Sunday, December 20, 2015

Plow United / The Headies split 7"

Plow United / The Headies
Split 7"
Self Aware Records
Released: May 2, 2015

I do not know how it took me seven months to find out Plow United released this 7" back in May. 

i once put released a Plow United related record on FOE records. I'm friends with Plow United gentlemen on facebook. I don't know. Maybe some internet program blocked this from me. Maybe you too, which is why I am letting you know this is out and that this split 7" should end up in your record collection.

All I know is that I am glad I finally got this record. Both Plow United and The Headies construct and perform amazing, memorable, driving punk songs. Plow United has always been something special and these tracks keep that tradition. I can't help but feel good about life when I listen to Plow United. These guys have some magic between them. The Headies are a bonus pop-punk-treat for me as I don't know much about them and am glad I am starting to awaken from my slumber.

Great record.

7" Pressing information:
First Pressing: 200 light blue, 200 light green, 100 clear.

Give it a listen and grab the vinyl!

Frank FOE

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

F.O.D. / The Dead Milkmen split 7"

F.O.D / The Dead Milkmen
split 7" / download
SRA Records
Released: October 30, 2015

The first Philly hardcore band I remember seeing live in the early 1980s was YDI. They opened the hardcore door for Frank FOE.

F.O.D. and The Dead Milkmen were probably the next two Philly bands I witnessed live. I am pretty sure F.O.D. holds the record for "the band most often witnessed by Frank FOE". I have no idea how many times I have seen F.O.D. 1982 through 2015. If Russian Meatsquats practices count, then the record might be held by those Lehigh Valley PA legends... or maybe Weston... 


The "story" of this split record goes as follows:

This is a lost record from 1985. We didn’t find the tapes, or the reels, we found the actual records!!! This was recorded and pressed sometime in 1985 for the Datchord label. While working on The Great Rock N Raoul Swindle comp tape, the Datchord label decided it was probably a good idea to make a “real record” if they wanted people to take them seriously. They got their good friends FOD and THE DEAD MILKMEN to record tracks for a split 7″. Both bands handed in their tracks but it never materialized. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the guys from Datchord had talked a young friend into financing the record on his parent’s credit card unbeknownst to them. Unfortunately the shipment of records and the invoice showed up at their house while the young man was at school but his folks were home. The parents told him they sent the records back the pressing plant, but here 30 years later, that young man has come home to help his folks move into an assisted living home only to find the records, the plates and the original xeroxed art for the cover in the back of the basement!!! He turned them over to the bands and here they are! We assembled the records and they are ready for your listening enjoyment!

In reality, the facts are that FLAG OF DEMOCRACY (F.O.D.) recently recorded "Valedictorian", "Defective Service" and "Quit Your Culture" and the Dead Milkmen recorded "If the Kids Could Git Together". All of these songs, the 7" packaging, the lyrics printed on the sleeve, takes me back to the early - mid 1980s. The FOD songs are blistering fast and with early '80s 7" typical production values. These old men play these three tracks as if they should have been on the legendary/classic "Love Songs" 7" from 1984. "Defective Service" has that classic, set the blender on the fastest speed sound. Amazing. You have to hear this! The lyrics also recall topics as if the old men of FOD were back in high school ripping things up, rather than being the doctors, lawyers and chiefs that they turned out to be (still ripping things up) along with being one of the longest standing hardcore bands EVER. Screw your culture, the american dream, your elitist clique and doing what you are told. Don't follow the map.

The Dead Milkmen continue with the vintage theme. "If the Kids Could Git Together" could have easily been on the 1985 LP "Big Lizard in My Backyard". Fun, enjoyable, catchy perfection. 

One of the best records of the year!

Thank you SRA, FOD and Dead Milkmen! Love this record!

Frank FOE

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Punk Aid 4: Autism Breaking the Silence

Not going to stand here and review 130 bands, just trust me, this comp is amazing and you will love it. If you find a band or song you don't like, delete that particular song from your ipod or itunes just like you deleted that U2 album. I haven't found a delete worthy song yet though... 

While I won't stand here and give a band by band review, I will stand here and try to convince you to paypal $8 (that is 6.1538 cents per song) to Mike Virus in support of this amazing thing he has put together with all proceeds to be donated to the Autism Science Foundation. 

From Mike:

A year ago i was inspired to make the next Punk Aid compilation benefit autism research. The number of people living with an autism spectrum disorder are growing at a rate of 6-15 percent each year. 

As of 2015, 1 in 68 children in the U.S has an autism spectrum disorder. Quite a jump from 2 years ago when the number was 1 in 88 and an if you go back to 2007 that number was 1 in 150. Autism is on the rise but it is not clear if the statistics reflect a growing awareness of autism, of if there is some other factors causing the increase. 

Many of us know autistic individuals or know people who have autistic children. Currently there is no cure and research is critical to finding a cure. 

This compilation brings together punk bands from all over the globe creating the largest international charitable compilation of its kind. We stand together to give back to our community and to help find a cure for autism. All proceeds with be donated to the Autism Science Foundation. 

My hope is that we find a cure in our lifetimes, and that Punk Aid will continue to inspire punk rockers to realize that the world is ours to fix and make better.

Punk, Proud and Positive! 

Michael Rothstein 

"Mike Virus"

This worldwide compilation comes across like a modern day Bad Compilation Tape. On top of the handful of bands you already know, you are introduced to a plethora of amazing bands you never heard of, from places you have never been, but are linked to by our mutual love of hardcore/punk. 

Please, spend the $8. You'll be glad you did as this is an amazing compilation!

Bands in order as they appear on the compilation:

Lapinpolthajat (Finland) - Veepee Saunoo
No Name (China) - Real Punk Noise
Psyk Ward (USA) - Asylum
Bargain Bin Heroes (USA) - Full House
The Defects (Northern Ireleand) - Repentagon
Direct Disregard (Canada) - Scared of the Skinheads
Yorkshire Rats - Sea of Souls
Riposte (France) - Avoid
Chorea Huntington (Germany) - Huntington's Disease
Rust (Australia) - A Shadow On The Pier
Brown Plaid (USA) - Hippies
Sniper 66 (USA) - Society
Monster Squad (USA) - All These Things
Obserd (Australia) - Cuts and Bruises
Primitive Pact (USA) - Acid Rain
Drongos For Europe (England) - Hope and Glory
Panx Romana (Greece) - Paramana
Offset Era (USA) - Let Go
Strike Back (China) - R.P.F.W
Call The Cops (Italy) - They Believe
Yum-Yuckers (USA) - You're Next
Total Galau (Indonesia) - Makan
The Beatdowns (USA) - No Back Down
Your Last Rights (USA) - Rot Your Fucking Lungs Out
Topnovil (Australia) - No Compromise
Funeral Dress (Belgium) - California
Axiom (USA) - Eco Punk
Broken Bones (England) - Tread On Me
Fehlschuss (Germany) - Gerechtigkeit
Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat (Finland) - Mechelininkadulla
English Dogs (England) - The Thing Will Arise
The Danzas (USA) - Blossom
Street Threat (USA) - Alive
Secondhand Destruction (USA) - Necromancer
Infirmities (USA) - Book of Revelation
Crashed Out (England) - Break It Down
Oi Polloi (Scotland) - Linux
The Bad Engrish (USA) - Sorry Mom
Thulsa Doom (USA) - Reigning Bullshit
Putasos (USA) - 40 Oz
Daybreak (Australia) - Solitary
Enatizo (Spain) - Nada que perder
WKSJ (USA) - We Are Not The Youth
Acidez (Mexico) - Inadaptados
Apathy Cycle (USA) - Hearsay
Corrupted Youth (USA) - War
Vieja Estirpe (Puerto Rico) - Las Puertas Al Mas Alla
Rejected Scums (Singapore) - Last Chance to Say Goodbye
M.S.A (Canada) - Going Nowhere
The Afterdrive (USA) - Lets Dont
Dirty Work (Canada) - Rash Boogie
Tv Tragedy (USA) - Burning From Within
The Cg's (USA) - Doogits
Agnostic Blunt (USA) - For the Blunts
Spent Idols (USA) - Stolen Heart
Evacuate (USA) - Blood Money
Los Moruchos (USA) - Closing In
Blood N Beer (USA) - Just Another Show
Cheap Sex (USA) - Look Inside
Dysfunctional Youth (USA) - Money Cant Buy Class
Haggard Wulf (USA) - Ride Into The Night
Special Duties (England) - I Am The Curse
Blato Idea (England) - A New Order
Systematic Abuse (USA) - Slasher
August Ruins (USA) - Everyone Else
Uprising Punx (Italy) - Social Decay
Ravagers (USA) - Natural Instinct
Informal Society (USA) - Inside Looking Out
Charge 69 (France) - Triste Romance
Chad Bandit (USA) - Summer Anthem
The Casualties (USA) - Countdown To Tomorrow
Crooked Cobras (USA) - Beer The Reaper
Revolt (USA) - If You're Not Pist (You're Not Paying Attention)
Rukus (Australia) - Attitude
The Seks (USA) - The Outcasts
Pedestrian Unrest (USA) - Pogo And Skank
Fester Youth (USA) - United
Them Creatures (USA) - Sinners And Saints
Anti-Vision (USA) - Blow Me (UP)
Billyclub (England) - Dont Touch Me
Blood Crest (Indonesia) - This Is Blood
Askerosamente Repugnante (Chile) - La Orden Del Kaos
Dead End Age (USA) - Stop Stealing My Van
Radical Fun Time (USA) - Frozen Tundra
The Insaniacs (Canada) - The Human
Frontex (Germany) - Wohlstandspiraten
Nervous Assistant (Germany) - Question of Time
Oddball (USA) - Safe Bet
Zex (Canada) - Fear No Man
The Whiskey Dickers (USA) - You're Just a Clone
Elisha Cause (USA) - Amount to Nothing
Atrofia (Colombia) - Bioterrorismo
Suburban Uproar (Italy) - Hate at First Sight
Der Gierige Diktator (Germany) - Don't Call The Police
Temple of Dagon (USA) - Nexus of Reality
Public Nuisance (USA) - Run n Hide
Just War (Czech Republic) - Cards and Dice
Anti-Venom (Mexico) - Symptoms of Our Trading System
The Rotten Blue Menace (USA) - Never Give Up
Moral Decline (USA) - Habitual Line Crosser
Monday Morning Justice (South Africa) - Calling in Psych
Mass Terror (USA) - Punx Unite
Nitro Injekzia (Russia) - No Borders
Abiotx (USA) - Creatures Call
Derelyction (Germany) - Like Moths To The Flame
Cult Killers (Australia) - LIFE IS
Harry The Loser (USA) - These 6 Strings
PMA (USA) - Black Sheep
Deranged Youth (USA) - Punchdrunk and Bloodthirsty-Underdosing on Understanding
Age Of Fear (USA) - Born In Darkness
Beau Austin (USA) - Flaws
The Steady 45s (USA) - Momma Said
Thorazine (USA) - It'll Never Be Alright
The Black Bullets (England) - Sin Seeker
FTS (USA) - Empty Skulls
The Bunny Gang (USA) - We Are The Ones
The Horribles (USA) - Punk Rock Tune
Rotten UK (USA) - Siouxsie Sioux
False Profit (USA) - Black Coat Suaves
Rhyhmic Asylum (USA) - Unweclome Guests
Ravish Warriors (USA) - Punx And Thrashers
Insurgent (USA) - Concealed
The New Enemy (Canada) - Dark Side of the Swoon
Disservice (USA) - Stolen Years
Strawberry Fist Cake (Australia) - Cancers A Jerk
Demerit (China) - Childhood Nightmare
Chemical X (USA) - Too Far Gone
The 40 Ouncers (USA) - Vida
4 Minute Warning (USA) - Terminal Disease
Blanks 77 (USA) Political Violence

I now have to find more material by some of these bands that I have just been introduced to...

Frank FOE

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