Sunday, December 18, 2011

Up To No Good Radio December 18, 2011 Playlist

Rancid “Up To No Good”
The Clap “Silver Bells”
Void “Who Are You?”
Dead Kennedys “Kepone Factory”
D.I. “Mr. Grinch”
Black Flag “Depression”
JFA “Cokes and Snickers”
JFA “Blatant Localism”
Sloppy Seconds “Lonely Christmas”
Misfits “Rat Fink”
Black Flag “Spray Paint the Walls”
Jerry’s Kids “Pressure”
T.S.O.L. “Happy”
TvTv$ “Daddy Drank Our Christmas Money”
The Reds “Whatcha Doing To Me”
Biters “Otherside”
Ramones “Loudmouth”
Devil Dogs “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”
JFA (photo by Murray Bowles)

Canal Terror “Abschuss”
Lemmy “Run Rudolph Run”
New Bomb Turks “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
UK Subs “Limo Life”
Bad Brains “Pay To Cum”
Angry Samoans “My Old Mans A Fatso”
Anthrax “I Am The Law”
Henry Rollins “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
Poison Idea “Sant Claus Is Back In Town”
Buzzcocks “I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life”
Billy Idol “Yelling at the Christmas Tree”
Tuff Darts “Here Comes Trouble”
Angry Samoans “STP Not LSD”
Dead End Cruisers “Father Christmas” (Kinks)
Money Dogs “Count Your Friends”
Descendents “Christmas Vacation”
Showcase Showdown “Ho Ho Ho Chimihn”

Battalion of Saints “My Minds Diseased”
Vibrators “We Vibrate”
Vibrators “London Girls”
Government Issue “Puppet on a String”
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers “Get off the Phone”
Motorhead “Going To Brazil
Damned Dirty Apes “The Devil and Sammy Davis”
Die Hunns “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love” (Van Halen)
Duane Peters Gun Fight “Hell Mary”
Blondie “Rip Her To Shreds”
UK Subs “Killer Time”
Suicide “Thank You”
Dead Boys “I Need Lunch”
Generation X “Kiss Me Deadly”
Murder Junkies “Once a Whore”
F.U.’s “Father Christmas” (Kinks)
Hairy Phlegmball “Cheap Beer”

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adolescents "The Fastest Kid Alive" LP Review

There are no clunkers on this record. Considering the Adolescents first LP was released in 1981 (30 years ago) this is quite an amazing achievement, especially when you take into account the Adolescents many career interruptions.

Recognize that the Adolescents debut LP is the standard that all other punk and hardcore bands must be compared to.  That said,  “Inspiration”, “Wars Aren’t Won, Wars Are Fought”, “Can’t Change the World With A Song”, “No Child Left Behind”, “Serf City” and “Peace Don’t Cost a Thing” prove that the Adolescents measure up on “The Fastest Kid Alive”. They retain the ability to combine hostility, melody and hooks to make a point and do so with some down right enjoyable, skillful, punk music.

Still, if you do not own the Adolescents debut self titled LP you should add “purchase the vinyl version of Adolescents LP” to the “to do list” on whatever app you use to keep track of your modern life. The Adolescents LP is a record you are undoubtedly obligated to own. Once you own that, you are obligated to get this one. I had to drop import priced cash on this, but it was worth it. There is a bit of nostalgia tugging at my heart, proof that the old folks can still hold their own, that we are not alone in growing up decades removed from our adolescent hardcore roots of the 1980s.  

Tony Reflex (aka Anthony Brandenburg, Tony Cadena, Tony Montana & Tony Adolescent) still has a great way with words. The tracks on “The Fastest Kid Alive” reflect the world chaos that greets us every morning as we awake from the night’s rest. I treasure this great record.

Iron Lamb "The Original Sin" CD Review

Sweden produces remarkable bands in an unfailing fashion. Iron Lamb’s Grga Lindstrom gives these 10 tracks a Hellacopters feel with his vocals. Structurally and sonically, this material compiles Motorhead along with Sweden’s Hellacopters & Entombed to produces a heavy, punk rocking blast. Iron Lamb's "The Original Sin" combines the punk edge and vocals of the Hellacopters, the repetitive chugging metallic abuse of a Motorhead riff, rounded out with the thick guitar sound of Entombed. 

Bassist Daniel Ekeroth wrote the book Swedish Death Metal (published in 2008), which apparently looks like I need to add to my collection of books.

Other pluses here include a cover of Motorhead’s “Poison” and the song “I Don’t Like You” starts off with a sample from the Warriors movie, which is always a great frame of reference!

MOTORHEAD "Poison" lyrics from the LP "Bomber"

People tell me you didn't know better,
Give me sermons 'bout the things I do,
Come to love 'em, even wrote letters,
You know I even asked it of you, I said,
I've been doing Poison,
I guess I poisoned my life,
I've been doing Poison,
it's better than marrying your wife

On the road, the pace is getting frantic,
Specially when your poisoned out your mind,
A flight of stairs is like swimming the Atlantic,
When you're poisoned, deaf, dumb and blind,
I take my poison,
I guess I poisoned my life,
Been doing Poison,
I wish I'd Poisoned my wife

My Father, he used to be a Preacher,
Never taught me nothing but scorn,
If I ever catch him on the street, yeah,
I'll make him wish he'd never been born,
He was Poison,
Guess he poisoned my life
He was Poison,
I wish my mother wasn't his wife, no!

Friday, December 16, 2011

FOE ZINE #1 1984

(Click cover to go to FOE #1)

1984 was 27 years ago.

I take a deep breath and repeat, 1984 was 27 years ago. There was a time that I thought I wouldn't live to see 24 years of age and I am now 21 years past 24.

In 1984 I was 18 and had printed the first issue of FOE zine.

I had already been a hardcore DJ since 1982. That would be 29 years ago. Which means I will be celebrating my 30th year in 2012. Back in 1982 we prided ourselves as being "hardcore" not "punk".

In 2009, my long time friend, SS, completed a project I did not want to take on myself. He painstakingly took every issue of FOE and made them into PDFs. They were distributed on a DVD "1984-2009: A 25 Year Retrospective". The limited press run was 50 copies.

I plan on rolling out each issue's PDF here and on over time.

I want to do this one at a time, so that I can put together an introduction and reflect on each issue rather than just providing a dispassionate file transfer.

To put this all in some sort of context, FOE was literally completed using a typewriter, glue, scissors and access to a copy machine and a stapler. We took pictures and took them to the photo developer and got them back a few days later. I remember buying a stencil template to create the F.O.E. on the cover. 

Reflections on FOE #1
  • Scott "Wad" Andrews wanted FOE to be "Angry Young Produce Workers" as most of the Northampton crew not only were DJs at WLVR but also worked in the Produce departments of local supermarkets such as Weis and Food Lane. We were like a revolutionary army of produce workers. Angry Young Produce Workers of America Unite! was our slogan. My produce career ended in 1988, as did most of our produce careers, so I am glad I convinced Wad that FOE was a better name.
  • The Money Dogs and the punk rock show at the Northampton Band Shell on September 2, 1984 are the focus of issue #1. As I prepared to upload FOE #1, I was finally downloading the Money Dogs "Salute to America" demo. This is a pretty amazing transition when thought about. Completes the circle as I never had the demo prior to today. 
  • My dad printed FOE #1. My dad now proudly takes credit for introducing me to punk rock via the Dead Kennedys and Pork Dukes around 1980-81. Other great influences on my early punk years were WMUH DJ Bob Massey, Mike Mickley (who made me one of my first punk/new wave mix tapes) and Joe Hanna @ Play It Again records. This N That Records (I think that was the name) in Northampton was also a great provider of my punk rock needs.  
  • Johnny Generic stopped a fight at the Northampton show. He was also a DJ on WLVR back then with us Northamptonites. Johnny and I still DJ together as 2/3rds of Up To No Good Radio
  • 1984 may seem like old school, but realize that CH3 was about to release "Airbourne" and Black Flag was already on "Slip It In" and Flipside was on issue #43. 
  • Some of the people in this issue of FOE #1 are still among my best friends. Paul and Johnny are still in my day to day life. 
  • Great records reviewed in the issue: 
    • Anti "God Can't Bounce" LP
    • MIA "Murder In A Foreign Place" LP
    • Mental Decay 7"
    • Avengers LP
    • Verbal Abuse "Just An American Band" LP
    • MDC "Chicken Squawk" 7"
    • Conflict "Last Hour' LP
    • Minor Threat "7"s on a 12" LP
    • DYS "Brotherhood" LP
    • YYY "Sin" LP 
    • Aggression "Don't Be Mistaken" LP
Enjoy the read! This is FOE's infancy!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Up To No Good Radio Playlist 12/11/11

Up To No Good Radio Playlist 12/11/11

(Ill Repute)

Rancid “Up To No Good”
Buttocks “Hate Your Neighbor”
Buttocks “Feel Alright”
Black Flag “I Love You”
The Ravers “A Punk Rock Christmas This Year”
Appliances “Bob Hope”
MDC “Thanks For Giving What I Didn’t Want”
The Clash “Junco Partner”
SVDB “Your Friendly Local Police”
Sin 34 “Not No Fun”
Ill Repute “Book and It’s Cover”
Stiff Little Fingers “White Christmas”
Sid Vicious “C’mon Everybody”
Lars Frederickson and the Bastards “Mainlining Murder”
Jerky Boys “Drinking Problem”
Dickies “Silent Night”
Peter and the Test Tube Babies “Chasing Shadows”

Dead End Drive “Blue Christmas”
Al and the Black Cats “Step Into Christmas”
Red Alert “Having A Drunken Christmas”
Fear “F Christmas”
Whiskey Business “A Whiskey Christmas”
The Ick “Christmas 1984”
Pork Dukes “Mother Gave Me a Gun For Christmas”
Descendents “Christmas Vacation”
Sloppy Seconds “Hooray For Santa Claus”
Didjits “Under the Christmas Fish”
Missile Toads “Reindeer in the Night”
Evacuate “Holidays With You”
Stiff Little Fingers “White Christmas”
Fisticuffs “Santa Smells Like Whiskey”
MDC “Black Christmas”
Burl Ives “We’re A Couple Of Misfits”
Thee Headcoatees “Santa Claus”
Limecell “Christmas”

Cramps “Can’t Find My Mind”
Jim Jones Revue “Rock n Roll Psychosis”
GBH “I Am The Hunted”
The Joneses “Ms. 714”
The Briefs “Sylvia”
The Briefs “So Stupid”
Ruts “In A Rut”
Iggy and the Stooges “I Want to Be Your Dog”
HIM “Right Here in My Arms”
Ramones “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight)”
Eater “Thinking of the USA
Ultra Kings “She Never Says No”
Stray Cats “Something Is Wrong With My Radio”
CH3 “You Make Me Feel Cheap”
Gwar “School’s Out” (Alice Cooper)
UK Subs “I Live In A Car”
Deadbeats “Kill The Hippies”
MIA “All I Know”
Fear “Another Christmas Beer”
Circle Jerks “Group Sex”
Hairy Phlegmball “Cheap Beer”

Thank you for listening!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Up To No Good Radio Approved Concert Listing as of 12/10/11

Up To No Good Radio Approved Concert Listing
Listen To Up To No Good Radio Every Sunday Noon - 3 PM WLVR 91.3 FM or online at 

·         Sun 12/11   Rocket From The Tombs @ KungFuNecktie Philly PA
·         Tues 12/13  Devo @ Irving Plaza NYC

·         Thur 12/15   Ignite, Ensign, etc.. @ Barbary Philly PA
·         Fri 12/16     Devo @ Showboat Atlantic City NJ
·         Fri 12/16     Mountain of Skulls, Rough on Rats, Blind to the Fire, Ripface Invasion, Swarm of Arrows, Saints of Sorrow @ Burners Bethlehem PA (Toys For Tots Donations accepted - $3 off ticket price with a toy)

·         Sat 12/17    Jim Breuer @ Reverb, Reading PA
·         Sat 12/17    Endzone @ Blue Monkey Catty PA
·         Sat 12/17    Ultra Kings @ Grumpy’s BBQ Roadhouse Allentown PA

·         Sun 12/18   Christmas with CKY @ Reverb Reading PA
·         Fri 12/23     Brother JT and Corndogs @ Funhouse, Bethlehem PA
·         Sat 12/24    Trouble City All Stars @ Funhouse Bethlehem PA
·         Fri 12/30     Taking Back Sunday @ Croc Rock Allentown PA

Late addition: Bad American, Transmission Now, Nostalgia Crisis @ Arch St Hotel. December 30th.

·         Sat 12/31    Plow United, The Crash, 3rd Year Freshman, Jake and the Stiffs @ Note West Chester PA

·      Sat 12/31    Clutch,COC, Kyng @ The Trocadero Philly PA
·         Mon 1/2      Leftover Crack @ Barbary Philly PA
·         Sun 1/8       Lifetime @ First Unitarian Church, Philly PA (Sold Out)
·         Sat 1/14      Pissed Jeans @ Johnny Brendas Philly PA
·         Sun 1/15     In Flames, Trivium, Kyng @ Trocadero Philly PA
·         Thurs 1/26   Lamb of God @ Trocadero Philly PA
·         Tues 1/31    Anvil @ Sellersville Theatre Sellersville PA
·         Thurs 2/2     MachineHead, Suicide Silence @ Trocadero Philly PA
·         Mon 2/6      Anthrax, Testament & Death Angel @ Croc Rock Allentown PA

·         Tues 2/14    Adam Ant @ Trocadero Philly PA

·         Fri 3/2         Deicide @ Reverb Reading PA

·         Sat 3/10      Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys @ Wells Fargo Center Philly PA
·         Thurs 3/15   Henry Rollins @ Union Transfer Philly PA
·         Fri 3/23       DRI, Common Enemy @ Reverb Reading PA

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

EyeHateGod – Live @ Jimmy’s Place Allentown PA 12/3/11 Review

Skip called me one day wanting to know if I thought that booking EyeHateGod at Jimmy’s was a good idea. I almost passed out from the possibility! EyeHateGod has been on my must see live list for far too long. I treasure their records. I treasure the deep, dark, chaotic things they do to my mind when I listen to them. They play the kind of music that can take you out of your body, legs firmly attached to the ground yet your spirit is moving. They are an ingenious band that combines feedback, doom, sludge, metal, hardcore and punk into something that is simply stated, EyeHateGod. I could only imagine what they would be like live, in person, in a small venue like Jimmy’s Place.

Skip thankfully booked the show. Not only did he book EyeHateGod, but also filled out the show’s lineup with quality opening bands! I was seriously impressed with Chinga!, Bastard Thieves, Limb By Limb and Buzzherd. I had never seen any of these bands and they all killed in their own way. The diversity and quality of these bands was inspiring. Could the local scene be heading towards another pinnacle?

Chinga! plans to release their debut CD, “Relentless Culinary Assault” in March of 2012 on Born of Chaos Records. Chinga! Play straightforward powerful metal that incorporates elements of black metal, hardcore and doom.

Bastard Thieves incorporate elements of black metal but bump the effect up by also mixing in a heady, atmospheric and moody style that transitions well into the thrash attack. The facial expressions and body contortions of the guitarist/vocalist must be witnessed. Bastard Thieves is a very entertaining and talented band.

Limb By Limb is a belligerent, confrontational, dangerous metalcore style that brings to mind elements of Pantera and Hatebreed. They had CDs at the show that captures their sound very well.

Buzzherd is an impressively sick band. The vocalist reminds me of Blaine from the Accused, both with the voice and the hair. Buzzherd was a perfect way to coil up the energy before EyeHateGod.

Mike IX Williams appears to be one of the coolest front men around. His trademark vocals for EyeHateGod are a pure demonic delight over Brian Patton & Jimmy Bower’s guitar heroics. Guitars tuned down, sonic imbalance, feedback, drums and bass driving the perfect sludge and shifting into precision thrash. The crowd’s reaction was pure mayhem. People were flying everywhere, the stage was crowded, the mass of the crowd almost seemed like they were battling the soundwaves that were trying to blow them away, like trying to stand still as the ocean tries to beat you back to the beach. The security kind of took a step back and let it happen, in a “these kids are nuts” reaction. The collective sweat of the club could have changed a desert into a rain forest. This was one of the rawest, purely emotional, unified crowd reactions I have ever seen. The first time I was part of this type of energy was witnessing YDI back in the early 80s. EyeHateGod brought back those kinds of memories. This EyeHateGod show was pure mayhem. For those who possess a mind like mine, this was unadulterated joy. 


This was also one of those shows where you knew most of the people there were on a certain level of understanding. I met many interesting new people. EyeHateGod at Jimmy’s Place in Allentown was a friendly atmosphere! I chatted with some people I never met before, some from nearby scenes like Reading (Ally got up and sung while Mike took a break during one song) and some people from New Jersey. I caught up with people I have not seen in years. These types of connections made the show enjoyable on a whole other level.

Thank you to Skip for booking this show. You outdid yourself on this one sir! Thank you to EyeHateGod for taking the chance of playing Allentown (come back again real soon)! I think EyeHateGod was in as much awe as we were of just how fantastic and special an experience this was. Thank you to everyone who supported this show and held nothing back. I want to thank Brian Patton for being one of the coolest guitarists I have ever met. EyeHateGod are humble. You can tell they are one of us. They appreciated the love the crowd gave back to them. I wish I had brought a better camera to this show, but I will have the memories for a lifetime.

Frank FOE

twitter @UpToNoGoodRadio