Friday, October 2, 2020

Antagonizers ATL "Black Clouds"

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"Black Clouds"
 feat. Matt Henson from NOi!SE
Released: October 2, 2020

Any time I get the chance to hear a new Antagonizers ATL song, I'll take it. As this is my first post, post COVID19 start, this is a great place to reboot the blog.

"Black Clouds" is an advance single, preview track from their next album, "Kings" due out in 2021. Check the track below:

When I think of Antagonizers ATL, my first thought is to Anti-Heros, who were also from Atlanta. Love Anti-Heros albums on LINK records. Feel like there is a link from the Anti-Heros to this 2020 version of street punk.

Anyway, the Antagonizers are now a six piece. That is crazy. I once saw 76% Uncertain at City Gardens when they had three guitarists. That was ridiculous, but amazingly ridiculous. 

Guest vocals from fellow Pirates Press Records labelmate Matt Henson of NOi!SE is just pure icing on the cake. Keep your eye out for pre-orders, as you know Pirates Press Records will have some amazing vinyl and packaging!

Looking forward to seeing Antagonizers ATL live, post-COVID19.

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