Saturday, June 23, 2018

MONSTER SQUAD "Depression" review

Pirates Press Records
Released: May 25, 2018

Monster Squad, from Vacaville California, capture the chaotic, hyper, hardcore street punk energy that sticks in my mind and soul like the viscous, tacky feel that stuck to everything in the "venues" from the warehouse and squat scene.  

Coarse, raspy, shouted vocals over abrasive, magical hardcore punk rock, that has occasional leaks of melodic, brilliant hooks that lead to actual great grooves! Think somewhere between Rudimentary Peni and Casualties.

Lyrically, these songs hit that scene and punk in general with a heartfelt and honest approach to the trappings of depression, addiction and dealing with life's obstacles and troubling situations. 

As a sober man of 27 years, I love the bold and sincere lyrics of "Desolation" and the outpouring in vocalist Phil's account of overdosing from mixing alcohol and opiates on the LP insert. Check them in the images below. To include communication in this manner is honorable, moving and inspirational. 

They even got Winston Smith to do some artwork for them! Monster Squad also enlisted some artistic assistance from Bryan Lothian (A Global Threat) and Mike “Rufio” Kadomiya (Life Is Posers).

Monster Squad's "Depression" LP is a punk, rocking prize. Check the high octane power of "Never Learn", the positive agitation of "Desolation", the hardcore punk classic "Withheld Forgiveness", the musically adventurous "Endless War" and the relentless resolution that is "Internal War".

Frank FOE

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