Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Insanity Alert "666-Pack"

Seasons of the Mist
Released: January 25, 2019

Insanity Alert are an Austrian crossover thrash metal band.  The Dave Of Death (guitar, choreography), Don Melanzani (drums, percussion), Heavy Kevy (vocals, propaganda) and MC Brownnose (bass) rip through the 22 songs on "666-Pack" in 33 minutes. Of course a few of those songs are genius in just a few seconds. "8 Bit Brutality" is a hysterical 8 seconds long. "Stop... Slammertime" is 9 seconds long, and a classic.

Musically and sonically, Insanity Alert bring together massive influences such as Municipal Waste, SOD, Iron Reagan, DRI, AC and Gang Green. Beer and thrash. 

Check the video for "All Mosh/No Brain":

Lyrically I appreciate Insanity Alert's humor and the points they make. 

Obviously the title ("666-Pack") is great. "Chronic State of Hate", "A Skullcrushin' Good Time", "Why So Beerious?" and "Saturday Grind Fever" are precious, pit instigating tracks. "I Come / I F*ck Sh*t Up / I Leave" is an instant thrash high-water mark. 

Insanity Alert's "The Body of the Christ is the Parasite" lyric video is below and the point is... well... on point.

After seeing someone's face get totally smashed, with enough blood on the floor it looked like the aftermath of a hockey high stick bloodying the ice, I despise the windmill karate dancers even more than the first time I witnessed them at a Cannibal Corpse show so long ago... So I am all on board with "Windmilli Vanilli".

Windmilli Vanilli
Stupid posers at the show
Everybody hates them so
Karate moves do not belong
This is thrash, you double-dong!
Bring me the heads of Windmilli Vanilli
Bring me the heads of Windmilli Vanilli
Windmilli Vanilli, they must die
Why the f*ck they're even there?
For the music? They don't care!
Violent dancing is no fun
The pit belongs to everyone

See you in the pit... well, maybe more like near the pit... I am 52 after all....


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