Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pig Destroyer "Prowler in the Yard" LP reissue review

Pig Destroyer
"Prowler in the Yard"
Relapse Records
Released: September 4, 2015 (reissue) original 2001

I love all the auditory chaos that is Pig Destroyer. 

"Prowler in the Yard" has all the necessary elements of grindcore: 

  • mind altering guitar riffing 
  • a sick heavy sound
  • drumming that enrages
  • over the top vocal shredding
"Prowler in the Yard" stands the test of time as a classic.

The entirety of the album is an experience that provides a psychological relief and demands a physical response. You can lose it to this. Nothing else exists when this record is on.

This is... or was... the only Pig Destroyer LP I was missing on vinyl. 

I don't have that issue anymore.

This slides in right between Pickens and Pink.

Forget all the nonsense and let loose.

Frank FOE

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