Friday, January 25, 2019

UV Rays "Flowerhead"

Released: January 25, 2019

My email tends to get flooded with publicity type emails. The ones with downloads usually catch my eye and I give them my time. 

I received an email about UV Rays without a download. So typically, I would probably not even bother as I am already behind on things I want to review and help publicize without having to do additional "work" (hardly, this is one of my creative outlets that gives me great pleasure).

But two things caught my curiosity in those five seconds I give a band a chance in a "non-download" email:

#1 The band's name. UV Rays. Simply because I saw "UV" and my mind went to this other band I like, called UV Race. I thought, wonder if UV Rays know about UV Race?

#2 The charm in the photo of the band sucked me in:

The facial expressions of the band members on each end. The white boots, the tattoo just above the boot, the cropped hair, hoop earrings and just everything about Erica Warner's style. And then there is that spectacular mustache.   

So I clicked on the link for the video. (So yes, in this world of endless sources and options for your music, you just never know what will tickle someone's fancy and grab their attention to make them pause and investigate rather than delete and go on to the next thing). I suggest you click on the video below:

Oh my god. I just love this song. Love this video. Watched it a dozen times instead of going to sleep. Then watched it again.

I am taken back to when I used to see Velocity Girl and Superchunk live every other month. When I listened to the Swirlies "What To Do About Them" endlessly, even though I didn't really listen to that type of music

Drummer / vocalist Erica Warner, bassist / vocalist Tim Marchetta-Wood, and I believe guitarist / vocalist Adrien DeFontaine sound so perfect when they sing together.  The music just flows perfectly. It gels (a word which here means a project or idea that takes a definite form and works well)! Adrien, guitarist Danny Sullivan, Tim and Erica have enchanted (a word which here means filled with great delight) me with "Flowerhead". I look forward to hearing much more!

I'm not sure how to state this, but Erica rules. Not only does she have style, rocks the kit, sings in a distinctively appealing manner, but she also drops the f-bomb in the song. Killer.     

The charm, energy and hooks this band delivers makes me want to see them live! 

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is to share music I love with people who might also love the music as I do. Thank you UV Rays for giving me the opportunity to love and share your music. 

The band's debut EP, "Try and Begin", is due out March 1st. 

For now, download the three songs on their bandcamp page and tell them you love them as much as I do.


UV Rays FB
UV Rays Bandcamp

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