Monday, February 18, 2019

Savage Beat "Wired"

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl
Released: February 01, 2019

Savage Beat are from Amsterdam, Holland. "Wired" is their debut LP after and EP and compilation tracks. While this is 2019, the Savage Beat take me back. 

Driving punk that sounds like it was recorded during the golden years. Pulling worldwide influences from Saints, Wire, Hellacopters, Blitz, Ruts, Kids, The Jam, The Viletones and the Wretched Ones that results in a pure 70s punk riot of a good time. 

When a band makes me want to see out the physical, to get the music on vinyl, you know I love it. I need to get this on vinyl.

This is tough punk music, filled with attitude that demands to be played loudly! Every song hits the target!

"Wired" is already a candidate for Best of 2019!

Marko's vocals are gruff and on point. Steven and Paul play off of each other on guitar like any classic punk rock duo. Rogier (bass) and Lionn (drums) drive the songs like a machine and while a definitely a punk band, the rhythm section is as powerful as Motorhead or MC5. 

Take a listen to "Tar and Feathers" to hear why I think they compare to the mighty Wretched Ones!

Thank you Rebellion for putting out such a quality release! Thank you Savage Beat for making my life that much better!


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