Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Strike "Oi Collection"

The Strike
"The Oi Collection"
Violated Records
Released: March 30, 2016

When I was a youngster back in the early 80s, everyone I knew who was getting into punk rock purchased a copy of the compilation "Strength Thru Oi!". The compilation album from 1981 was released on Decca records with the assistance of Sounds magazine. A classic sampler of what was going on across the Atlantic Ocean that included songs by the 4-Skins, Cock Sparrer, Infa Riot, Toy Dolls, Last Resort and two tracks by The Strike ("Gang Warfare" and "Skinhead").

While those two songs are definitely punk and oi classics and obviously included here on "The Oi Collection", unlike the other bands on the album, you couldn't get any other songs! If they would have put out an album in the early 1980s, every one of my punk rock friends who bought this album would have purchased that album too. Cock Sparrer, Infa Riot and 4-skins were always huge in the early Lehigh Valley punk scene. 

From The Strike bio: During 1982 the band recorded demos with the intention of completing their debut LP. Unfortunately the LP was never realized but the demos survived and the songs appeared on a string of compilation albums throughout the 1980’s. In 2004 Captain Oi! released all of the bands recorded material on “The Strike the Oi! Collection”. The CD was never released in North America and has been out of print for some time. Violated Records have remastered the material are releasing the CD in North America for the first time.

Thanks to Patryk Boyle (Violent Society) of Violated Records for getting this released in the US for the first time. Mr. Boyle is a legend in his own right and Violated Records is putting out some magical releases. I believe there still is no vinyl version in the US (Rebellion Records NL)... 

1.Gang Warfare (Remastered) 
2. Skinhead (Remastered) 
3. Victims (Remastered) 
4. Anthem For The 80’s (Remastered) 
5. Alien (Remastered) 
6. When The War Is Over (Remastered) 
7. Agony Of The Nation (Remastered) 
8. Action Man (Remastered) 
9. Hungry Gun (Remastered) 
10. Mania (Remastered) 
11. Cry Of The Youth (Remastered) 
12. Victims (Demo Version)( Remastered) 
13. When The War Is Over (Demo Version) (Remastered) 
14. Anthem For The 80's (Demo Version)(remastered)

Founding member Fergus (vocals, bass), now living in Canada, has put together a new lineup (as of 2015) and we should be hearing more from the Strike. All of this is perfect timing as The Strike are playing Philadelphia PA this Fall at the Take This Bird and Shove It Fest 2. Also on the bill is Infa Riot, Special Duties, Violent Society, Zex, DDC, Duffy's Cut, Funeral Dress, Krays and many more!

Frank FOE


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  1. I bought the Rebellion vinyl version a few months ago, but have not got around to listening to it yet. Do you know if it was remastered too?