Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Insanity Alert "666-Pack"

Seasons of the Mist
Released: January 25, 2019

Insanity Alert are an Austrian crossover thrash metal band.  The Dave Of Death (guitar, choreography), Don Melanzani (drums, percussion), Heavy Kevy (vocals, propaganda) and MC Brownnose (bass) rip through the 22 songs on "666-Pack" in 33 minutes. Of course a few of those songs are genius in just a few seconds. "8 Bit Brutality" is a hysterical 8 seconds long. "Stop... Slammertime" is 9 seconds long, and a classic.

Musically and sonically, Insanity Alert bring together massive influences such as Municipal Waste, SOD, Iron Reagan, DRI, AC and Gang Green. Beer and thrash. 

Check the video for "All Mosh/No Brain":

Lyrically I appreciate Insanity Alert's humor and the points they make. 

Obviously the title ("666-Pack") is great. "Chronic State of Hate", "A Skullcrushin' Good Time", "Why So Beerious?" and "Saturday Grind Fever" are precious, pit instigating tracks. "I Come / I F*ck Sh*t Up / I Leave" is an instant thrash high-water mark. 

Insanity Alert's "The Body of the Christ is the Parasite" lyric video is below and the point is... well... on point.

After seeing someone's face get totally smashed, with enough blood on the floor it looked like the aftermath of a hockey high stick bloodying the ice, I despise the windmill karate dancers even more than the first time I witnessed them at a Cannibal Corpse show so long ago... So I am all on board with "Windmilli Vanilli".

Windmilli Vanilli
Stupid posers at the show
Everybody hates them so
Karate moves do not belong
This is thrash, you double-dong!
Bring me the heads of Windmilli Vanilli
Bring me the heads of Windmilli Vanilli
Windmilli Vanilli, they must die
Why the f*ck they're even there?
For the music? They don't care!
Violent dancing is no fun
The pit belongs to everyone

See you in the pit... well, maybe more like near the pit... I am 52 after all....


Insanity Alert FB
Season of Mist FB
Season of Mist

The Reapers "Rip It Up"

"Rip It Up"
Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl
Released: February 01, 2019

I must admit, this type of music makes me crazy (in a very positive way)!
Hypes me up, gives me energy like a B-12 shot! The Reapers take the old oi sounds of Last Resort, hype it up with a ton of rock n roll energy ala Rose Tattoo and blast through with a Templars and Maddog Surrender spirit. 

Check the tracklist, The Reapers are not messing around:

Things Are Bad (Intro)
Ugly Mug
Always The Underdog
Never Change
The Righteous Ones
Wrong Side Of The River
Sirens Of Sorrow
On Our Own
Saturday Night

Self described as "Working Class Street Punk from Utrecht/Rotterdam, The Netherlands", this entire album inspires an old school circle pit with singalong chorus' and good times. Take a listen to "Ultra Violence" for example. If it does not make you feel like jumping in the circle pit at some dive bar, I feel bad for you! Wishing The Reapers were a local band I could see on a monthly basis!

Adrenaline is known as the “fight-or-flight" hormone. The Reapers are the adrenaline soundtrack. Listen to "Sirens of Sorrow", with the lyric, "Sirens of sorrow, you better f*cking run or there will be no tomorrow" (don't have a lyric sheet so I might have heard that wrong). Fight or flight man! Whew!

The opening riff of "Sirens of Sorrow" is sooooo Rose Tattoo. Love it!

"Wrong Side of the River" even has a "1-2 F*ck You"! Classic. Little things that make me happy!

I am listening to this digitally. If you know me, I need to get this on vinyl. I feel ridiculous not dropping a needle on this. Love "Rip It Up". 

The intro track to this album is the first minute and a quarter from the video below. It is from the movie "Network" (1976) about "a television network that cynically exploits a deranged former anchor's ravings and revelations about the news media for its own profit". 

That first 1:17 minutes exemplifies the fuel of The Reapers. "I'm As Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!"

This Means War "Heart Strings" LP

"Heart Strings"
Pirates Press Records
Released: January 11, 2019

I absolutely love all eleven tracks on This Means War's "Heart Strings: Punk From The Lowlands".

Melodic punk rock with enough edge that you will find it necessary to play very loud. The sound is meant to be shared!

I hear influences ranging that include Bouncing Souls ("What Are Friends For" and "Pressure"), Agnostic Front ("Hang 'em High"), 7 Seconds ("Why We Fight") Dropkick Murphys ("Devil in Disguise") and of course they name drop Cock Sparrer (an obvious influence) in the song "Unseen". "Forever" is a downright magnificent, motivational singalong anthem packed album that would make any Cock Sparrer fan get the chills.

Hailing from Belgium, Bert Van Dyck (vocals), Robbie Jennekens and Dave Moors (guitars), Carlo Geerlings (bass) and Dries Van Dyck (drums) have put together a complete album, full of energetic, melodic, powerful, feel-good songs. Each song is a standalone great. When put together as an entire album, it becomes a must own punk treasure which should go down as one of the best of 2019!

If you doubt me, head on over to Away From Life and give the stream a listen. Then order up the vinyl at Pirates Press Records! 
"Heartstrings" has made my day, several days this year already! 


Monday, February 18, 2019

Savage Beat "Wired"

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl
Released: February 01, 2019

Savage Beat are from Amsterdam, Holland. "Wired" is their debut LP after and EP and compilation tracks. While this is 2019, the Savage Beat take me back. 

Driving punk that sounds like it was recorded during the golden years. Pulling worldwide influences from Saints, Wire, Hellacopters, Blitz, Ruts, Kids, The Jam, The Viletones and the Wretched Ones that results in a pure 70s punk riot of a good time. 

When a band makes me want to see out the physical, to get the music on vinyl, you know I love it. I need to get this on vinyl.

This is tough punk music, filled with attitude that demands to be played loudly! Every song hits the target!

"Wired" is already a candidate for Best of 2019!

Marko's vocals are gruff and on point. Steven and Paul play off of each other on guitar like any classic punk rock duo. Rogier (bass) and Lionn (drums) drive the songs like a machine and while a definitely a punk band, the rhythm section is as powerful as Motorhead or MC5. 

Take a listen to "Tar and Feathers" to hear why I think they compare to the mighty Wretched Ones!

Thank you Rebellion for putting out such a quality release! Thank you Savage Beat for making my life that much better!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Alone In A Crowd Philadelphia 2019

February 16, 2019
First Unitarian Church

This was a benefit for Howie. We were in the same band many years ago called MUGFACE.

He is of course more well known for his time in Alone In A Crowd!

Some of our friends wanted me to live stream this on FB. I told you there would be videos up as many people were filming this event. So here you go.

These are the first I have found! Will add more as I find them.

If you still want to help out Howie, head on over to the GO FUND ME Page for Howie.

From that page:

Howard (“Howie”) Wallen needs your help. He would not ask for himself, so we are doing it for him.

Howie played guitar with us in Alone In A Crowd 30 years ago. He is now a macrobiotic chef, with a wife and a teenage daughter. In the spring of 2017, Howie was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma: a slow growing tumor originating off of the auditory nerve between his inner ear and his brain. The tumor affected his balance and ability to walk and caused right side functional deficits. In May 2017, he underwent a 6.5 hour surgery that was supposed to have him back up and running in a month…

The surgery, which left him deaf in his right ear, did not remove all of the tumor… and it is growing back. Howie now suffers from chronic debilitating headaches; loss of balance; cognitive, memory and speech deficits; a tremor in his right arm and hand; vision problems; facial numbness; extreme fatigue, anxiety and, understandably, depression. With these disabilities he cannot work, and that has hit his family very hard. And, as the tumor grows, Howie’s symptoms will only get worse. If left unchecked, Howie’s condition is fatal. 

So, Howie must have another surgery, this time a 10 hour surgery, followed by radiation treatment. We can only hope that after this he will improve… but there is no guarantee.

Let’s let Howie and his family know that they are not alone during this ordeal. After 30 years, Alone In A Crowd is getting back together again to play a one-time benefit show for him on February 16, 2019 at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.  We hope you will show your support and come. If you can’t, you can still donate to this fundraiser we have set up for him.

For Howie,



Sunday, February 3, 2019

Dad Brains / Ramoms "MerryXmas"

"Merry Xmas" 7"/download
Pirates Press Records
Released: December 14, 2018
I hope that you have discovered the Dad Brains. The Dad Brains is "Hardcore Punk made by Dads, about Dads, for everyone!" I just love them. Check out their EP, released in June of 2018, on their bandcamp page:

This split EP with the Ramoms has the Dad Brains covering Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized" with the lyrics changed to support their "It's Christmas Time" and continued "hardcore/punk dad" themes. Check out the crucial video:

"The Grinch" is equally awesome Dad Brains. Love their take on punk and hardcore. I put it right up there with Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and Manic Hispanic. 

The Ramoms are up and coming Philly legends. All "mom" (I'm not sure they are all moms) band doing Ramones covers. Vocals are handled by Jodi, who used to live in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania and is one of my favorite people on the planet. She is married to singer/guitarist Jonathan of Duffy's Cut (also a fan-freakin-tastic band). Drums are handled by Ginger of The Droogettes (if you have read this blog at all, you know I LOVE Philly's Droogettes).

"Lego Blocks" is set to "Chinese Rocks" and "Merry Christmas" is of course the legendary Ramones "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)". 

This is a mandatory record on so many levels. 

I know it is past Christmas 2018. But there is still snow on the ground in Pennsylvania so you can rekindle that Holiday spirit. Or start your Christmas 2019 shopping early and get this record for everyone who would enjoy a quality, fun, holiday slab of vinyl that should appeal to moms, dads, kids, Christmas record fans, vinyl junkies, Ramones and Suicidal Tendencies fans and anyone with a sense of humor!


Landfill Crew "Landfill Crew"

"Landfill Crew"
Hellcat Records/Pirates Press Records
Released: January 29, 2019

Tim Armstrong's latest project. The Landfill Crew is a fictional animated punk rock band set in the 1980s. It reminds me of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, you know, except that the Landfill Crew is punk.  

Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Operation Ivy, The Transplants...), is Bagga and Tippa Lee is Hux as the lead vocalists of Landfill Crew. 

Tippa Lee is one of Tim's favorite Jamaican vocalists that has been recording reggae music in Kingston since the early 80s. 

Check this video of Tippa Lee's "Mi Nah Call the Police":

J Bonner (The Aggrolites) animated the videos and helped develop the characters. 

This is available as a four song, double 7". And it is as amazing as you'd assume it would be! The undeniably original sound and style of Tim's vocals, uplifting fun times punk rock, that mixes all the styles Rancid and Tim have been known to do... just a fantastic project! The theme song, "Landfill Crew" is an instant classic.

Check the videos below. Love the circle pit in the backyard! 

The full lineup of Landfill Crew is Tippa Lee (Vocals), Tim Timebomb (Vocals / Guitar), Kevin Bivona (Bass / Background Vocals), Dash Hutton (Drums / Background Vocals) and John Morrical (Piano / Melodica).