Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Secret Cutter "Quantum Eraser" review

Secret Cutter
"Quantum Eraser"
Distribution through Deathwish Inc. in North America
Distribution through Holy Roar Records for Europe.
Release date: Friday, July 6th 2018

An endless, continuous rain of tractor trailers from the sky. The earth opening up to grind and swallow the now useless vehicles with giant metal gears, crashing and rotating, breaking down the mass of metal into oblivion. Car shredder noise times a thousand. The chaos, the volume, the ridiculousness of it all is how I visually describe Secret Cutter's second LP.


I have no idea what the hell Ekim is screaming about. No freaking clue. Doesn't matter because the impact of the sound of the vocals meshes along with drums (Jared) and guitar (Evan) to form an aural interpretation of industrial machinery pummeling everything within reach.

To my ears, this is as much Unsane type noise rock as it is industrial music, which I was first introduced to via the "Dry Lungs" compilations so many years ago. A noise/industrial fusion if you will. In my opinion, the mechanical brutality differentiates Secret Cutter from the onslaught of metal noise rock bands existing today. These eleven tracks seek to beat you into submission, within 30 minutes, with a sound that captures the bleak, violent, desolate, hopelessness of the cartoon imagery that was a part of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". 

Hailing from Bethlehem PA, Secret Cutter's sound can be likened to the giant remnants of the steel industry that have become part of the landscape ("re-purposed") of their hometown. Giant machines longing, aching to utilize the potential force.

Now to get my hands on this on the preferred vinyl format. 
300 pressed on white, 450 clear, ships around July 5, 2018.

Frank FOE

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