Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adolescents "The Fastest Kid Alive" LP Review

There are no clunkers on this record. Considering the Adolescents first LP was released in 1981 (30 years ago) this is quite an amazing achievement, especially when you take into account the Adolescents many career interruptions.

Recognize that the Adolescents debut LP is the standard that all other punk and hardcore bands must be compared to.  That said,  “Inspiration”, “Wars Aren’t Won, Wars Are Fought”, “Can’t Change the World With A Song”, “No Child Left Behind”, “Serf City” and “Peace Don’t Cost a Thing” prove that the Adolescents measure up on “The Fastest Kid Alive”. They retain the ability to combine hostility, melody and hooks to make a point and do so with some down right enjoyable, skillful, punk music.

Still, if you do not own the Adolescents debut self titled LP you should add “purchase the vinyl version of Adolescents LP” to the “to do list” on whatever app you use to keep track of your modern life. The Adolescents LP is a record you are undoubtedly obligated to own. Once you own that, you are obligated to get this one. I had to drop import priced cash on this, but it was worth it. There is a bit of nostalgia tugging at my heart, proof that the old folks can still hold their own, that we are not alone in growing up decades removed from our adolescent hardcore roots of the 1980s.  

Tony Reflex (aka Anthony Brandenburg, Tony Cadena, Tony Montana & Tony Adolescent) still has a great way with words. The tracks on “The Fastest Kid Alive” reflect the world chaos that greets us every morning as we awake from the night’s rest. I treasure this great record.

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  1. Frank, obviously The Blue Album is in a class all by itself, but how would you say Fastest Kid Alive measures up against OC Confidential? I think Kid is a better, more consistent recording and Tony's vocals are better on it. OC's good as well though. Thoughts?