Saturday, June 25, 2016

Snow Burial "Victory in Ruin"

"Victory in Ruin"
Released: February 1, 2016

Snow Burial is a post-metal, post-Am-Rep band from Chicago. Think Tar meets doom metal meets Floor. 

The three piece has created a distinctive sound that incorporates a crosswalk of styles that they have made into their own sound. The meshing of the various styles is mature  and evolved, not sounding forced, rather it feels completely natural. 

"Zombie Antropod Overlords" is dark and apocalyptic, yet beautiful, providing evidence of the creative and technical level Snow Burial possesses. Snow Burial can get expansive with tracks in the 5 plus minute range, but unlike most bands that go beyond the 3 minute mark, the songs keep you entranced.

Snow Burial is: 
Ben Bowman 
Brandon Seef 
Andrew Thiermann

Snow Burial's songs on "Victory in Ruin" are a melting pot of influences, musical skill and precision that takes the listener on a bleak sounding yet attractive journey.  Very easy to take this seductive ride.

Frank FOE

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