Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kohti Tuhoa "Rutiinin Orja"

Kohti Tuhoa
"Rutiinin Orja"
Southern Lord
Released: July 29, 2016
Finnish Hardcore. 

This brings me back to the 1980's when I used to mailorder records from Finland and Sweden. I'd wrap my cash up and send it away. Wonderful records would greet me at my mailbox.

Kohti Tuhoa captures all the best of classic d-beat, Japanese, Finnish and Swedish hardcore perfectly. Yes, Dbeat from Japan, Finland and Sweden in a blender. I'm in love.

Helena's vocals are amazing. The beats and guitars relentless. This pays tribute to the obvious roots, but with 2016 results. F*<&in' hell this is brutal.

Love this record. Makes me crazy. Wanna smash it up.

Southern Lord is releasing "Rutiinin Orja" on digital and LP formats in North America while Svart handles Europe. Southern Lord will also issue a worldiwde CD pressing that also contains the band’s previously-released 7".

Frank FOE

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