Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bobbykork / Wally Split

Split 7"
Ghetto Cat Records 001
Released: March 17, 1998

Way back when I ran FOE records and actively distributed music by other like-minded souls, I helped sell a few dozen of the Bobbykork / Wally split 7"s. No, I do not have any more of the 7"s for sale.

Apparently I said that Bobbykork "has developed into the Lehigh Valley's premier noise, aggro, Amrep type band" in a write up in FOE zine back a couple handful of years ago. 

Kermit Lyman III kindly pointed out to me that I could now listen to this digitally for free. So I am sharing that knowledge. 

The bandcamp page does a wonderful job of describing this mayhem:

In the second half of the last decade of the 20th century, a cadre of jerks decided to live together in West Philadelphia, and make the kind of music that they wanted to hear. They eventually met other jerks with esoteric musical influences and creations as well. They tried a record label. At least you can say they tried.  You might find some physical copies of these records, CDs and cassettes floating around, but don't hold your breath. 

Bobbykork- Weller, Kevin James Cooper, Chrissy Eckhart, J Stuart - recorded by Dana Fehr. 

Wally - Kermit Lyman III, Tim Petersatan, MF Carr - Recorded by Mick Mullin and Randy Garvine 

Artwork by Mo Moussa, Layout and design by Weller 

Download and enjoy!

Frank FOE

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