Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Reapers "Rip It Up"

"Rip It Up"
Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl
Released: February 01, 2019

I must admit, this type of music makes me crazy (in a very positive way)!
Hypes me up, gives me energy like a B-12 shot! The Reapers take the old oi sounds of Last Resort, hype it up with a ton of rock n roll energy ala Rose Tattoo and blast through with a Templars and Maddog Surrender spirit. 

Check the tracklist, The Reapers are not messing around:

Things Are Bad (Intro)
Ugly Mug
Always The Underdog
Never Change
The Righteous Ones
Wrong Side Of The River
Sirens Of Sorrow
On Our Own
Saturday Night

Self described as "Working Class Street Punk from Utrecht/Rotterdam, The Netherlands", this entire album inspires an old school circle pit with singalong chorus' and good times. Take a listen to "Ultra Violence" for example. If it does not make you feel like jumping in the circle pit at some dive bar, I feel bad for you! Wishing The Reapers were a local band I could see on a monthly basis!

Adrenaline is known as the “fight-or-flight" hormone. The Reapers are the adrenaline soundtrack. Listen to "Sirens of Sorrow", with the lyric, "Sirens of sorrow, you better f*cking run or there will be no tomorrow" (don't have a lyric sheet so I might have heard that wrong). Fight or flight man! Whew!

The opening riff of "Sirens of Sorrow" is sooooo Rose Tattoo. Love it!

"Wrong Side of the River" even has a "1-2 F*ck You"! Classic. Little things that make me happy!

I am listening to this digitally. If you know me, I need to get this on vinyl. I feel ridiculous not dropping a needle on this. Love "Rip It Up". 

The intro track to this album is the first minute and a quarter from the video below. It is from the movie "Network" (1976) about "a television network that cynically exploits a deranged former anchor's ravings and revelations about the news media for its own profit". 

That first 1:17 minutes exemplifies the fuel of The Reapers. "I'm As Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!"

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