Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ex Friends "No Wonder We Prefer The Dark" 7" / download Review

Ex Friends 
"No Wonder We Prefer the Dark" 7" / download
September 2012

Joel from Plow United (who still play by the way) is the feature name of note on this debut 7" (and/or download). The real attraction of note on these five tracks by Ex Friends should be the contrast in vocals between Joel (who sounds like a cross between Tom Waits and Oscar the Grouch) and the  beauty in bassist Audrey Crash's vocals.

Nothing here travels at the hyper, speed-punk gait Plow United was known for, but the stripped down cow-punk shouldn't be too far of a stretch for fans. If you take the Texas Criffer 7" Joel was involved in and (again) throw in some aggressive Tom Waits, you get the Ex Friends. 

There are elements of quirky pop, angst and an overall reflective feel to the music. My favorite track is "Archaeologists of the Future", which exemplifies and brings into complete focus all of the musical influences Ex Friends comprises. 

The 7" on Paper + Plastick Records comes in either a black vinyl version or "Hershey's cookies and cream colored vinyl".

The beginning verse in the digital download only song (7" comes with a download) "Waimanalo Confidential" has Joel sounding like later period GG Allin. Never pictured Joel growling out "Hanging Out With Jim" until that very moment. 

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Frank FOE

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