Sunday, June 3, 2018

Berthold CIty "Moment of Truth" review

Berthold City
"Moment Of Truth"
War Records
Released: Friday, March 30th 2018

"I started the band because I was frustrated about the current state of hardcore and I felt like I could make a positive impact and lead by example,” says Andrew Kline.

photo by Tyler Ross

Kline, guitarist for straight edge hardcore legends Strife, handles the vocals for Berthold City. 

I remember hearing Minor Threat for the first time. 

I remember hearing Youth of Today for the first time. 

I remember hearing Berthold City for the first time.

Each had a different, major impact on me. 

Minor Threat was like an explosion for me as a teenager. Still being a youngster, getting in to hardcore, my mind was blown by this band that was completely different from the Dead Kennedys, DRI, Circle Jerks and Black Flag. Oh I was so in love with hardcore.

The twenty year old, hearing Youth of Today for the first time was completely blown away and my attention was caught by this true force. I probably overplayed Youth of Today on my radio shows, but hell, I loved that band.

The fifty something year old me, hearing Berthold City, has me agreeing with Kline's words at the beginning of this review, the current state of hardcore is frustrating and I love that he is leading by example.

photo by Tyler Ross

I have listened to these 11 minutes (six songs) over and over and over. 

This is ripping hardcore. Stands up to Youth of Today as far as being on point, blistering, aggressive hardcore. I hear this and I am transported back in time to Wallys Place in Bethlehem or Oliver J's in Allentown Pennsylvania back in that day.

photo by Dan Rawe

This is a joy to my ears. Motivational, emotional and poignant hardcore, the likes of that I haven't heard in years.  Perfectly written and executed hardcore. 

These six tracks have been added to the soundtrack of my life. 

Thank you Berthold City!

Andrew Kline – vocals
John Eightclip – bass
Adam Galindo – drums
Dennis McDonald – guitars
Devin Vale – guitars

Frank FOE

photo by Dan Patrick

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