch and Tad.
Those are the influences I hear on Anthrophobia's most recent release. I consider those heavy musical influences of the highest order. 

Love the song and video for "Ghosts"

Loving the blue and green swirled vinyl.

The LP combines two eps, "Grind" and "Altered States", available digitally and in the preferred vinyl format. The needle has been dropped and will be dropped again and again. The heavy, groove and power mix is attractive and menacing at the same time. Brent Black's guitars, Dickie Delp's drums and Rob DiJoseph's bass propel this band's attack and Frank Phobia's vocals have never sounded better, even after all these years (established 1995). 

Similar to social anxiety or social phobia, "anthrophobia" is the fear of people. Reading Pennsylvania, Anthrophobia's hometown, certainly has a reputation that could contribute to this disorder. 

The "Grind" EP was released digitally in 2017. Anthrophobia finished mixing the "Altered States" EP on March 13, 2020, just as COVID19 was shutting everything down in Pennsylvania. The precision results of the EP were hammered out at Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore, Maryland with studio owner, engineer, producer, J.Robbins (Government Issue, Jawbox etc...).

"Altered States" + "Grind" earns the FOE Vinyl Commitment rating as a release worthy of adding to your physical, vinyl collection.

Brent Black - Photo by Andrew Colosimo

Dickie Delp - Photo by Andrew Colosimo

Rob DiJoseph - Photo by Andrew Colosimo

Frank Phobia - Photo by Dan Long

Anthrophobia Fun Facts
  • Rob DiJoseph and former drummer Chuck Treece, were in the same lineup in the legendary Philly band, McRad.
  • Rob DiJoseph was in Formula 43 and Little Gentlemen.
  • Frank Phobia grew up skateboarding and along with his wife owned and operated an indoor skatepark called Wooden Waves (built by Tim Glomb of Jackass / Viva La Bam fame).
  • The DVD release of Jackass’s ‘STEVE-O: The Early Years’ featured five Anthrophobia songs (no credit or permission). Once Steve-O was made aware of the oversight, he made good on a financial settlement that took care of the recording budget of the "Ultrasound" record and tour support. Anthrophobia loves Steve-O!


GRIND lyrics
The world visualized from my board,
as I scope it out through these skater’s eyes.
My drug of choice since the Spring of 1975.
Wheels under my Vans still make me feel alive.
I’m still seeing lines.
I’m so addicted to the sound of the GRIND.
Goofy foot, street, ramps and park.
Session all the spots, we could find.
Vices grew from 50/50’s, acid drops, and board slides.
Hit the coping, rock-n-rolls, catch some air with a sick
front side. GRIND. I’m still seeing lines.
I’m so addicted to the sound of the GRIND.
The virus, barking trucks, I can’t leave behind.
I’m still addicted to the sound of the GRIND.
Healthy disorder I caught from Jay, Alva, and The
Bones Brigade.
I can’t detox, I dream I can still rage.
As I kick turn and carve with kids one third my age.
Rehab’s a faceplant away by a fail on a crooked spine.
I’m still addicted to the sound of the GRIND!

I am looking forward to seeing Anthrophobia once this COVID permits us to gather again.


Friday, October 2, 2020

Antagonizers ATL "Black Clouds"

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"Black Clouds"
 feat. Matt Henson from NOi!SE
Released: October 2, 2020

Any time I get the chance to hear a new Antagonizers ATL song, I'll take it. As this is my first post, post COVID19 start, this is a great place to reboot the blog.

"Black Clouds" is an advance single, preview track from their next album, "Kings" due out in 2021. Check the track below:

When I think of Antagonizers ATL, my first thought is to Anti-Heros, who were also from Atlanta. Love Anti-Heros albums on LINK records. Feel like there is a link from the Anti-Heros to this 2020 version of street punk.

Anyway, the Antagonizers are now a six piece. That is crazy. I once saw 76% Uncertain at City Gardens when they had three guitarists. That was ridiculous, but amazingly ridiculous. 

Guest vocals from fellow Pirates Press Records labelmate Matt Henson of NOi!SE is just pure icing on the cake. Keep your eye out for pre-orders, as you know Pirates Press Records will have some amazing vinyl and packaging!

Looking forward to seeing Antagonizers ATL live, post-COVID19.

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