Sunday, June 18, 2017

Violated Records

Pat of Violated Records once made me a cassette of the Eater discography back in the day when you did that sort of thing. So this was B.I. (before internet). He did this for me as I was having a tough time finding all the records. Pat is the biggest Eater fan I know! Luckily I have much Eater on vinyl now. I still have that cassette, a keepsake for sure!

Pat has a few records that are coming out on his label that you should pay attention to.

First up is the Zex record. Go check out my write up of their LP "Fight For Yourself" at this link: ZEX
"No Sanctuary/Time" 7" is available now in olive green, Easter yellow and black splatter, or transparent blood red with white splatter vinyl. Pat also offers a deal if you buy all three colors.

Later in June Violated will release records by Eater and Foreign Legion!

Pat's wife Rachel is in the Droogettes and she is busy too! 

Test presses are in for a split record with The Droogettes and Vice Squad as evidenced by this photo with a test press in hand!

The Droogettes will be in Allentown PA on July 8 and will be playing the Rebellion fest this year!

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Frank FOE