Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chinga! "Relentless Culinary Assault" CD Review

Chinga! "Relentless Culinary Assault" CD

According to the urban dictionary, the definition of the word Chinga! "is basically the f word in Spanish". Google the word and you'll find "Chinga" is often followed by "tu Madre". 

Chinga!, is also the name of a Lehigh Valley death metal band that has successfully crafted a seventeen track aural siege of diverse influences and sounds. D.C. (vocalist/guitarist), Carl (bass) and Crimi (drums) are right on with this debut release on Born Of Chaos Records.

"Skullcrusher" brings to mind EyeHateGod. The guttural death metal growl and punishing guitar sound ranks right up there with a lot of the classics of the genre. Though, each time I try to find a direct comparison to relate to the educated listener, it comes up short in some manner. I thought Blood Duster, but then took a listen to "Yeest" and it wasn't the same. Finally I gave up trying to find a comparison. 

Not sure how D.C. got the vocals to sound like this, but damn, it conveys a chaotic, aggressive stance that works perfectly with the music. From the Born of Chaos website "Anger, loss and an uncertain future coupled with the anxiety and depressive emotions contained in a certain geographical area, raise the adrenaline in each member only to be relieved through the thrash and grind attack of this band." No doubt, you will grimace as you enjoy the sludge and groove of tracks like "Smoke" and then thrash along with "No Hard Feelings".

This video combines perfectly for the insanity that is "The Process of Transforming Something Common into Something Special".

At times D.C. sounds like he's done multiple vocal tracks, similar to what the guitar assault presents. The sludge of "To Feign" and "Morose" serve to demonstrate the variety of influences Chinga! have been able to digest to create their own sound. "Zig Zig Zig" brings to mind the utter chaos of Brujeria. With death metal as the anchor, Chinga! throws hardcore, sludge, groove and grind into their recipe for "Relentless Culinary Assault".  


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